If you want your messages get shared go to Facebook

When you produce and publish content for your buyer personas than you want your content to get seen and to be shared with their network of friends and followers to maximize your reach on the web.

People in social network love to share remarkable, creative, helpful and interesting content.

Are you on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook?

A study put together from ShareThis found out that facebook accounts for 38% of sharing traffic on the web. The number two is Twitter with about 17%.

This data show how important it is to get seen on social media sites to spread the reach for a company.

Here are some Tipps how you can improve your social media sharing ratio:

– Ask your audience on Twitter and Facebook to share your information. Simply tell them to “Tweet this” or “Share this”.
– Use only one specific category for your information. This increases the chances for your content to get shared.
– Write the info which you want to be shared in classic Classified Ad Style and include a call to action. Make an irresistible offer for only one target audience at a time.
– Ask for your networks opinion about the information you have shared.

When you do these tactics above than you improve your chances to get your info tweeted and shared. This could result in an increase of traffic and leads for your business.

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get found and get leads

Do you get found and get leads the smart way?

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Inbound Links, the new currencies online

Inbound links are the new currency for websites online. Inbound links help you to rank better in the search engines and generate more referral traffic.

Also the count of your inbound links shows your potential clients the value you can offer.

The more inbound links, the more people think you are credible and have valuable content which is link worthy.

To get a massive amount of inbound links you need to produce remarkable and link worthy content and promote this content online and through social media.

When you are starting to get inbound links from other blogs and websites you should analyze it and see where they are coming from and to whom they are linked too and who is linking back to your link sources.

Checkout which of those linked sites has a good SEO authority, Page Rank and, Inbound links and Alexa Rank. Checkout how active there audience is on those websites. The more activity there is the better.

When sites are linking back to you means they think your content is link worthy. So you should get in touch with them to build a relationship. Their target audience could become your paying customer.

Track your inbound links and measure your growth and sources.

Marketing Takeaway Tipp: The more valuable and remarkable content you produce, the more chances you build to get Inbound links.

More resources to this topic:

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Is your website a liability or a real estate

Today still most websites receive less or even no traffic. Those websites are not marketing optimized and offer no user experience!

More fatal they don’t offer any kind of valuable and remarkable content. They have no lead generation process implemented.

Content is the key to attract target audience, to generate lead and to convert those lead into revenue!

First thing which you should consider when you plan to setup a marketing optimized website, is not to ask a web designer!

You should talk to a pro, to internet marketing specialists which are qualified to help you.

Internet marketing specialists are able to help you plan your marketing optimized website in a more specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A marketing optimized website, done through internet marketing specialists can become a true magnet for customers and sales.


They help you to establish the whole platform as a smart marketing hub for your business.

Some benefits which a marketing optimized website should offer to you:

  • Should make your Marketing quick!
  • Empowers you to to update your pages as you need.
  • It is made with average, less technical folks in mind and for you simple to use
  • Empowers you to make website changes all by yourself, whenever you need to!
  • Allows you to optimize for search engines, like URL structure, page titles, and headers.
  • It allows you to easily add your own Meta description and Meta tags which increase the likelihood that a page is noticed in search engine results by a human eye and clicked.
  • Is build with a marketing strategy in mind and allows you to do a website redesign or changing your website’s structure yourself.
  • Empowers you to make a new site yourself with a specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A marketing optimized website solution should give you the best tools available to get found and generate leads, to achieve your revenue goals the smart an easy way!

And this is definitely some sizes to big for a simple web designer!


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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
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Easy Inbound Marketing Leads through LinkedIn

Amtower predicts that LinkedIn will increase their user base to more than 120 million in 2011.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site.

Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking.

As of 1 January 2011 LinkedIn had more than 90 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.LinkedIn is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Quantcast reports Linkedin has 21.4 million monthly unique U.S. visitors and 47.6 million globally.

