ComScore: Social Media to Displace Traditional Media acts as a mediator for transferring information or messages provided by the various organizations or government etc to the public.

As media plays a vital role in transferring these messages, many business organizations make use of it because most of the public follow it.

Likely there are two types of media that are playing in prominent role in market. They are traditional media which is nothing but print and electronic media and other is social media which comes under various activities taking place on the internet.

Major differences between the social media and traditional media

Freedom of expressing the views by the public on both media:
Social media is the media where public have full freedom to express their views, opinions, ideas regarding products of any particular company where as in the case of traditional media; there is no such position for the public to express their opinions.

Finding customers for their products from all over the world is easy through social media than traditional media:
As social media is the platform for millions of users from all over the world, business organizations can find their customers easily through the social networking sites rather than traditional media which only have the chance to approach to particular part of customers.

Investment made on social media is less compared to traditional media:
Investment made on social media like making a website or blog and regular posting on it can be made available for the customer whenever he needs it whereas in traditional media there will be no such chance and investment requirements are also high.

Social media networking sites are globalized tools:
Internet is becoming the globalized tool for business organizations all over the world. Social media networking sites gained more importance in gathering users from all over the world. Hence business organizations paved their way to these sites in order to attract more customers and increase their sales aswell as brand value of the organization.

Though social media is more attracted by the business organizations and by the customers and public, traditional media has its own importance in approaching public as both are given equal importance by the public.

In previous days Traditional media used to reach customers first. But with upcoming of  the latest social media developments, public wants and can easily find the latest information on social media by them self. They are not willing or dependent to give their attention to  disturbing advertising strategies anymore!

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