Why numbers count for Facebook lead generation success

New studies show that B2B businesses with over 1,000 Facebook fans received 6.5 times more leads and B2C business with over 1,000 Facebook fans received 16 times more leads than those with lesser fans.


Facebook is a valuable source to showcase your business and to get in touch with your audience.

With its more than 600 million users worldwide Facebook offer great opportunities to generate leads and to reach new customers globally. Facebook has about 1.7 million business fan pages. Facebook is growing about 700,000 users daily.

67% of B2B and 41% of the B2C companies say, that the get new customers through facebook.

The companies who say that Facebook is important to critical to their business have increased up to 83% within the last two years.

With its valuable set of features facebook offers various ways to get seen there like:

1. Facebook Fan Page

2. Facebook iFrames

3. Facebook Video

4. Facebook Photos

5. Connect your Twitter with your Facebook Fan Page

6. Connect your Blog with your Facebook Fan Page

7. Connect your Slideshare with your Facebook Fan Page

To be active on social media sites like facebook can be essential for a business to get found and get leads!

Presentation: Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

Search engines do index social media content, and when a business is distributing their content in social media, the chances are good that there content appears in the next search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing on the first page.

Social media is also called the NEW SEO!

Get going on Facebook:

Get started on Facebook and listen to relevant conversation and build relationships.

When you publish brand relevant and helpful content for your audience than take one problem at a time and offer a solution to your buyer personas.

Engage your audience to discuss and rate your possible solution or even to offer a better one.

Ask your audience about their experiences with your solutions.

This starts a conversation and attracts more interested people to your solution, content and in the next step to your products and services. All of them without pushing or pitching your audience. Simply by showing expertise and gaining trust.

Start to generate business leads the smart way!

How have been your experiences with Facebook for business lead generation? I am looking forward to your feedback below in the comment section.

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