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video conferencing, video meeting, web meetings, virtual meetings, web event,real estateGlobal Purveyors + Marketers in the Real Estate realm are plentiful on the Internet. They market avidly on the Internet + on the Social Media sites

So what sets them apart ?

I would say the key factor in attracting Buyers on the Internet, is in the Marketing Techniques + Strategies they use + implement. Being one step ahead of the pack is key, as well as being up to speed with all that Technology has to offer

In addition, they should also be aware of where things are headed

And where are things headed ? VIDEO + MOBILE – It’s that simple !

Facts :

· Google loves Video !
· Cisco predict there will be a 10 fold increase in the use of Video over the next 5 years
· Internet Video traffic is now 40% of consumer internet
· People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see
· Video is the single, most effective form of Communication
· Additional creative marketing platforms are constantly being sought
· ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective

Let’s look at two effective marketing tools the Real Estate market would do well to consider implementing in their marketing mix –


What is a Video Conference / Webinar ?

1. This online technology is often misunderstood by ‘newbies’ to technology, as it is called by many names – a Video Conference, a Web Conference, an Online Video Meeting or a Webinar – The are all the same thing

2. Simply put, it is an highly effective, browser based, simple to use virtual Video Meeting Room, where, at the click of a button with a link, you are able to host large or small online meetings with people locally or globally, to connect, communicate and collaborate

3. Many have not yet fully embraced the power of this technology, perhaps for fear of losing ‘the personal’ touch or the ‘face to face’ meeting scenario. However, we cannot stop progress and this is where things are headed if you want to see it

The Benefits of using Video Conferencing

1. This technology could be perceived as an adjunct marketing platform, or an additional marketing tool to what is already in place

2. The marketplace has become global and this technology enables purveyors to go global with ease

3. ‘Going green’ is what the world is advocating + what better way to save on time, energy, airfares, hotel accommodation, increase productivity and ultimately save money, than by hosting meetings, trainings, launches etc online

4. Access to Online Video Meetings is now available on most ‘smart phones’, Pads + Iphones, so meetings + negotiations can conveniently be held from a coffee shop, the beach – What a bonus !

5. Some are saying it is the ‘new’ Business Card

General features of Video Conferencing :

1. Showcase, Attract + drive more people to your business
2. Share Powerpoint presentations, Ideas, Videos, Photos, your Desktop
3. Show Websites
4. Review Contracts or Documents in a safe and secure environment
5. Use the White boarding feature, with interactive tools, like drawing + highlighting, to make it simpler for your attendees to collaborate with you

Creative Uses of Video Conferencing

1. Webinar Series
Develop a series of Webinars pertinent to your industry over a number of weeks, with content relevant to your clients or prospects. In this space, you can educate and demonstrate the value of your products or services. Specialist Guest Speakers always add value

2.Announcements, New Mandates or Property Developments
Using this technology as a broadcasting platform, invite your contacts, industry analysts, clients + prospects. Elevate the level of conversation by inviting specialists in your audience to answer questions + provide input

3.Guest Speakers
People perceive you differently when they know where you are coming from – let’s look at one example

o Reducing your carbon footprint

Attract people by hosting a Video Conference, selecting a relevant + current ’green’ subject matter, with the added attraction of a Guest Speaker, who should be a well-known expert or specialist in that particular field. Your Guest Speaker will – in their own right add value + easily attract a large audience – Everyone benefits

Now let us look at the second effective OnLine Marketing Tool

B Vmail – The new Email

Extraordinary results can be achieved using this technology. Video Email can change the world + the way we communicate Vmail by Vmail

1. People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see
2. Video is the single, most effective form of communication
3. Additional creative marketing platforms are constantly being sought
4. ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective
5. People spend 8 seconds reading a static text email, but retain 85% of what they see in a Video
6. Static text emails are easy to ignore, and at their best give a customer only the vaguest notion of what your business really values
7. People simply don’t have the time today to read screeds of text and barely get past the third line, before deleting, without ever grasping the gist of the message that is trying to be conveyed

So what is a Vmail ?

· It is simple to use, online, browser based technology, which enables you to create your own personal Vmails
· Most technology platforms allow 20 minutes of talktime, which is more than adequate to impart your message
· Additional videos may also be uploaded into the Vmail
· No software downloads are necessary
· VMail opens on the Internet at the click of a button
· Most Vmail purveyors allow full integration with the social networks to share on YouTube, Facebook, etc

Creative uses of Vmail

1. Develop professional VIDEOS on virtual tours of all your mandates + developments – Make this ongoing – It’s powerful
2. Prospects get to see + get a feel of what you have on offer
3. Integrate your various Videos into Vmails + include your virtual tours + send to your select niche markets – This will give you the edge

Why use Video Email ?

VMail –
1. Is the new Email !
2. Is the future + where things are headed
3. Goes hand in hand with Online Video Meetings
4. Is Different, more Powerful, Personal, Effective +Creative
5. Has more Impact + grabs the Customer’s Attention
6. Enables you to literally look into your contact’s eyes + develop a relationship with that person, engaging them on a level that is simply not possible with a static text email
7. Enables voice resonance on a subliminal level
8. Can replace static text emails, which are easy to ignore and, at their best, give a customer only the vaguest notion of what your business or craft really values

Vmail USES are endless :
Vmail can be used for – All aspects of Business, Product launches, Company Profiles, Product or Service info, Invitations, Responses, Announcements, Special Occasions

Creating a Vmail is simple+ great fun !
1. Using a Webcam or Video Camera, record your message
2. Incorporate your own marketing Videos or appropriate Video content from YouTube or other
3. Use the Template feature available in most Vmail systems –
o Most Vmail systems will allow you to create your own personal template, using your own art or photos, or
o Choose a template from 100’s of designs available with most systems
4. Most VMail systems will automatically add your contact information
5. You can also add images or hyperlinks to other websites
6. Use a Contact Manager, available in most Vmail systems, to manage all your Contacts –
o Import all your contacts from your phone, email and PC into one spot
o Organize your Contacts alphabetically or in Groups
o Select + send to any number of your contacts using a Contact Manager
7. Use the campaign scheduling feature, if available in your selected system, to send right away, or schedule for a time + date in the future

The future is here – Embrace it !


1cdc3d1 HEALING online with VIDEO Heather de Wit considers herself to be an ‘out of the box’ thinker and is happy to share her knowledge on the merits of utilising Video Email and Conferencing/Webinars. Her experience as a sole Entrepreneur for over 20 years spans marketing, advertising and PR.  She enjoys creative writing, singing at functions and is a self-taught artist.


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