IBM Study reveals that social media is the Marketing Priority worldwide

Social Media brand messageA recent IBM study shows that 82% of CMOs worldwide are planning increase their technology investment in social media within the next three to five years.

These are interesting data. As social media evolves and more businesses jumping o this bandwagon it looks for me that three to five years are not an appropriate time frame to step into conversation with existing and future customers.

The more companies engage in social media two way communications the thinner the air becomes for those who start later. Those who come late will experience a massive uphill battle to gain positions which their competitors already have secured.

Companies which like to position their business to gain a competitive advantage need to act now, and not to wait three to five years.

Moreover companies who decide to take action within the next five years will be under risk to vanish from the customer radar and sink.

As social media is evolving at a very quick pace businesses also need to evolve to stay on track.

Content creation is the key to get found on the web. Your audience is researching o the web fist. If your audience can’t find you when they research for products or services which you also have to offer than you will lose potential business.

The three big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are indexing content form social media. So if you are in social media your chances increase to get found on the web.

What can you do to position your business today?

If you want to do business in the next five years and beyond you should take the opportunity to jump into social media as a valuable communication channel.

A. Register the most important social media networks for your brand as they are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare and any other sites or forums where your target audience is around.

B. Complete and customize your profiles there to have a social media branding to get recognized by your audience.

C. Listen to the social media conversation and contribute if you feel you have something valuable and helpful to say.

D. Start a corporate blog where you write about topics which your audience is interested in. Share your articles in your social media channels and ask your audience about their opinion.

E. Train you staff to become your brand ambassadors on the web and I social media and give them the freedom to decide how to communicate by establishing clear social media policy.

F. Measure your doings and check out what is working and what is not working. The things which work for your business you should intensify and the thing which do not work the way you have expected you should cut back.

G. Set realistic goals! Be realistic with your social media engagement. Rome wasn’t built in a day as well. Be patient as any strategy needs time to breathe to show up results and social media marketing a blogging are no exceptions.

Infographic: The ROI of Social Media

–How about you? What are your experiences with sociel media? I am looking forward to your comment below.

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Why Companies Should Have Social Media Policy

Social Media is one of the powerful medium to express your company thoughts and brand image on the Internet.

Even in recession period, majority of companies are still investing in social media for marketing which provides an insight in to the importance of social media.

Every company therefore should have proper social media policy for their company and employees so that it would not affect the brand image and also their publicity to Social Media.

facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, linkedin, social media marketing, Social Media Policy, social media strategy, twitter for marketing

There was an article which was recently published in Digital Media Wire which provides information that majority of U.S companies ban social media sites at work. The stats reveal that only 10% of all companies use social communities for full use and 54% of them restrict employees to access social networking sites during work.

But thus banning social media sites at work can stop employees to use social media sites? And what exactly is gained from banning these social media sites?

Analytics say that there are more losses than profits in banning social media sites. There should be proper social media policy that should be established by companies which help them improve their company brand image in social media.

According study conducted regarding investment of companies in social media, there were stunning reports that 94% of companies are investing in social media and online communities. So if they are investing money to improve their brand image in social communities, why are the resources wasted by banning them in companies for employees.

Making these social media available for their employees improves their stand in these social communities and also helps in decreasing their investments in these social communities. A proper approach for these through social media policies help with their ROI.

Social media policies should be effectively placed so that employees don’t disclose any important announcements that could damage company reputation.

Some companies do claim that their reputation is tarnished by their employee’s social media activities. So by deploying proper social media policies companies can gain good reputation and also improve brand image in social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and MySpace etc.

For more information related to social media policies, visit the links given below.
Report Regarding majority U.S firms banning social media sites at work
Report of social networking policy implementation in companies.

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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