Watch this video: 5 Important tips to get business from LinkedIn

This offers a great opportunity for businesses to attract leads and customers the inbound marketing way to their offer.

LinkedIn is adding new features constantly, which make it more and more useful and interesting for users. LinkedIn’s Group feature, which supports the growing trend of geographic-based groups, has evolved to a tool which targets geographic and functional niches.

Further new features like company pages, paid search advertising and apps which are benficial to B2B, will attract more B2B users.

Some resource to shorten your learning curve:

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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
How many sales leads does your website generate?
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3 Free Tools to produce your Inbound Marketing Videos

Video is a great way to attract your target audience – buyer persona to your products and services.

You can use video to showcase your products and their features and visualize their advantages.

You can showcase your expertise when you show solutions to your target audience problems as instruction and help videos.

You can make short promotion video for new products and also encourage your satisfied customers to give you a video testimonial, which is more powerful than a written on your website or blog.

Instead to write your blog you can do it as a video and offer a daily updated video blog with your ideas, information and your thoughts.

The opportunities to use video are endless.
The only thing you need to profit greatly of online video, is imagination and creativity.

Your video does not need to be perfect.

There is no perfect video online!

When you produce video on a regular basis than you increase your chances that one goes viral and brings you a massive amount of traffic and new business.

The more videos you produce the higher the chances are that your potential buyer finds you online.

 Here are some free video recording and editing tools you can use right now to shoot your first video.

  1. Cam Studio
  2. Jaycut
  3. JING 

When you have done your video you should widely distribute it to get the most out of your work.

Register with those video sites and take car to have the same username everywhere. So you build a brand the easy way. And visitors will recognize you better.

Use a keyword rich description and ad long tail keywords to your description and you tags.

There are several opportunities for free where you can upload your videos.

Here the best 26 with high PR where to distribute your videos:

  1. Facebook – PR10
  2. www.youtube.com – PR9
  3. http://vimeo.com – PR9
  4. www.flickr.com – PR9
  5. www.video.yahoo.com – PR9
  6. MySpace – PR9
  7. www.photobucket.com – PR8
  8. www.dailymotion.com – PR8
  9. www.scribd.com – PR8
  10. photobucket.com – PR7
  11. www.blip.tv – PR7
  12. www.metacafe.com – PR7
  13. qik.com – PR7
  14. www.viddler.com – PR7
  15. www.stupidvideos.com – PR6
  16. www.buzznet.com – PR6
  17. www.stickam.com – PR6
  18. www.gofish.com – PR6
  19. www.revver.com – PR6
  20. www.livevideo.com – PR6
  21. www.flixya.com – PR5
  22. castpost.com – PR5
  23. www.videowebtown.com/community/index.php – PR5
  24. vidmax.com – PR5
  25. www.thatshow.com – PR4
  26. www.clipchef.com – PR4

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Top 10 Keyword Research Tools

Nowadays, a keyword research tool is very important to compete in the arena of internet marketing as without it, there is no way to survive in the arena of internet marketing.

Therefore, there are a plethora of keyword research tools, but the most top 10 keyword research tools are below.

targeted web traffic,search engine submission,business leads,search engine ranking,increase web traffic,search engine keywords,search engine traffic,search engine services,search engine strategiesGoogle Keyword Research Tool: This is one of the most important keyword tools as it is free to use, and by using this tool, you can easily search for keywords, but the most important thing is that you can search keywords more than 40 languages.

It has feature of high quality, frequently updated and clean keyword database.

Yahoo Keyword Research Tool: It is another most popular keyword search tool as it helps in generating and maintaining its own database of keywords to match Google.

It is free to use and having its own keyword research tool.

The Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool: It is another free as well as popular keyword research too today and it has limit of just more than hundred results; moreover, it manages a free highly detailed database.

Google search based keyword research tool: It is Based on actual Google search queries and matched to specific pages of your website with your ad and search share; apart from it, it is new to adwords account and better to add official product introduction

Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool: It is another best keyword research tool because it is very useful to get new keyword ideas.

