How do you protect your Business from Time Thieves?

time thieves in businessWe all know them they request information or better a quote for products and services, you invest time and enthusiasm to help them and they do not come to the point or even to a deal!

When you have this kind of situation than a special sort of criminal is approaching your business, times thieve! 🙂

But don’t panic and remain calm.

Sure he is not a real criminal in the sense of law, but he steals your valuable time, and time is money, so on the end of the day he steals you the opportunity to talk to a really interested future customer, right?

You protect your home from thieves but do you protect your time?

Here are some tips how you can protect your valuable time from time thieves:

  • Ask them to register on a landing page to get more info. So you sort out the most of them and save time on lead qualification.
  • If you need more info and other than you can ask on the landing page, sent them a questionnaire to complete and to return to you. If they do not do it, they are not serious and would never do business with you. You safe your time on evaluating his stuff.
  • When they send you the questionnaire back, but not complete try to get the missing info from them and ask by email. If they are serious, they will reply, if not you safe time again and have not to try to convince them of anything, because they are not serious and will never buy from you.
  • Ok, now all questions are answered from the lead, but the leads brings up new excuse- doubt, when the last was cleared from you through facts, so you get the feeling “time thieve” than he is probably one.
  • At this point the time has come to say him good by. You can say to him “Your ideas are interesting, I will keep them in mind” that is how to end a conversation with a time thief.

Infographic: Lead Generation

busines lead generation infographic

How are your experiences with time thieves? I am looking forward to your comment.

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inbound marketing assessment us

Increase revenue with a smart marketing and sales process

How long does it take until your business responds to a customer requests? Do you need one hour, three hours or do you need more time to respond to a customer requests?

A MIT study shows that companies who respond first to a customer requests have a 78% higher chance to win the deal!

Now you should check your response request process and improve it to respond immediately.

When do your sales reps contact the lead? In the beginning, when the leads signs up for more info? Or do you wait for three days until your lead has studied the info he has got from you, or do you wait until your leads calls you?

A FOCUS study shows that the most customers prefer to engage with a sales rep in the last third of the buying process.

Now you should check in which stage of the buying process your sales reps do contact the leads and change this to the last third of the buying process.

How long does it take until your leads become paying customers? One month, three months or six months or longer? How is the percentage rate of leads to customers for your business?

A Mac Macintosh survey shows that leads buy a product or service they have inquired about six months ago! The other 67% still intend to purchase but where still not ready.

Be patient with your leads and bring them into an effective lead nurturing process by providing valuable information and call to action, but no sales pitches!

How do you manage your incoming leads? Do lead them to an effective lead nurturing process to gain the most out of them by them time? What kind of information do you provide to your leads? Do communicate with your leads during the lead nurturing process or do you pitch them?

A Demand GenReport study shows that lead nurturing is producing a 20% increase of sales opportunities versus not-nurtured leads.

Setup an effective lead nurturing process to get the most results out of your inbound marketing efforts. Deliver remarkable and helpful content. Include call to action but avoid sales pitches or direct product offer. Do you lead nurturing emails more like a publication than like a sales letter?

How do you mange your marketing and sales process to increase lead to customer rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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Why you should not try to sell with your email marketing

When people subscribe to your email list they expect valuable information.

They expect information which can help them to solve their problems for free.

They do not expect and they do not want be bombarded with sales pitches.

An email list is a very valuable asset for a business and I am sure you do not want to damage or even to destroy this valuable asset.

Now you could ask how I can profit from this asset. When I can’t profit from it is only a liability which costs me time and money to maintain, without having any profit from it!

Sure you can make profit with your email list you have invest time and money to build it.

And guess what, the same way you have attracted those subscribers to subscribe to your email list. Through publishing great content, which is helping your email subscribers solve their problems.


That’s why they are willing to invest their valuable time to read your newsletter.

And if you send sales pitches you could abuse their trust and make them unsubscribe from you list. So your efforts to generate those leads would be wasted.

The better way is to proceed with your strategies of publishing great content and make them feel that you care about them and that you are willing to offer solutions to their problems.

And if you make your email newsletter content exclusive to your subscribers, for example you offer videos which only they can see first, special whitepapers they get much time before it’s been published to the masses, the get the chance to ask questions which will be featured and answered in this exclusive circle, etc. then you will gain the credibility and the trust which make you free to ask for a sale.

Your audience will ask you if they can buy from you, because you have gained trust and credibility with your subscribers. And this is a much wiser and in the long term profitable way to do lead nurturing.

Marketing takeaway tip: You should not try to sell to your subscribers. Instead of provide great problem solving exclusive content. Show that you care about them. Then they will care about you too.


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How to Nurture Your Inbound Marketing Leads

How to Nurture Your Inbound Marketing Leads

Sales and marketing needs nurture your potential customers as soon as possible so as to get the best results and higher profits from your massive lead generation.

May be you are having a good website that is getting the good traffic and can convert them into leads. But by your hard luck some of the people just aren’t buying it. Nurturing your inbound marketing leads makes a great way to keep your leads engaged and make them ready to the buying decision.

Try out many ways for getting better results

You may nurture your inbound marketing leads and totally convert them into sales by using many of the effective ways which can work for you.

Building a good network and creating effective web presence is the first part of the effective social media marketing tactics that can be used for getting better results.

Try out many ways to build up the contacts with the like-minded people using the better inbound marketing solutions. By building relationship with these people helps in increasing your traffic by increasing referrals through them which ultimately helps in increasing the sales which helps in increasing the profits.

Creating a well balanced direct mail campaign for getting more sales

Email marketing is a useful way by which you can convert leads into sales. You should employ better methods and consult internet marketing consultants for better ways of hub marketing solutions that can generate you better sales and profits.

Make sure that your mailing includes a working response mechanism. You should also make sure that your leads are properly and timely answered. You may use contact management software or a database to store and track progress of individual leads and set sales staff a response time.

These ways can help you in getting more and more sales while nurturing your inbound marketing leads through the various different social media platforms.

Do you have any tips for Lead Nurturing? What are they and how do you use Inbound Marketing and Lead Nurturing?

Start NOW and get Your FREE Website Analysis Today!

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