Why marketers Increase their Social Media Marketing Budgets?

Social media is a great communication channel there is no question. Smart marketers use social media to offer great support, increase brand reach and to generate business leads, only to name some of the great opportunities which the social web offers.

Recent stats show that those marketers spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on social media which includes the outreach to target audience on social sites, advertising and maintaining a social media presence.

No matter of the popularity this described budget size seems to be small compared with the power of the social web for businesses. Most marketers have or plan to increase their budgets for social media marketing by up to 25% in 2012.

The most known challenge is to measure social media ROI. For example marketers measure their social media success with click through rates and likes (Facebook).

A great way to measure the ROI of social media marketing is to drive interested audience to dedicated landing pages where they can request more information. This way is the most successful one to measure social media ROI in the long term.

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You can achieve a better social media ROI when you follow these four easy steps:

  • 1. Create remarkable content and publish it on the web and in social media
  • 2. Encourage the readers of your content with a call to action included in the footer of your content to request more information from you. For example a personal consultation, whitepaper or eBook
  • 3. Drive them to dedicated landing pages which give you the opportunity to cature those prospects as leads
  • 4. Nurture your leads and analyze time to deal, deal size and channel where your business is coming from


The more landing pages with different offers you publish the better. Your funnel becomes wider and wider which ensures you a steady growing stream of fresh and hot business leads.

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9 Easy Steps How to Generate Business Leads on Google+

google girlThere’s major buzz in the marketing space regarding Google’s addition to the social media madness, “Google Plus (+)”.

“If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+” – Olaf Wempe

Some believe Google Plus will quickly replace Twitter, as it provides an easier way to manage and communicate with friends.

Others believe that Google Plus will be a valuable addition to their personal connections, and for marketers, it offers a whole new way of reaching out and networking with other entrepreneurs in your niche market.

In just a few weeks of beta launch, Google+ has amassed more than 12 million users, with over a billion pieces of content being posted throughout Google+ every single day.

While Google+ has rolled out its services to focus on the average user and individual, they have created extensions within Google+ primarily for businesses.

Still, thousands of Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs have already started using Google+ to further their outreach, connect with their target audience and develop relationships with new partners and networking opportunities.

Since November 2011 brands are able to create company pages on Google+.

Recent numbers show that brand engagement on Google+ is increasing but is still far away behind players like Facebook and Twitter.

A recent report from Simply Measured which was released on May and shows results of Top 100 companies of which 64 of them have verified Google+ pages.

An increasing number of consumers are adding these companies to their Circles. At least 5,000 people had added 35% of these Top 100 brands to their Circles until May. This is a 21% increase from February. About 22% of brands Google+ pages had been added to Circles by more than 100,000 Google+ users. This is an increase from of 13% in February to May.

The 15 best performing industries on Google+ are:

1. Automotive
2. Electronics
3. Luxury
4. Internet Services
5. Beverages
6. Apparel
7. Restaurants
8. Sporting Goods
9. Business Services
10. Computer Software
11. Media
12. FMCG
13. Financial Services
14. Diversified
15. Transportation

Infographic: Who Is Usig Google+

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How can you profit from Google+?

1. If do not have a Google account, go an register one
2. Go to Google+ and complete all necessary information for a personal profile
3. Create a Google+ Page and complete the businesses profile regarding your business, like a logo, address, phone number, address, link to your website and blog, etc.
4. Search for business partners on Google+ and add them to your circles for your Google+ Page
5. Link from your website to your Google+ Page
6. Start the interaction by +1 posts of your circles and by republishing your blog articles or other content on your Google+ Page
7. Listen and learn what your audience is interested in
8. Craft a how to on base of the information you have collected on Google+ and offer it for download on a landing page
9. Setup landing pages which specially are dedicated to Google+ so you will know for sure that these leads are from your Google+ Page


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The Number ONE Inbound Marketing Success Secret is Content

It is no secret that companies who publish valuable content on the web get more attention from their existing and potential customers.

Companies that utilize the opportunities of publishing valuable content get more attention, traffic and generate more leads.

As attention of the target audience is important to gain trust and credibility, the best way to do this is to show expertise and to be helpful.

Companies that publish content online in their corporate blog and social media make them self more visible to their target audience.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are indexing the content which is distributed online through social media and increase the chances for a company to get found when potential customers looking for products and services they also have to offer.

A HubSpot study made of data of 4,000 companies shows: The more content you have the more traffic you get. This evaluation shows that companies who blog daily (20x a month), with 400+ indexed pages and 31+ landing pages get the most traffic and leads online.

Here are some tips how you can produce content and landing pages to increase, traffic and leads

Look out for content sources and ideas in your company.

Useful sources to get content ideas are:


With these valuable sources you can do 300 word blog articles or write How-to papers or do videos which you put behind landing pages to generate business leads to help your customers to solve their problems and to show your products in action.

Engage all employees to produce helpful content with your target customer in mind. The more employees are engaged the more content your company has to offer.

The more helpful content you produce the more your chances will increase to position on the web to get found when people are looking on the search engines for products and services which you also have to offer.

You simply increase your visibility and get you better found from your target audience!

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