Can LIFE + BUSINESS COACHES survive in these economic climes ?

 video email, video marketing, video communications, life coachesLife + Business Coaches are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Times are tough globally. The economic meltdown is a reality for many.

Many companies are tightening their belts + Coaches are a luxury to maintain + engage. Many organizations are in ‘rethink’ mode

I wonder –

· How many Life + Business Coaches are really bringing in the business + putting food on the table in the present economic climate ?
· Are people as likely to solicit the services of a Life or Business Coach at this time ?
· Are Life + Business Coaches an essential service in these economic times ?

Choosing NOT to be a preacher of doom + gloom is a tough act to follow right now –

· We are living in a fragile world
· No one knows what’s around the next corner – war, strikes, killings, violence, business closures, job losses, home foreclosures, a time of uncertainty + fear ?
· What are the answers really – where does one run to in a time of strife, chaos + not knowing ?

I would say this is the perfect time for People + Business to solicit the service of Life + Business Coaches, but at the right price of course !

Having said that, Coaches need to take a long hard look at their marketing etc costs + how best to serve their Clients in the most cost effective way ?

So what are the answers ?

1. ‘GOING GREEN’ – Moving away from hosting live ‘face to face’ Workshops/Training/Coaching at specific venues + hosting meetings online
· With the advent of web conferencing, coaching can now be done 100% online from the ‘home office’ to easily reach a worldwide audience of potential + existing clients
· Going this route, they save on time, energy, airfares, venues, hotel accommodation – ultimately saving money themselves, which they can pass on to their clients

Life + Business Coaches need to –

2. Really up their game in terms of the marketing tools they use to attract, capture + maintain new Clients ?
3. Have Hope for a successful Career + Business, to enable Thriving + Surviving in this global economy
4. Explore all other positive cost cutting possibilities for themselves + their Business + to pass this on to their Clients
5. Get really Specific in their marketing approach
6. Think hard about speaking Generically to everyone, as trying to appeal to everyone doesn’t cut it anymore
7. Be highly Targeted in their marketing to people with problems

So where are things headed ?
· MOBILE + VIDEO + Marketing on the Social networking sites – It’s that simple !

Doing the ‘green thing’ + integrating a Video communications suite, such as Video Email and Video Conferencing/Webinars is highly recommended + can be accessed on most Pads, Android + select Smartphones

Facts :
· Google loves Video !
· Cisco predict there will be a 10 fold increase in the use of Video over the next 5 years
· Internet Video traffic is now 40% of consumer internet
· People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see
· Video is the single, most effective form of communication
· Additional creative marketing platforms are constantly being sought
· ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective


1cdc3d1 The Medical fraternity + Video Conferencing Heather de Wit considers herself to be an ‘out of the box’ thinker and is happy to share her knowledge on the merits of utilising Video Email and Conferencing/Webinars. Her experience as a sole Entrepreneur for over 20 years spans marketing, advertising and PR.  She enjoys creative writing, singing at functions and is a self-taught artist.


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5 ways to include your social media to offline marketing

Offline marketing is the one of toughest jobs in these days because nobody has time to listen to the direct marketing executives and to read advertisements in the newspaper, but everybody spends around 4-5 hours on the social networking websites.

So, social media is one of the cheapest ways by which company can advertise its products.

Social media websites like twitter, facebook and blogs have become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access.

Offline marketing and social media cannot exist without each other!
#1 Send a survey to your customers: This is the first way to include internet advertising to offline marketing as it is very easy to send a survey to your customers; the reason is you have already an email list of your offline customers. In return, you can offer them to win a contest that may be of any useful product that they are searching for.
Besides from it, you can ask your customers for comments or feedback and it will make an impact on them.

#2 Customer’s desires: After recognizing your customer in your audience, you need to start conversation with customers about your new products. Before that conversation, you must know what your audience wants and wants must be more valuable than needs. There is a google keyword tool that is free and available to all users. It helps you a lot in making a connection with your customers.

#3 Attractive profile: Try to make that kind of social profile which attracts your customers. Consider your customer as a king and let them feel like a king. Moreover, your marketing messages must be connected with your customers.

