News Releases brings new marketing product named iMOP to small and mid sized businesses

Lewes, Delaware – brings new marketing product named iMOP to small and mid sized businesses.

The inBlurbs marketing platform (iMOP) is a smart marketing hub to engage customers and a true magnet for businesses revenue.

iMOP is designed with a specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers. Product link.

Some business benefits of iMOP are that it makes business marketing quick as it enables companies to update their pages and do changes as they need. It is made with average, less technical folks in mind and simple to use.

The iMOP platform is build with a marketing strategy in mind.

Furthermore iMOP allows a business to do SEO by them self the easy way without be dependent on technician, programmers or web designers.

The platform is fully managed and supported by inBlurbs. So the small and medium business gets the freedom to focus on their revenue goals the smart an easy way!

Last week inBlurbs introduced their new website which is based on the iMOP platform. Product link.

With this new platform inBlurbs does not only offer a full tool set for companies to take advantage of inbound marketing for lead generation. Moreover businesses get the opportunity to choose of a wide set of professional services for their branding and lead generation. Product link.

About inBlurbs services

inBlurbs services include Inbound Marketing: Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Analysis.


inBlurbs helps small and medium sized businesses get found on the Internet by the right prospects and convert more of them into leads and customers. inBlurbs are Certified Inbound Marketing Professionals, Authorized Inbound Marketing Educators and HubSpot Certified Partner.


Media Contact
Person Name: Dragan Mestrovic
Phone Skype: inblurbs-dragan
E-mail: dragan[at]

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