Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing and PPC Advertising done right!

google adwords pay per click,Socialsphere, twitter marketing for business, social media for business, inbound marketing for businessIn the past years Pay per click marketing has been a quick and easy solution for businesses to generate leads. But to do paid advertisements is no long-lasting and holistic marketing strategy to depend on!

When you do PPC than you generate leads as long as you pay. When you stop your PPC campaign then you will not generate leads anymore! As simple as that!

Nevertheless PPC are still a great vehicle to get the word out but only when they are incorporated within a smart and holistic marketing strategy.

The proven and successful inbound marketing strategy is a great way to generate high quality leads. Therefore inbound marketing is known as the “riskless” marketing strategy because of the activities done which are long lasting and bring an increasing stream of future customers to your offers.

Why is this inbound marketing such a great way to generate leads?

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

How can Inbound Marketing help you?

A. It saves you up to 62% of your marketing budget
B. Makes you stand out of your competition
C. Helps to generate a massive amount of leads
D. Gets you up to 55% higher lead conversion rates
E. Increases your customers and sales

inbound.marketing components,Socialsphere, twitter marketing for business, social media for business, inbound marketing for business

Example: The backbone of successful inbound marketing is the content creation strategy. To create outstanding in a corporate blog improves the trust, visibility and traffic to a business online. Published articles once done are literally online forever, are indexed through search engines and can be found from future customers.

The more articles you publish the more „digital outposts“which you build for your business and you get an increasing stream of future customers to your offers.

Businesses brand them self by creating and publishing original content. Businesses that create and publish remarkable content on the web and in social media:

• Establish thought leadership
• Elevate brand visibility and buzz
• Boosts SEO

Blogging has great advantages and here are the most important:

Blogging companies get up to…

1. …55% more Traffic
2. …97% more Inbound Links
3. …434% more indexed pages in search engines
4. …25x times more business leads

A seriously executed content marketing strategy can be responsible for 25x times more business leads and boosts your revenue by up to 40%!


Infographic: The Rise Of Content Marketing

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketing


PCC can’t deliver such results!

But you can incorporate Pay per Click Marketing into your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Some thought how you could use PPC to increase your visibility:

PPC drives you quick results and you can use it to bridge over the time until your content marketing starts to show effect.

To get a better idea of what your audience is looking for before they hit your website and to adjust you’re SEO, you could start a PPC campaign. Look at the initial keyword data in your Google AdWords account and see which keywords have the highest click through rate (CTR). So you get the most popular keywords and custom tailor your content and your next PPC advertising.

You should bid on your own corporate terms, for example your business name or the names of your products. So when a interested person is researching online for your business, products and services the chances are good even if you are not in the top five Google Search result they will find you through your PPC ads.

Especially for local businesses PPC is a great way to get a targeted location based positioning to attract locals to the business front door. Local businesses can do advertising for a very specific location and do bidding on keywords related to this location. So they get laser targeted traffic from people who are maybe living around the corner in the next street.

There is not only Google AdWords where PPC campaigns can be done to reach the buyer persona in a great way.

Businesses can also do PPC ads on Twitter, Facebook and for B2B on LinkedIn.

One more thing to keep in mind when doing paid adverting!

You should direct your traffic to dedicated landing pages to convert those prospects into leads.

Take care to prepare a great offer on your landing page to motivate those prospects to leave their contact to follow up with them later and to get them into the lead nurturing process to convert them to sales.


inbound marketing assessment us Why Everybody Loves Infographics


How Inbound Marketing outperforms PPC the smart way

inbound-marketing-lead-generation“Worldwide social network ad revenues are still going strong and set to grow nearly 50% this year, according to eMarketer estimates.” by Emarketer.com

The revenue spending on social networks are increasing this is a fact. More and more businesses discover that social networks are a great communication tool to get in touch with their audience.


B2C and B2B have realized that the business decision makes are active in the social web and try to reach them by paid advertising.

It is a good approach to be visible where your audience is around. But the way how you are visible is more important than a big ad budget.

Moreover a big ad budget does not mean you will be successful with your lead generation campaign. The opposite is more likely the result.

Smart marketers use PPC only for short campaigns, and not as a substitute of a holistic strategy.

Why? Because PPC has no log term value for marketing, when you stop your PPC your lead flow also stops. Another point is that you do not earn any trust in the market with PPC. Anybody can bid for the highest keywords. You can’t buy trust and reputation by bidding the highest price per click!

When it comes to led generation than “nothing beats the inbound marketing strategy”!

Studies from the past five years revealed that a seriously executed inbound marketing strategy results in up to 62% lower cost per lead an in an up to 55% higher lead conversion rate.

Inbound marketing consists of content creation, content distribution, content marketing, Social Media communication, Lead generation, Lead Nurturing, Lead Conversion, and Closed-Loop Analysis to refine and improve the activities.

Furthermore companies who execute an inbound marketing seriously build trust, their brand and are recognized as a reputable source on the web. They get found on the web when future customers are looking, instead of pushing them with dump old fashioned sales pitches.