#4 Advertising consultants and marketing websites: Advertising consultants and inbound marketing agency like marketing websites can help you to find the inbound research of your products. They can give you the data of customers who are interested in your product and who have searched for your products on their sites.

#5 Social network sites: After knowing your interested customers, you can go through their social networking accounts and find their liking and disliking lists. This information will help you to start communicating with messages to customers. Moreover, these sites increase web traffic to your company’s site.

Marketing takaway Tip: Social Media marketing is one of the powerful sources for your offline business marketing. Get your information in social media sites like the contact and lead generation pages and get significant leads for your business online.

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Inbound Marketing Should You Stop Your Other Activities #IMU

Inbound Marketing Should You Stop Your Other Activities #IMU

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing are the two different marketing strategies for businesses. Each has its own importance and effectiveness in the world of business.

Because of the increasing importance of inbound marketing doesn't mean that outbound marketing should be stopped by you as both have their own importance.

There may be chances of creating more leads by outbound marketing than inbound marketing as marketing strategies depends on your business type. So you could be active in both the marketing techniques to be successful in your business.

Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing should be treated as a modern strategy:

If your business is generating more leads through inbound marketing it doesn't mean that you should stop outbound marketing because the leads which are not done by inbound marketing can be obtained through outbound marketing. So you are creating more sales and profits.

Similarly Your business can create leads more in outbound marketing than inbound marketing so it doesn't mean that inbound marketing is not working for your business though inbound marketing may not create more leads as that of outbound marketing but it is increasing the awareness and brand value your company in the world so;

Inbound marketing can be treated as a new marketing strategy of business which should be improved along with the outbound marketing to keep the presence of your business in the world.

Analyze and allocate more resources on marketing strategy which is bringing more leads with lesser costs to your business:

You should be able to analyze the importance of each strategy and think how it shows its impact on your business. By this you can be clear to what extent the strategies are working on your business by that you can allocate more time and resources on the marketing technique working for you.

Keep your presence in the world of business:

Inbound marketing is not only for creating leads for your organization but also it increases the brand value and make customers of your business easily find you.

Utilization of resources:

It is true fact that should be accepted that resources like time, money, human resources etc are less utilized in inbound marketing than in outbound marketing but each has its own importance in improving the sales and profits of your business.

Still there are people who prefer outbound marketing rather than inbound marketing:

You should not forget that still there are people who follow and purchase products through trade shows, internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and advertising so you should be able to use both inbound and as well as outbound marketing for your business.

Hence both inbound as well as outbound marketing has its own importance and effectiveness though inbound marketing is going well for your business but don’t miss the customers who are not using the social media networks or the search engines for the products of your business.

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How to Do Effective Social Media Campaigns #IMU

How to Do Effective Social Media Campaigns #IMU

Social Media campaigns are great way to increase the profits of the online businesses in today’s world of internet. But keep in mind that running out a successful and good social media campaign can be difficult and challenging. Social media marketing needs other approach as compared to other ways of marketing present online.
Social media are today creating effective web presence and are helping to build an optimized web presence for most of the businesses. If you are planning out for the new social media campaign for your business that can get you positive results and more profits, you should focus on certain points.
To have better results from the social media campaigns you should have a proper understanding of the Social Medias and how they are effectively used in targeting more and more potential customers and then converting them into leads.
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As you get more audience you will get better opportunity to convert them into leads.
You should have certain rules to follow while starting up a new social media campaign to get success. You should focus on submitting clean and useful content that are related to your services and products you sell online. You should also keep an eye on the images and videos that you are uploading on the various social media platforms.
You should then keep an eye at the ROI (Return on Investment) to get better results and to be successful in your new social media campaign. So before starting a new social media campaign it is very important to judge that whether it will have a positive ROI for you or not and whether these, payoff worth the effort.
You must also actively participate in the social media marketing campaigns. The very fundamental part of social media marketing is Active participation. You should also keep in mind that various different social media widgets provide different services where you can get different types of audiences and visitors.
Hence you should also have a proper idea on your market conditions. You should have an idea on, where your customers from are and what are their demands.

