SEO goes mobile and you should embrace this trend of location based marketing

The use of mobile devices is increasingly growing. Tablets and smart phones have become state of the art technology around the globe. People are consuming video, audio, social media, games, news, books and periodicals on the run.

By the growing use and demand of mobile apps people become more dependent of them. Popular services like Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Groupon and other are using apps to stay in touch with their audience.

As their audience is actively using their apps when they are on the road the chance decrease that they separately open their browser to research on Google for products or serivces. They will use their location based services and the recently activated apps to discover, products, services, locations, deals and things they are interested in.

People are about three hours online on their mobile devices compared with one hour from their pc.

The more people research this way, the more the search engine research will decrease.

This trend is creating a growing demand for businesses to be visible in these services and their apps as well. Also to think about to produce own mobile apps to be and to stay connected to their audience.

What can a business do to participate from I call it “Mobile SEO”?

1st Register with all important location based services like Yelp, Foursquare, Neer, Loopt and SCVNGR. Engage here with your audience, build and customize these digital outposts.

2nd Be active in social media sites like Facebook, Linked, Twitter and others important to your audience.

3rd Jump start your mobile marketing the smart way. Collect the mobile phone numbers from your customers. Establish a database where you store all important information about them to later have the ability to custom tailor personalized messages to reach them the right and human way. Look out for a two SMS marketing software which enables you to do and to control your messages.

4th Get even smarter and develop your own mobile app for your audience. To get ideas look through the industries and get inspired how others have done it.

Infographic: Mobile Marketing


—-Tell me, does this also work for you?

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Most Prospective Mobile Advertising Trends for Your Business

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Most Prospective Mobile Advertising Trends for Your BusinessMobile is today one of the strongest media for people to talk, chat, entertain and advertising and could be also as an inbound marketing tool for your business.

A study shows that people are about four hours active in social media through mobile divices per day, compared with only one hour with their PC. This shows the growing importance of mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising is today increasing as a latest trend of the businesses all over the world. The increasing demand of mobile advertising is due to its simplicity, flexibility to use, cheap costing and many of such features.

There are many varieties of mobile advertising options available which range from, SMS, WAP, mobile app display ads, search ads and some more. Also there are rich media, video and push notifications, and other options available for you which may be complex to use.

Today with the increasing number of population using mobile and cell phones, more and more businesses and companies are trying to make it a trend for them to use this service as a best marketing tool.

Besides the internet marketing tools this is the type of marketing and advertising which is rapidly increasingly gaining publicity.

SMS are today cool ways to advertise business all over the world. The rapid rise in text messaging service and usage of this service as marketing can be can be attributed to its low cost and flexibility to use.

Whether it is a teen ager or a aged human being, more than 80% of the people are using this service in one or the other way. SMS have today become a most useful and essential way of communicating between the people.

With such an opportunity is it not wise to use this service and technology for the advertising and marketing methods and gain profits and credibility at the same time.

Forrester: U.S. Interactive Marketing Forecast 2009 – 2014

Mobile advertising trend for the businesses is getting to its edge. Many of the tech-savvy entrepreneurs are now using .mobi domain for their websites to provide the correct (and viewable) content to mobile phone users. This ensures their quality and brand in specific field.

Most of the companies are also using mobile advertising to send the messages about their products and services directly to the potential customers’ email and many of them use to tweet them using the latest mobile advertising trends.

Also with the increasing trend of video marketing methods more and more companies and advertisers are now focusing on these latest marketing opportunities so that they can effectively start to use these options.

Do you have any tips about mobile marketing? What are they and how do you use mobile marketing for your business?

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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