Why to funnel your Google AdWords traffic straight to your landing pages

PayPer Click marketing (PPC) can be responsible for up to 25% of your traffic mix.

But traffic only will not bring you the amount of new leads and customers as you expect if you don’t establish effective landing pages with compelling offer and effective call to action!

Traffic is important. More important is the right traffic! Target traffic is better, because of better quality. You get lesser but more quality traffic and also lead of more quality which is increases the conversion rates during your lead nurturing process.

For each click done on your ads you pay money. Therefore it makes sense to direct those paid visitors straight to your landing pages, so they can register on a web form in exchange for something valuable like a whitepaper, eBook, report or something other which your audience recognizes as valuable information.

Here are some examples of landing pages:

get found and get leads

get seen on linkedin

get traffic

The right use of landing pages can increase your conversion rate up to 55%. This sounds like a great reason to use landing pages effectively.

Do you use landing pages with pay per click marketing to generate leads? I am looking forward to your comments below in the comments section.

Learn more about landing pages and lead generation here:


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