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Why Inbound Marketing Is Important For Your Business, NOW #IMU

Why Inbound Marketing Is Important For Your Business, NOW #IMU

Inbound Marketing is one of the best social media marketing strategies that is popular in market today. Inbound marketing needs very little budgets and this is the major reason why inbound marketing is mostly preferred by marketers in recent years. 

In a recent survey, it is noticed that leads that are generated through inbound marketing strategies are 60% cheaper than other traditional and outbound marketing strategies. This article gives an insight of inbound marketing and its advantages for business online.


Advantages of Inbound Marketing and Using Inbound Marketing effectively

Inbound Marketing has surely dominated other marketing strategies that are presently running in the market. With lesser price, inbound marketing allows business organization to achieve more leads at a comparatively cheaper price related to other marketing strategies.

Some of the advantages of Inbound Marketing for business online are given below:

1.    Inbound marketing helps organizations not only to sell their products but also build strong relationship with their customers. Inbound marketing is mainly possible through social media networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn which has millions of active users.

2.    Attracting customers through Inbound Marketing increases your business credibility and visibility for your products online. Customers can know more about your products and it is easy to gather the details of customers and how they reached your website through different analytical tools.

3.    Through Social Media Marketing tools, you can know the needs of your customers by learning how they visited your website and which products in your website attracted your visitors more. You can increase and plan your marketing budgets by using these social media marketing tactics.

4.    Inbound Marketing not only provides customers for your business but you can also gain free marketing for your business. If customers are satisfied and happy with your products and services, they themselves are the promoters for your products. Customers share your business information through social media networking sites and so it is one type of free marketing which is received for your business.

5.    As social media networking sites are becoming popular, Mobile phone companies are providing these social media community links to their mobile phone users so that they can access these sites very easily. This increased the popularity for social media marketing and increased its dominance in marketing strategies.

Now social media networking sites share the information faster than other traditional marketing strategies like print media. This is the major reason why business organizations started concentrating on Inbound Marketing through these social media networking sites.

Inbound Marketing is relatively very cheap compared to other marketing strategies. Using them effectively brings more customers for your business. It is important to analyze your lead generation campaigns and analyze the cost occurring for every lead for your marketing strategies. One should not forget to analyze the cost per sale and should not only count the cost per lead which is the final need for any business.

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5 Tips How To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

5 Tips How To Get Testimonials From Your Clients

Testimonials are one of the great sources of marketing and hence improve the lead generation of the websites and businesses. Using testimonials in a creative way throughout the websites can have a much positive impact on the visitors and can act as a powerful marketing source which insist the customers about the genuineness of the products and services you are marketing.

How To Get Testimonials, attract more customers, facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, social media marketing, twitter for marketingListed below are 5 tips on How to get great and effective testimonials from your clients in your overall web presence and guarantee the maximum returns through that.

1. Name your page differently rather than just testimonials

Never give your page name as “Testimonials”; instead you can use some words as Great fans, Raving Fans, People who like it, etc. This shows the good relation of you and your customers who are satisfied with your services and products. This will ensure that you have a great connection with your buyers and sellers way beyond the average testimonial letters.

Also add this to your home page so that maximum number of people can get to it.

2. Add videos and bring life to your testimonials

Today many of the websites are seen that are videos and not just the text of their customers. The real and speaking people can create magic when they tells about the genuineness of your services offered and people will believe it more quickly rather than just the texts which can be fakes and false.

These types of testimonials can bring your website to a new level and your clients experience more life in your website.

3. Add the live testimonials to the different pages of your site

Add different testimonials evenly on your different pages which can grab the attention of your audiences at every page and people will be more confident about it when they see lots of people talking about the same products differently.

Instead of burying out the long list of testimonials at one page make sure you use it evenly at every page.

4. Make your testimonial look like believable

Many of the sites seen are using much and much of “Sugar”. They only tries to add sweet stuffed with the wonderful adjectives and powerful verbs. Each and every testimonials talk about the brilliant product and amazing qualities of that. After they are read many of the times the same thing over and over again it becomes hard to believe in it and people starts feeling a little sick about it because they cannot digest massive overdose of “sugar”.

Present your testimonial with a complete picture and truth on it.

