Why Inbound Marketing is 60% Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

Inbound Marketing is one of the best Internet marketing strategy that needs very little budgets.

Studies have proven that inbound marketing is up to 60% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing activities. This is the major reason why inbound marketing is mostly preferred by forward thinking business organizations today.

Inbound marketing has started to dominate outbound marketing and cost per lead is also 60% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing.

Product can be sold easily in the market when it has correct product mixture:
Product mixture is nothing but 4 P’s that is Type of product, Price of the product, Promotion activities taken for the product and Place of the product in the case of organization point of view

In the customer point of view he tries find his four C’s with your product:
Product reach a customer easily when customer finds his four C’s in your product that is Product – Customer desire, Price – Customer price, Promotion – , Place – Customer convenience.

Global marketing and inbound marketing:

Global marketing main motto is to sell the product to the customer at any part of the world at the same price.

Inbound marketing is the new marketing strategy applied by the organizations in order to increase their sales, as well as build relationship with the customers.

Inbound marketing is usually through social media networking sites like twitter, linked in , face book etc and whereas outbound marketing is through telemarketing, through print and electronic media, through advertisements etc.

Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is gaining more importance than traditional marketing because:

Inbound marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing: The investment implied for the inbound marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing and also it has paved a platform for building relationship with the customers and providing services to their customers in order and likely increasing the brand image all over the world.

In inbound marketing customers themselves are the promoters: The customers are themselves the promoters of the products if they are satisfied with the product and service they themselves will promote the product to the other users with the help of social networking sites. Where as in outbound marketing it is not generally seen their customer participation is very less.

The flow of information is very fast in inbound marketing: Because of the access of the social networking sites through internet and now even in mobiles the information regarding the launch of new products or any other information regarding the products is reaching all over the world in minutes hence the advertising will be easy for your organization.

The things that should be considered in Inbound marketing is:

Whether your leads are converting into sales: The various marketing strategies implied by you in inbound marketing for your product should be checked whether they are able to attract the customers and if needed they should be optimized by considering the feedback of your customers as well as your clients.


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