Glass House: Or How To Analyze Your Business

Social media provides an opportunity to sell products and services online and offline. These services can be B2B services and B2C services. Though the main conceptualization is to sell goods, there are different approaches for B2B services and that for B2C services.

Clicky, facebook social media, Google analytics, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, linkedin, marketing analytics, twitter for marketing, WoopraSome of the hurdles which are generally seen by marketing executives in B2B market are how to generate leads from social media for B2B services.

Some of the basic social media strategies that can provide efficient lead generation are given below which mostly work for any kind of services.

Examining and Understanding Online Analytics
First step for any company is to analyze and understand the online data which can help them in optimizing their marketing strategies and social media pipe line.

There are many analytic available in Internet which can be installed in your website to analyze the studies. Some of the best analytic tools are Google Analytics, Woopra and Clicky.

Developing Infrastructure and Strategic Content
Before starting your social media marketing for any service, make sure you have developed a good content and good lead capture pages. Otherwise all your social media marketing efforts will go in vain.

Content is king and this should be the primary target for any company.

Good content and well developed website are stepping stones for good marketing. For developing content, there should be sufficient infrastructure to identify content and prioritize your lead capture pages.

Establishing Proper Back End Data
Data that is received from leads should be properly established and maintained according to categories. It should be identified that leads coming from different marketing strategies should be ordered so that it is easy to gain more leads from similar offers.

Managing Social Communities
Managing social communities is one of the important strategies that provide quality leads for your company. Especially your website should have facebook fan pages, integrated with LinkedIn and Twitter.

This increases more possibilities of leads from social communities.

Establishing an Autopsy
Your plans should have definite goals and also an autopsy should be scheduled at the end of each goal. Because autopsy is the main thing which stakeholders discuss when talking about the success and brand image of the company.

Social Media B2B lead generation is the most powerful and provides quicker lead generation compared to tradition B2B lead generation.

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