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Five SEO Strategies that Will Work in 2015

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It seems that everytime Google announces an algorithm update, every site owner and SEO marketer would clasp their hands together and hope that all the time and hard work spent at ranking their sites up wouldn’t go up in smoke overnight. And before the year 2014 ended, that very same search engine provider gave everyone […]


What is the most effective SEO Tactic? Creating Content!

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A MarketingSherpa research found out that creating content is one of the most effective tactics for improving a website’s SEO. User-Generated Content encountered for Organic search up to 10%, and lead conversion up 125%. Companies who create content, operate a corporate blog and update it frequently have 55% more website visitors. 57% of companies which […]


Write Whitepapers to Capture Leads

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Online business should be ready for competition from competitors. Competitors may use different marketing strategies that may capture your leads. So companies should plan their marketing strategies and build an effective marketing plan to stay ahead of their competitors. One efficient marketing strategy is to write white papers and attract leads towards your landing pages. […]

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The Social Media Success Criteria

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Social media marketing and inbound marketing is today a way of expanding businesses online. People are today using and implementing better social media marketing tactics to get more of the positive results out there. But how can you fix that the results you are getting are positive enough. You would be having a big question […]