5. Don’t only start with praise and end with praise

It has been seen that the testimonials which only shows the praise and only praises throughout are harder to believe that the one which consist of some doubt and skepticism first and then start praising about it which was expected. It may describe the fear or uncertainty racing through the customer’s mind at the point of purchase.

A reverse testimonial will work more effectively because it speaks to us in the way we speak to each other.

For more on Testimonials and Business, visit the links given below:

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Email Marketing has been one of the successful Internet Marketing strategy that was successful in attracting more customer though lead generation campaigns.

Many companies started using Email Marketing as one of their marketing strategy to attract more customers for their business. These business organizations utilize various social media sites, lead capture pages and good landing pages to attract more customers and retrieve their information such as email id and mobile phone numbers etc.


attract more customers, EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, lead tracking

E-mail marketing is helpful for your organization to maintain and build relationship with customers for your organization. Email Marketing is one way of keeping your customers updated with the latest product releases and promotions that are organized by your company. E-mail marketing will be easy for your organization when you collect and maintain proper list of the e-mail Id’s of your existing customers and also of the people who are interested in your products.

E-mail Id’s can be collected by developing good landing pages and lead capture pages which can capture information related to customers. This can be done by providing some promotional offers such as e-book give away, providing offers and discounts and asking their personal information such as name and email id in return.

By collecting E-mail Id’s of the customers you can send the information regarding the products and services provided by your organization and also you can stay in touch with your customers by updating regarding your products. Also you can provide information such as product releases, offers and discounts which are provided by your organization to your customers.


Email Marketing should be accompanied with some pre-requisites which make your email marketing campaign success for lead generation. Some tips for developing an effective email marketing campaign are given below:


The subject line which the sender sends should encourage the customer to open the mail and read it and hence the subject line of the mail plays a vital role in making the customer attract towards your mail.


Identifying the exact name and other realted data of the customer should be important before sending any mail. Names should not be miss-interpreted which may lead to bad impression on the organization. This needs constant tracking of your leads in proper format.

The content provided in the mail should be short and brief which can be easily understand by the recipient and also by providing a link to your website for more information regarding your product will make the person know about other products or services of your organization and hence can increase the profits.


Though the email marketing is of very low cost but along with it also results in investing time and various resources of your organization. Hence you have to measure whether the e-mail marketing campaign is creating any leads for your organization so that if you need to make any changes you can make it and earn profits.

For more on Email marketing and its success in creating good leads from lead generation campaigns, visit the links given below:

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Why Inbound Marketing is 60% Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

Inbound Marketing is one of the best Internet marketing strategy that needs very little budgets.

Studies have proven that inbound marketing is up to 60% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing activities. This is the major reason why inbound marketing is mostly preferred by forward thinking business organizations today.

Inbound marketing has started to dominate outbound marketing and cost per lead is also 60% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing.

Product can be sold easily in the market when it has correct product mixture:
Product mixture is nothing but 4 P’s that is Type of product, Price of the product, Promotion activities taken for the product and Place of the product in the case of organization point of view

In the customer point of view he tries find his four C’s with your product:
Product reach a customer easily when customer finds his four C’s in your product that is Product – Customer desire, Price – Customer price, Promotion – , Place – Customer convenience.

Global marketing and inbound marketing:

Global marketing main motto is to sell the product to the customer at any part of the world at the same price.

Inbound marketing is the new marketing strategy applied by the organizations in order to increase their sales, as well as build relationship with the customers.

Inbound marketing is usually through social media networking sites like twitter, linked in , face book etc and whereas outbound marketing is through telemarketing, through print and electronic media, through advertisements etc.

Brain vs. Budget = Inbound Marketing

View more presentations from inBlurbs.

Inbound marketing is gaining more importance than traditional marketing because:

Inbound marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing: The investment implied for the inbound marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing and also it has paved a platform for building relationship with the customers and providing services to their customers in order and likely increasing the brand image all over the world.

In inbound marketing customers themselves are the promoters: The customers are themselves the promoters of the products if they are satisfied with the product and service they themselves will promote the product to the other users with the help of social networking sites. Where as in outbound marketing it is not generally seen their customer participation is very less.