Infographic: Inbound Marketing on the rise

Inbound Marketing Rising

Companies who utilize inbound marketing simply leave their competition behind them in the dust. Inbound marketing is brain versus budget, and in the long term the brain always wins!

What do you think? Did I miss anything?

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Inbound Marketing for B2B to Replace Old School Marketing Methods

Business To BusinessA new study the MarketingSherpa’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report: Research and Insights on Attracting and Converting the Modern B2B Buyers shows that B2B firms still rely on tried-and-true tactics that have driven their lead generation programs in the past.

The study shows that businesses with up to 100 employees are more willing and more active in the use of the new technology opportunities. They actively embrace marketing ways like website optimization, email marketing, paid search – PPC marketing, social media, search engine optimization SEO, marketing automation and virtual events – webinars.

The study also shows that businesses with more than 1000 employees are relying more on trade shows and print advertising. But compared to businesses with up to 100 employees they use less website optimization, email marketing, paid search – PPC marketing, social media and search engine optimization SEO.

B2B Marketing Benchmark Report

There is nothing wrong to use tactics that work. But it is a failure to not develop those tactics to improve them to be more productive in the today’s technology opportunities.

To reach the today’s B2B buyer you need to be there where they are. It is a proven fact that B2B business can be initiated through personal meetings on a trade shows. Also it is a proven fact that B2B business can be initiated through connections in social media. Now calculate which way is more cost effective!?

The graphic above shows a big difference between the up to hundred employees firms compared to the more than thousand employees firms. This could be that the smaller firms need to be more cost effective with their marketing than the larger ones. And therefore they use any creative way to get in touch with their target audience.

Here is the competitive advantage where small businesses can get market shares from the big ones but for the fraction of their costs.

A recent study from HubSpot shows that: “Companies Relying on Online Lead Generation Are 2X More Profitable [Data]”.

Smaller businesses can increase their online activities through inbound marketing. An MIT Sloan Study found out that inbound marketing has a proven 62% less cost per lead and up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.

Download the study here: ROI of HubSpot: An MIT & Babson Joint Study

ROI of HubSpot: An MIT & Babson Joint Study

Inbound marketing is the marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer.

With inbound marketing businesses earn their way to the customer, by publishing helpful information on a blog, in social media and forums.

Inbound marketing includes Blogging, Social Media, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing and Closed-Loop Analysis.

Inbound marketing increases brand reach and recognition, makes a business stand out of their competition and increase your customers and sales.

Increase in Visitors

Marketing tip: Small businesses should focus on lead generation online. The best way to attract target buyer persona is to produce, publish, distribute and market content on the web. This can be done through a corporate blog, eBooks, whitepapers, pictures, video, social media conversations, blog commenting, press releases and by building further digital content epitomized outposts like Squidoo.

—What do you think about B2B online lead generation?


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The pros and cons of promoted Tweets

More and more advertising money is shifting to social networks. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer various opportunities to advertise a company targeted to their audience.

promoted tweets

Twitter announced to start displaying promoted tweets in user streams. Twitter is also planning to release a self-service platform later this year. Facebook and LinkedIn already have self-service platforms where business can showcase their brand message, products and services.

Pros of paid advertising

Paid advertising allows you to place your ad there where your community is so that you reach this community instantly. You save time because you do not need to develop relationships and do interaction with people. But this will not instantly led your business to a loyal customer base.


  • Instantly visible: You are instantly visible as long as you want to be and with the keywords you have chosen.
  • Keywords control: you have your keywords under control and choose which to use and which not.
  • Flexible budget: You can start paid as with any budget.
  • Cheap: As it customizable you can choose how much and how long you want to spend.
  • Measurable results: You can track your spending and your results. Lead to customer quote, etc. and have a good picture of your returns.
  • Wide reach: you can instantly reach a wide user base of millions who are already looking for products and services you also have to offer.
  • Quick: You can set up a paid ads campaign very quick.
  • Target your location: When you are a local business it makes more sense to target your local area. With paid ads you are in full control that should see your advertisement.
  • Time frame: You can set the start and the end of any campaign. You are not obligated on long term agreements.
  • Mobile: As more people are on their favorite social networks though their mobile devices, you can also reach them through paid ads.


Cons of paid advertising

As you have no relationship with your audience in these communities where you place your ads, it can become difficult to attract them to your business even if your ads are fancy. Only a good relationship to your target audience leads you to a loyal customer base in the long term.


  • You can’t buy authority: Even ifyou have a high ad budget; you do not have the relationship and authority to your audience.
  • You can’t buy credibility: Through paid ads you get seen but when they visit your website. What will they find? Is there anything what can increase trust and credibility?
  • Paid traffic costs money: As long as you want results out of paid traffic you need to do paid advertising. In the moment you stop, your constant stream of leads will stop instantly as it has begun!
  • Keywords battles: As you are not the only person who understands the opportunities of paid ads, others will also try to get the most popular keywords. A keywords battle begins and prices for those keywords increase massively! So a single click to your website can cost you a large sum of money! And there is no guarantee that this click will convert into a lead or in a paying customer!
  • Brand recognition: As you buy your audiences attention through paid ads you can imagine they will not be very willing to listen to what you have to say. This could let you look like a lazy and budget oriented company without a personal face. So your brand could suffer!

