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Old school marketing vs. inbound marketing

You have established a corporate blog and you write remarkable content and you distribute it through various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some more.

You are also active in Foursquare and have set your place in Google places. are commenting on Twitter, industry related blogs and forums and you have established great relationships to your audience and industry related bloggers.

You have also set a lead generation and lead nurturing process successfully and you generate real revenue out of your efforts, right?

I am really proud of you! But do you really think this is all you can do?

And here is the problem! You are satisfied with your results and you do not go further.

You simply stoped your efforts to look further and to go the extra mile!

In the times before internet, social media hype and inbound marketing strategy businesses used to do trade shows, cold calling, writing and sending out sales letters to their audience and doing industry related magazine ads.

We have learned that these strategies do not offer any valuable opportunity to get measured and to calculate any ROI.

You do not need to do these strategies mentioned above.

But there are further opportunities to get seen from your target audience. Maybe you should take a closer look to business directory listings, Trade Magazines, PPC and Social Media behavioral marketing.

Some sources you could take a closer look to, to reach more of your target audience and generate more leads.

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