Google is very dominating search network, so it provides you keyword search volume statistics for Google search network.

Google Insights Keyword Research Tool: It is another powerful keyword research tool as it is used in viewing status by year or a specific time for seasonal niches and also it helps in viewing status by country, state and even city for regional niches.

SEMRush Keyword Research Tool: It is the best tool to search competitor’s sites with common goodgle keywords and find the list of google keywords as well as adwords.

And also it finds potential advertisers as well as potential traffic sellers for a site.

KGen Keyword Research Tool: It is an extension of Firefox that helps in looking at what keywords are much more strong on visited on websites and it retrieves every words of webpage and tells us how many times they appear in the page.

Twitter Search Keyword Research Tool: It is one of the best keyword researching tools because it is the most popular among the internet users and it is the source of latest information.

So, there is in built search engine that displays search result that are based on relevancy and sorted out on date time stamp.

Traffic Travis Keyword Research Tool: It is the best keyword tool for SEO strategy as it is a free and gives an assessment of the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword; besides from it, it removes most of the grunt work of assessing PR and searches as well as back links.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Keyword research tools helps in identifying the right keywords for your business. Learn how your customers are searching for products that are related to your products keywords from these latest keyword research tools.

Further important resources about this topic:


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Get mobile with your Inbound Marketing

More and more people out there use mobile devices to do their online communication, like to stay in touch with their network on Facebook and Twitter and to inform their friend’s contacts and followers about news and events.

Studies show that people are online about four hours from mobile devices compared with one hour on their PC.

mobile inbound marketing,inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic, increase web traffic, business leads, small business marketing, small business resources,small business ownersThe mobile use of social networks is a quick, convenient and flexible way to stay in touch. Also to stay in touch with customers and prospects answer questions and give support.

You should consider building your own app for your business. Value added apps are an easy way to stay in touch with your audience.

Optimize your website for mobile use. Simply make it easy for your audience to reach you and to stay in touch with you and to buy from you.

Apps for mobile devices are easy to develop and to use. When your customer downloads your app than this shows you, that he or she is interested in your message. So you get high qualified leads where you can spread your message.

Apps give you the opportunity to collect additional information like time and geo location. An ordinary Website cant collect

Some facts why you need a mobile app:

  • You offer value-added service for your customers which the get frequently. You can deliver Info about discounts, events, and your inventory and customer service, only to name a view.
  • You can make use of an interactive application that can attract more people to your brand. Studies show that about 60% of all app users like to play games. Studies also show that about 50% use news and weather applications to stay up to date. About 40% use social media.
  • You can build a business around your mobile app. You can make use of mobile apps as review service for restaurants, hotels and products and some more. The sky is the limit.

Here are further important resources about mobile marketing:


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Attract More Visitors to generate business leads

Business leads from your blog promotion are very important for getting success in an online business.

Besides setting up a blog, there are lots of things for which you have to concentrate. You have to do lots of research and do lots of marketing so that you can better stand your online business and get some profits.

Setting up a corporate blog can give you excellent credibility and authority in your business. Your business can get to various heights in short period of time if you are using the right internet marketing strategies and tactics involved in blog promotion. With the help of blog promotion, your business can achieve all that you are aiming at.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency, business leads,corporate blog Tips to drive traffic and generate business leads

To generate business leads, you need more visitors and excellent blog traffic.

There are ways by which you can attract more visitors to your blog and generate business leads.

You should consistently follow these internet marketing strategies and techniques so that you get increasing traffic to your blog and get some profitable lead generation.

Do SEO for your blog
First of all you need search engine optimization by which you can get good blog traffic.

Then you should concentrate on submitting your blog to blog search engine so that you can get targeted search engine traffic. This traffic is much effective and helpful in getting better profits and sales from your blog.

Learn new Internet marketing strategies
Also you have to learn various other ways of internet marketing by which you can attract more visitors for your blog.

