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How to loose in social media? Just talk about yourself!

If you like many other out there talk about yourself in social media than you miss a great opportunity to be recognized as an interesting source of information.

Imagine you are on a cocktail party! And one guy stands with a group of people and start involve in the conversation. Then you understand that this person is only talking about himself. What would you think?

Yeah, you are right!

You would think this guy has no social behavior and this guy is doing shameless self promotion. Instead of sharing something his community cares about!

If you don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation, than you should keep your thoughts for yourself!

If you want to be accepted by a community and earn their trust, become something like an Trust Agent, like Chris Brogan has described in his homonymous book, you have to listen first and then, and only then if you have come up with some fresh angle, you can do a smart review to the conversation.

You can make or break the communities trust! Shameless self promotion is no marketing!

Social media is there to connect on a more personal basis. Be personal and share advice, promote other people, and ultimately learn from others. To gain authority shares your personal perspectives to your communities.

Just be yourself instead of only talking about yourself!

First you have to earn the communities trust, than you can carefully start promoting because people will be curious about you.

The more personality, restraint and expertise you show, the less you talk about yourself, the more authority and trust you will gain with your communities!

How do you promote and do you think self promotion woks? I am curious to read your opinion. Your comment is appreciated!

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