Your Reputation is on risk online and how to profit from it

Online there are a lot of opportunities to showcase your company.

Also you get seen online every where if you want and if you do effective inbound marketing with blogging and social media marketing.

This kind of visibility brings you into the focus of your satisfied customers, your future customers, your unsatisfied customers and your competition. All of them communicate online. communicate about each other, their experiences with each other and for sure they communicate about you too.

They are able to attack you and your company. To tell untrue stories and to affect your business and revenue! Thy all have an audience.

Facebook, Twitter, industry related blogs and forums are places where conversations about can happen daily.

The average Facebook users have about 150 friends in their network. And their 150 friends have also an average of 150 friends. A message can spread very far this way.

How do you know if and what they are talking about you? You should start to monitor and to influence your reputation online.

Here are some easy steps to monitor what’s said about you online:

  • Do a Google search for your name, of your co workers, your business name and your products names.
  • Configure Google Alerts with your name, of your co workers, your business name and your products names.
  • Do the same with Socialmention too.
  • Search on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace for the name, of your co workers, your business name and your products names.

If you get alerts and there is a conversation about you, respond in a professional manor the same way the conversation has started.

For example a Twitter conversation, respond on Twitter. A YouTube video about you, respond with a video, and so on.

Keep in mind, conversation happens and when you are aware of it you can use it as a great opportunity to show your position and to attract further clients.

There is no bad conversation. It always depends what you make out of it.

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