This includes submitting to directories and using social networking and expanding your network.

Link Building from top sites drives quality traffic
Link building is one of the great way by which you can enhance your search engine rankings and can get attract the targeted customers. This helps you in getting more and more lead generation overtime.

Improve Blog Design
You should also concentrate on making your blog good.

Good looking and better designed blog can attract more visitors and can help in getting better business leads. Keep it free from more ads. Try to maintain clean and tidy blog that is professional looking.

Interact with your readers
Communicate with your readers and answer to the comments you receive.

This is a brilliant way by which you can attract visitors. Your visitors find it interesting will return to your blog often and might help you in getting business leads.

Marketing take away tip: Traffic is the ultimate way to increase business leads. Identify your traffic source, start your Internet marketing strategies to drive traffic for your business blog.

For more on attracting more visitors to generate business leads, visit the links given below:
3 simple ways to drive traffic to your blog

6 Traits of websites that generate business leads


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Have a blog and increase your traffic up to 55%

Blog and websites now matters much for getting better profits in your business.

If you are into some sort of online business you need to get better strategies and methods by which you can increase your traffic.

increase blog trafficHere are some tips that you can try out.

Get search engine traffic by better blog marketing

Search engine traffic is must to have for any blog.

You should therefore implement better ways by which you can increase the traffic. Blog marketing on different reliable sources is one of the best ways by which you can increase your search engine rankings. You can try out various blog marketing methods to get better traffic.

Submit your blog to maximum directories

You should submit your blog to blog directory and other directories like article directories and link directories to get maximum exposure.

Submitting your blog to blog directory is one of the best ways by which you can get maximum benefits. This increases your traffic and sales as well.

Deal in social networking

Not only some of the blog directory, but it is important for you that you better ways to expand your whole network.

It is important that you expand your networking and join various social sites to get in touch with people who have similar interests and can help you in getting increased traffic.

Distribute top quality content

Top content that is unique and appealing is good way for blog marketing.

Unique and fresh content for your blog attracts more and more visitors daily and your blog can get better rankings and increased traffic in short period of time.

Get quality backlinks

More and more quality backlinks are important to get when you want some increase in profits and search engine traffic.

As search engine traffic is most important for increasing your profits and getting some targeted sales it is essential that you deal in getting some quality backlinks regularly. Get them so that they look natural and not spam.

Marketing take away tip: Blogs are huge resources for your business promotion online. Get started with your own business blog and get your traffic increased by more than 55%. From these points it is very clear that for getting more and more traffic to your blog and business it is essential that you implement proper ways that are innovative and can help you in getting hold in this competitive business world.

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Want more traffic? Than build your visibility!

Inbound Marketing is a great way to practice creation of remarkable content to attract more prospects to your website.
And in the next steps to converting them into customers through lead capture and lead nurturing.

more trafficWhen you can manage to increase new visitors to your website and keep them coming back, this will allow your business to get seen from more people more often and will help you to generating more sales.

Businesses online understand this principles very well, and apply them daily with their internet marketing strategy that drives sales to their products and services.

Here are some tips how you can build more visibility to get more traffic:

  • Include content beyond your product pages
  • Build unique content for your website
  • Start a business blog
  • Utilize unique content creation strategy as a foundational piece of your marketing.
  • Create content to attract more consumers
  • Create content to for different stages in the buying process
  • Create content to unique and remarkable content that is relevant to your products and buyer persona

Your content will turn your website into a magnet for your customers who are researching, comparing, and purchasing products from your industry.

This pathway of a websites content as an ultimate magnet for traffic and revenue is the main road to inbound marketing.
Further important resources:

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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
How many sales leads does your website generate?
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Six Search Engine Submission Tips to Get Search Engine Traffic

Six Search Engine Submission Tips to Get Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine TrafficOnline business is a platform of tough competition.

