Why Use Marketing Optimized HTML

Why Use Marketing Optimized HTML

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All new HTML 5

Online videos and SEO are the two of the major reasons for marketers to worry about the emergence of HTML 5. Online video sharing and user generated videos has increased today and has become a very important tool for the marketers. HTML 5 allows the consumption and distribution of videos over internet without the need of any browser plug-ins.

Another interesting thing about videos on HTML 5 is that it offers a ‘poster’ attribute that allows you to show an image in place of the white/black blocks appearing while you need to wait for the video to load. Also, videos are specified with height and width same as images are, freeing the user from size limits. HTML 5 offers new ways to tell the search engines about your content.

Owners can explain the topics to search engines using a new ‘section’ tag. Nav tag is another new element of HTML 5 which can be used to designate navigation menus. A new ‘article’ tag helps both owners and search engines to distinguish the original data from the duplicates.

Optimizing HTML

Here are a few tips to optimize your HTML pages. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) reduces a lot of formatting tags from your HTML source code. More the unneeded tags on your code, more is the difficult for search engines to figure out your topics. CSS maintains the look and feel of your web page and also optimizes your source code for the search engines. For any website to be easily found on internet, it should be SEO optimized. One of the main presumptions of success of any new or old website is SEO.

SEO optimized websites increases the total number of visitors. It increases the marketing effect and enhances the quality of website. It also makes your website easily found on search engines. It also increases the Return on Investment index.

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