You Actually Miss $3.60 Revenue for Each Fan If You Do Not Have a Facebook Fan Page

You Actually Miss $3.60 Revenue for Each Fan If You Do Not Have a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is one of the top social media community that has moren than 400 million of active users from all over the world. Business organizations have started targeting this social media community to improve their business online. To accommodate their business online with facebook, facebook has given an option to create their own facebook fan pages so that readers can get to know about their products and company easily. Download the FREE PDF: Learn How To Add A Facebook Fan Page under ten minutes! If you are still not using face book fan page for your business, you are losing quality leads for your business. A latest update says that if you are not having a facebook fan page, you are missing $3.60 of potential yearly revenue for each facebook fan. More over you are losing potential customers for your business. This article gives an insight of why to use facebook fan pages for your business.

Importance of Facebook and your fan page

You might be having a fan page on Facebook and must be having visitors also on it but it is also important to say that if you do not have over 200 fans in your target demographic, then you need to get it fast. You must be wondering about "Why". But you may further know it here by reading about What a Facebook Fan page can really do for your businesses.

Facebook Fan Page is an essential ingredient in your social marketing recipe. If your company does not have a Facebook Fan Page, you are surely missing the trick. Today most of the people spend their time online using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter because they get approximately everything from these sites, for which they are searching for.

These social sites offer a platform that is free and provides you with a large audiences of hundreds of million of people and heavy counting. With a population of so many visitors you can just imagine if you can manage to get only 1% or 2% of these users to your fan page. Exciting it feels but it can really create a magic for you and if you know the real social media marketing strategies, you can get more and more lead generated your business also.

How $3.60 for Each Fan on Facebook Fan Page

This is as per the new study released by social media management company Vitrue, that Facebook Fans are valued at $3.60 each. If you really have 1 million fans for your Fan Page that are valued at $3.6 million annually which means that if you miss out this fan page you will miss out $3.6 million annually. According to stats, a Vitrue manages more than 45 million fans for their different companies including that of entertainment, retail, media, etc. and their team collected the data from their client’s pages to go for their valuation of this.

The valuation started with the determination of the ratio between the impressions received by a single wall post and the number of fans of a page, the average of which was found to be 1:1. A $5 CPM was then applied on that data by Vitrue. It must be noted that this valuation was not constant. The ratios for some brands were found to be lower or higher than the average. The brands with higher ratios tended to do a better job.

Reggie Bradford, the CEO of Vitrue said that the main emphasis of this study was to focus on the importance of a strong Facebook presence for brands. The value that a brand can gain through Facebook fans is supposed to be huge.

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  1. I have seen one of your “YouTube” clips, where you teach people how to set up a fan page, and as a result I was able to create on. Thank you for that.

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