The flow of information is very fast in inbound marketing: Because of the access of the social networking sites through internet and now even in mobiles the information regarding the launch of new products or any other information regarding the products is reaching all over the world in minutes hence the advertising will be easy for your organization.

The things that should be considered in Inbound marketing is:

Whether your leads are converting into sales: The various marketing strategies implied by you in inbound marketing for your product should be checked whether they are able to attract the customers and if needed they should be optimized by considering the feedback of your customers as well as your clients.


Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing digital medium-2-0
Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing. What’s the difference

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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4 Profitable Reasons Why Coca Cola Switched To Social Media Marketing

i-love-social-mediaSocial Media Marketing is one of the prominent and successful Internet marketing strategies that is used by organizations in Internet today. Major organizations like Coca Cola have also started using Social Media Marketing to promote its products. This illustrates the success of social media marketing as an effective marketing tool in business world today.

In recent days there was news about top companies like Coca Cola switching to social media marketing. It has been seen that Coca-cola has created a new office for digital communications and social media for its public affairs and communications department.

Some of the compelling reasons for Coca-cola to start its marketing strategies in social media are

1. Maintaining Brand Image:
Coca-Cola is one of the prominent brand in almost all countries of the world. For maintaining its brand image and provide information related to its latest offers and schemes, Coca-cola might have thought of implementing this new marketing Strategy.

2. Fewer Budgets:
Social Media Marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies that can be successfully implemented. For companies like Coca-Cola implementing social media marketing is a cake walk and it can attract millions of customer’s world wide through its promotional offers.

3. Reaching Customers more effectively:
Social Media marketing helps companies like coca-cola to reach their customers effectively. This helps in increasing revenue and improving feedback for their products.

4. More effective than Traditional Media:
Now Social Media marketing is having good amount of market share as compared to traditional media marketing. As traditional media marketing is more costly and reach market slowly, social media marketing is more preferred as it is fast and reaches customers now in seconds. Such is the development of Social media marketing in recent years.

So there is no point in getting surprised that Coca-cola has entered in to social media marketing.

For more articles related to Coca-cola entering into social media marketing visit the links given below:
Coca-Cola launching office of digital and social media
Coke-fans first in social media case study
Media case study about marketing strategies of coca-cola

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5 Factors Which Can Influence Your Revenue Forecasts

Can You Do A Revenue Forecast Based On Your Online Activities, Or Do You Just Guess?

Success of every online business depends on its growth and forecasting its future. Without any forecasting measure, it generally makes no sense to invest the money. For measuring of forecasting the company’s generally fixes targets for each marketing campaign and periodically analyze the results of these marketing campaigns.

Now a days online business has gained more importance because most of the company’s thinks that return on investment on online business activity is higher than that of offline marketing campaign so this can also work and also it may not work for certain company’s.

5 Factors Which Can Influence Your Revenue Forecasts

For forecasting your revenue on online activities your business organization should observe certain things as follows:

1. Whether there website is able to reach public: That is information provided in the website must be able satisfy the queries of the customers and it should reach their satisfaction.

2. How many visitors are converting into new customers for there products: This is to analyze on what products the demand is there from the customers and what made them separate from their competitors so that they can improve more than present and meet the standards of their customers.

3. Satisfying with the service provided to the customers: customer satisfaction based on their needs is one driving factor for success of any online business. Forecasting your customer requirements through analysis tools helps in developing your business.

4. Knowing the competitors activities: Constantly monitor your competitor’s business tactics and their Internet marketing strategies to market their products. Learn about the prices and discounts offered by them to grab customers. Learn more about quality and service provided by them to their customers so that if there is any negative aspect in our organization we can improve them.

5. Calculating the Return on investment on certain campaigns of marketing: Pay per click is one of the online campaigns which provide huge traffic for your website or online business. Calculate the return of investment and progress of these campaigns and compare the results with other campaigns. This helps you in forecasting the success of future campaigns and deciding on revenue budgets for future campaigns. To forecast your revenue on the online activities you should consider the above factors to get the best of success for your online marketing strategies.

Do you have any tips about Factors Which Can Influence Your Revenue Forecasts? What are they and how do you use this Factors for your Business?

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