Marketing Takeaway Tipp: Paid ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer various opportunities to advertise a company targeted to their audience. Paid ads should be used in a context of a clear marketing strategy which includes blogging, social media and social web marketing, premium content creation and real time marketing and PR. Only than paid advertising can serve you as a valuable source of new business leads an customers!

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12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence

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Old school marketing vs. inbound marketing

You have established a corporate blog and you write remarkable content and you distribute it through various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some more.

You are also active in Foursquare and have set your place in Google places.

http://aldiazjr.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/old-school.jpgYou are commenting on Twitter, industry related blogs and forums and you have established great relationships to your audience and industry related bloggers.

You have also set a lead generation and lead nurturing process successfully and you generate real revenue out of your efforts, right?

I am really proud of you! But do you really think this is all you can do?

And here is the problem! You are satisfied with your results and you do not go further.

You simply stoped your efforts to look further and to go the extra mile!

In the times before internet, social media hype and inbound marketing strategy businesses used to do trade shows, cold calling, writing and sending out sales letters to their audience and doing industry related magazine ads.

We have learned that these strategies do not offer any valuable opportunity to get measured and to calculate any ROI.

You do not need to do these strategies mentioned above.

But there are further opportunities to get seen from your target audience. Maybe you should take a closer look to business directory listings, Trade Magazines, PPC and Social Media behavioral marketing.

Some sources you could take a closer look to, to reach more of your target audience and generate more leads.

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Why to do Search Engine Advertising with Top SEO Companies?

Today’s business demands keen observation and concentration.
If you want to face this competitive platform of business you need to do hard work and implement various strategies to become successful.
Likely, you can make use of advertising strategy to make your website easily available to others.
SEO CompaniesAdvertising is one of the elements of marketing tactics
If your goal is to increase your search engine traffic then increase your visibility of your website through advertisement strategy which comes under one of the technique of search engine optimization.
Increasing the traffic and catalyzing the search engine rating is an art and a step by step methodology.
At the same time you need to figure out a rapid index in the popular search engines like Google, yahoo and msn etc. making use of some professional search engine optimization company’s which can provide you search engine optimization services to enhance your sites visibility and rating.
Link building services
Inbound links definitely increases the traffic but it is also necessary for a website to procure quality links than quantity of links. You can take help of a search engine optimization company which can assist your site with quality links. This will instigate the users to discover your site.
Optimization services
Top search engine optimization companies can provide you methodical, relevant and ethical optimization techniques which can increase traffic to your website. Whether it is about your keyword, the content, Meta tags or flash design, you will enormously receive a proper aid in your website design through these companies.
You can expect long term or short term search engine services with lasting delivery of quality. There are comprehensive and affordable search engine optimization packages from top search engine optimization companies which help you in developing your website and you need to select a company carefully.

Decrease your marketing budgets
Without proper planning, it is very difficult to optimize your marketing strategies. Marketing experts help in identifying the right marketing strategy for business online.

Marketing take away Tip: Marketing and SEO experts play a major role in optimizing your marketing strategies. Get the right marketing strategy that suits your needs and bring more profits for business online.
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Glass House: Or How To Analyze Your Business

Social media provides an opportunity to sell products and services online and offline. These services can be B2B services and B2C services. Though the main conceptualization is to sell goods, there are different approaches for B2B services and that for B2C services.

Clicky, facebook social media, Google analytics, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, linkedin, marketing analytics, twitter for marketing, WoopraSome of the hurdles which are generally seen by marketing executives in B2B market are how to generate leads from social media for B2B services.

Some of the basic social media strategies that can provide efficient lead generation are given below which mostly work for any kind of services.

Examining and Understanding Online Analytics
First step for any company is to analyze and understand the online data which can help them in optimizing their marketing strategies and social media pipe line.

There are many analytic available in Internet which can be installed in your website to analyze the studies. Some of the best analytic tools are Google Analytics, Woopra and Clicky.

Developing Infrastructure and Strategic Content
Before starting your social media marketing for any service, make sure you have developed a good content and good lead capture pages. Otherwise all your social media marketing efforts will go in vain.

Content is king and this should be the primary target for any company.

Good content and well developed website are stepping stones for good marketing. For developing content, there should be sufficient infrastructure to identify content and prioritize your lead capture pages.

Establishing Proper Back End Data
Data that is received from leads should be properly established and maintained according to categories. It should be identified that leads coming from different marketing strategies should be ordered so that it is easy to gain more leads from similar offers.

Managing Social Communities
Managing social communities is one of the important strategies that provide quality leads for your company. Especially your website should have facebook fan pages, integrated with LinkedIn and Twitter.

This increases more possibilities of leads from social communities.

Establishing an Autopsy
Your plans should have definite goals and also an autopsy should be scheduled at the end of each goal. Because autopsy is the main thing which stakeholders discuss when talking about the success and brand image of the company.

Social Media B2B lead generation is the most powerful and provides quicker lead generation compared to tradition B2B lead generation.

For more information related to social media and

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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