What’s the best way to sell with social media?

It’s very simple: The best way to sell with social media is NOT to sell! Think different!

Why does a customer buy? A customer buys when he trusts you and your business and when he is sure you understand his needs.

There we are. You only can sell to somebody who trusts you.

How to gain trust? Not through sales pitches in social media that’s for sure!

You can gain the trust and credibility of your audience when you are a helpful source and they get the feeling you want to educate them and to solve their problems.

You can gain trust and credibility when you engage with your audience by publishing helpful and share worthy content online.

To better understand this process you should also read Chris Brogans’ and Julian Smiths’ book “Trust Agents”. They describe how and why it is important to earn the trust of your audience before you make an offer.

In simple words: Be there before the sale!

The best way to move from content publishing in social media to real revenue is to convert interested visitors to leads and to paying customers by a lead nurturing process which also consist of the distribution of valuable content and NOT sales pitches!

When you engage in social media and your only goal is to sell as quickly as you can, than you miss some important and more powerful benefits which social media has offer to your business.

With the help of social media you can build brand awareness and loyalty. Brand awareness and loyalty lasts longer than dump sales pitches! Think about it!

To get people engaged you need to educate and to entertain them. The more you are able to engage your audience, the more attractive you will become and the more leads and business you will get out of social media.

Your social media profit depends mostly of your creativity, communication skills and the ability to try out new ways.

How do you do yoursociel media marketing? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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