Location based marketing social media to get in front of your audience

Location based marketing integrates mobile advertising with different mobile technologies.


Location based marketing is used to pinpoint consumer’s location and provide location specific information, to attract customers to products and services, on their mobile devices. Location based marketing is going to out beat other types of traditional advertising as the mode of delivering the advertisements is a mobile device which is ubiquitous.

As location based services use mobile devices to share location and your doing with your network, they get more info and improve your experiences.

Studies show that people who use location based services are:

80% male
70% 19-35 yrs. Old
70% college grads
38% considered influential
20% more likely to do mobile research

The motivation to use location based services are to find friends, play games, get coupons and share their activity and increase loyalty. Further motivations are to find hidden offers, discover points of interest, get new experiences and find new products and services.

Two profitable reasons why you as a marketer should use location based marketing for your business:

— Location based services users will increase from today’s 96 million users by 2012 to 526 million users.
— Of all Smart Phone users about 10% are on location based services. About 63% of all IPhone users are on location based services minimum once a week.

Here are five location based services which you should utilize for your marketing:


Gowalla Location based marketing social media


goby Location based marketing social media

The Dealmap

the dealmap Location based marketing social media


yelp Location based marketing social media


foursquare Location based marketing social media


Is your business location based services and marketing ready?

— Is your website optimized for mobile?
— Do you have planned to do a mobile app which complements your business with location based services?

On the end the products seek us based on our activities and location. The question is will it be your products or the products of your competitor which will find the new customer?

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