How to Increase Your PR and Traffic?

PR (Page Rank) and traffic are the two vital things that a website or a blog needs to be a successful in this huge web world of internet. Page rank is also considered as an important factor which decides the amount of traffic you get through search engines.

How to Increase Your PR and Traffic? The better your page rank is the better will be your rankings in the search engines and the better you get traffic. But simply speaking page rank and traffic are not directly related.
These are two other things which you should work on to get success through your blogging business.

Increasing your PR and traffic is the main point for you if you want to gain more and more profits through the massive lead generation.

There are several ways explained for increasing page rank of your site. You can easily have a decent page rank if you have number of pages each deep linked to each other.

Higher Page rank can be attained by getting more and more backlinks. But remember that this is not a fast process and you can get a decent rank after some time only.

Now for increase in traffic, you should try various marketing methods that prove to be useful for you. These simple and easy online marketing methods like inbound marketing is today playing a vital role in increasing the sites’ traffic.

You should go social and market your website or blog at various social sites. This will help you to build an optimized web presence and you can easily get seen. This increases your credibility and also the online exposure which is needed for getting huge traffic.

For an effective inbound marketing you should start creating profile and groups on various social sites and start communicating with others so as to get maximum contacts and followers.

These followers prove to be your valuable traffic source to your site and serves as your potential customers in future who give you profit and massive amount of leads.

Do you have any tips about PR and traffic? What are they and how do you handle PR and traffic for your business?

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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