Why CEOs and CMOs should join the Socialsphere

social media marketingBRANDfog found out that consumers and employees regard company leaders who engage on social media platforms positively.

Social media is a great way to showcase a C level executive’s personality and to offer a more personal insight view. C level executives have great opportunities to show personality to attract the right buyer persona and to get in touch with the right new future customer when this one is looking out for products and services.

Five reasons for C level executive’s to engage:

  • 1. CEO participation in social media leads to improved brand image
  • 2. CEO participation in social media leads to better communication
  • 3. CEO activity on social networks influences employees’ faith in their company
  • 4. Employees trust a company more when the CEO and leadership team communicate via social media
  • 5. Buyers are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media


Trust of company whose ceo is in sociel media

Financial services firm ING Direct Canada is known for its tweeting CEO, Peter Aceto.

Aceto says that using social media helps him gauge how employees and consumers view the company and its products:

“We saw it as a competitive advantage for us,” Aceto said. “There was no science. There was no ROI. We just needed to get going, start to build a community and learn about how we can use it.”

C level executives have the great opportunity to become real “Trust Agents of their Brand” with very less effort and the rewards can be huge!

If C level executives are not willing to listen and to communicate in social media their audience will turn to their competition which is willing, for sure. When brands are not willing to listen and to learn it simply shows that they do not care about their buyers. And why should their buyers than care to spend their money with them?

Infographic: How Executives Are Using Social Media

executives-using-social-mediaClick the graphic to enlarge

Marketing takeaway for C level executives:

Start in social media with a Twitter account and begin your communication. It is not time consuming as a blog and video and can be managed from your blackberry on the fly. As simple as that!


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