Your inbound marketing and failure

If you think you can do inbound marketing without any failure then you are dreaming. Means you will do failures.

But let’s change the position and take a look from another perspective.

If you think you can fail and if you think you can do it right than you are right!

When you start your inbound marketing than you will oversee things, but this is ok!

When you start your blogging activities then your chances increases to get seen from your audience.

And not every activity will be the one with the best results! This is not the goal to be 100% perfect! Try to start your inbound marketing with a blog.

Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

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Businesses which blog get:

• 55% more traffic
• 97% more inbound links
• 434% more indexed pages

You can get blogging ideas from customers email, forums, social media, and Google news and so on. 

Write one post per week and then increase your blogging to two posts per week and so on.

Connect to social media sites and start to engage with your audience. Distribute your articles there as well.

Produce information products to capture leads. Set landing pages and include a compelling offer and a call to action to motivate your audience to register to the free info, so you generate leads.

Set a lead nurturing process and use email as a channel of information for your audience not for sales pitches! The results will be more leads convert to paying customers.

Inbound marketing generated leads have an up to 55% higher conversion rate than leads from other sources.

Register with business directories and offer some of value to your audience lead them to the landing pages and convert them to leads.

The same game with pay per click marketing.

So you produce a steady stream of leads the inbound marketing way.

It is as simple as that!

How did you started your inbound marketing and which obstacles did you take to achieve your lead generation goals?


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  1. Failure leads to learning and more success.
    I am lucky to read this post, you have help a lot and have given me ideas for new marketing strategies.

    My blog

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