iMOP Marketing Optimized Platform

The inBlurbs marketing optimized platform (iMOP) is a smart marketing hub to engage your customers and a true magnet for your revenue.

iMOP is designed with a specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

Some benefits of iMOP:

  • Makes your marketing quick
  • Enables you to update your pages and do changes as you need
  • It is made with average, less technical folks in mind and simple to use
  • Allows you to do SEO
  • It is build with a marketing strategy in mind
  • The platform is fully managed and supported by inBlurbs
  • Becaus of it is on rental basis iMOP conserves your marketing budget

iMOP gives you the freedom to focus on your revenue goals the smart and simple way!

The iMOP platform on a rental basis starts from $ 397 / m *

* monthly payment, contract duration 24 months

If you like to generate more business leads and customers with the help of iMOP, than please request a custom quote. We’d love to hear from you.