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In the past sixty years inbound marketing dominated the business behaviour of companies.

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comOn search for new customers they made TV and radio commercials, mass snail mail, newspaper ads, outbound phone campaigns,  direct selling from door to door and with the upcoming popularity of the internet mass email and spam.

With the upcoming of the internet the behaviour of the consumer started to change as well. The consumers went online to research for new products services and bargains.

The behaviour of searching for services and products online has produced a new kind of consumer focus.

The consumer is not dependent on the old school outbound tactics to tell them if a product is good for them anymore. The today consumer doesn’t want to be disturbed anymore from companies through outbound activities. Call blocking and commercial filters for TV are some indicators for this.

The rise of social networks made this behaviour much stronger. The today consumers don’t depend on marketing outbound messages anymore. During the past years they build their own Advertising – SPAM filter and do not react anymore to the outbound strategies from the past.

Today they ask friends from social networks, people who they know and trust, about product and service recommendation and today they have such a tremendous set of tools to sort out the companies with a poor product and customer care from the one who listen and communicate with them.

In these times where nobody can hide anymore, and even if a company try to hide they will loose! Today trust and communication is important more than a fancy commercial and big marketing budget.

Today the time has come where brain is more powerful than marketing budgets to gain respect, trust, and credibility and to do business.

Watch this video below to learn more.

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