Small Business SEO Strategies

What’s the biggest mistake that most small businesses make when it comes to SEO? Personally, I would suggest that a common problem is being unrealistic about what can be achieved.

Does this mean that it’s not possible for a small business to gain considerable rewards from search engine optimization? On the contrary, I would suggest that there are massive benefits associated with SEO that’s done in the right way. But you need to think carefully about your strategy if you want to achieve cost effective results.

Ignore massive corporations!

It’s easy to look at the search results for the most competitive keywords and to assume that you need to be ranked for these phrases in order to succeed. There’s a good chance that you’ll find that these search terms tend to be dominated by the big brands and corporations.

This is not a coincidence. The reason why big companies are able to control the search space is because they have significant online marketing budgets. You can be sure that they are hiring top SEO professionals and spending considerable sums of money to achieve those positions.

Typically, it’s also the case that large organizations tend to have a large amount of data available to them. Although this should give them some advantages, you may be amazed to find that many big companies fail to act on the information. That’s often because they simply have too much data to analyze.

What does this mean for small business owners? It means that big corporations are missing out on some key signals.

Target cost effective search terms

Those big organizations often spend so much time, effort and money targeting high profile search terms, they don’t realise that the search terms that convert well may be less competitive. That’s pretty ironic!

But it also reveals an opportunity for small business owners. It means that you can target those areas that larger rivals are ignoring. This won’t just mean that you’re not having to compete with the massive corporations (with their massive advertising budgets) – it also means that you’ll be targeting keywords and phrases that will actually generate income for your business.

This is the cost effective approach to small business SEO that you should be striving for. Sure, it won’t allow you to boast at dinner parties about how you’re top of Google for a high profile search term. But how much does that really matter? Most business professionals would rather have money in their bank accounts, than being able to boast about such trivialities!

Put your strategy into action

Once you realize that SEO isn’t about high profile, competitive, poor converting search terms, you’ll find that you’re in a much stronger position.

You’ll be able to move your online marketing efforts forwards, without wasting money on SEO that’s simply never going to produce the returns that you’re looking for.

Effective SEO should be seen as a business investment. Once you’ve grasped that, you can stop making the mistake of seeing it as a cost.

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Keith Barrett As one of the leading search engine experts in the UK, Keith Barrett has used his considerable online marketing experience to help numerous businesses over the course of the past decade.




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  1. I definitely agree with the phrase that Put your strategy into action because if you do, it is pretty sure that you can obtain good results and success in the tend. It is just a matter of hardships and perseverance.

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