You need to make use of each and every strategy to sustain in this competitive world. So to attain a position in this world of websites, you need to have a well optimized website.

In which each word of your site is accountable in determining search engine traffic.

Among the various search engines Google search engine is one of the best search engine and you can gain a good page rank to your website by maintain a quality content and by regular posting in your website.

Stuffing of keywords, unwanted linking and other furtive methods should be avoided.

You can opt for one way link building services which help in attaining a good page rank for your website.

1. Attractive advertisements and other add-on
Paid placements, fabulous content etc can make you top in search engines rankings and will aid you with immense profit. Using of most applicable and desirable key word density will help you in improve your web traffic.

2. Write creative and unique content of your industry
Complete dedication is one of the indispensible factors here. Never show reluctance to go to a new scenario of information thinking that no one has ever gone through it, this will be obviously incertitude on your ability.

Sometimes your treasure may be hidden there. Keep a flick of alertness over the outlook and display too since, it is the one that will encourage viewers to get to your website and its contents, whatever be it.

3. Know the basic strategies in building your website
Once you are very clear with your knowledge in search engine optimization placement indices and know the strategies and deviations well, and then adjust your site accordingly and you may get only profit and nothing less!

4. Keep an eye on your customers needs
A Skilled entrepreneur will always keep his attention in fulfilling his client’s needs. So determine the needs of clients first and then you try to fulfill them through your effort as far as possible.

You will be soon followed by an increased flow of visitors to your site.

5. Concentrate on quality
Keep the articles clean and clear. Avoid discussion on any contradictory issues and always give an interactive background for visitors. This will help to acquire more users to respond and thus will again more traffic to your site.

6. Advertise yourself
Make use of social networking communities or by doing some blogging activities which will help you to advertise yourself and your contents by which people will find you easily .

Marketing Takeaway Tip: Search Engine optimization is one of the important business strategy for online business. Take expert opinion and expert advice from inbound marketing experts to utilize and maximize your search engine optimization strategies.

For further information, check out:

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5 ways how marketing consultants can help you to Increase Online Sales

5 ways how marketing consultants can help you to Increase Online Sales

Online marketing or inbound marketing has much to do with search engine optimization and web traffic.

marketing consultantsIf not properly directed, your online business will be a mere waste of time and energy.

That means a good guidance is very essential for online business undertakings especially when marketing strategies has been predominantly changing in recent past.

Here is where the role of marketing consultants seems to be more important or essential. If you need to hit the ground running, then you need a professional advice from an expert.

Let’s see how they help you in your customer interactions and business:

1. Commencement of new packages

An internet marketing consultant will aid in the development of good SEO strategies and packages that will help to overdrive your marketing enterprise. They will assist you with all necessary information regarding building good traffic to your website and even on setting of brochures.

2. Tackle your capacities

Expert Online marketing consultants will tackle your resources and available capacities and will aid in improving your top line each time. They will keep you updated and will work as a business coordinator or a partner who will help to move your company to a higher level.

3. Client management

A good online specialist will help you to get found by customers and will aid in expanding your business through retention of existing clients. They will help you to focus on various business aspects and will bring you great returns on that.

4. Catalyst of your enterprise

A good marketing consultant will aid you to enhance your business online so as to increase your benefits through address branding, lifetime value improvement and market expansion and development.

He works as a true catalyst by promoting the strength and tactics of your venture.

5. Right guidance in light of experience

If you are feeling you could handle your business then of course, you can. But as you all know there will be a lot to learn and experience, when you start a business. So this will take more of your time and energy and this is where a marketing consultant could help you to attain your targets.

As a co-coordinator and your assistant, this expert could prevent you from wasting your time, money and energy.

Marketing takeaway: A marketing consultant can be considered as an asset in conducting a business online as he could lead you in right path keeping their experiences in mind.

Do you have any tips on how to Increase Online Sales? What are they and how do you to Increase Online Sales for your business?

For more details:

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How many sales leads does your website generate?
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