Twitter Focus On Quality Than On Quantity

attract more customers, inbound marketing, social media marketing, social networks, twitter for marketingTwitter is one of the most active social communities that have millions of visitors to their website every day. Twitter gives the opportunity to develop your own followers and also improve more visitors for your business needs. Twitter mainly focus on quality rather than on quantity which made it a successful social community compared to other sites.

No other site has become as popular as twitter does and it is obvious due to  its beauty of allowing followers for a business or person.

Twitter offers different services for organizations and companies in Internet to establish and market their products online. Companies can promote and establish leads from twitter by publishing their offers and links through the 160 word twitter tweets. One might have a question why Twitter is allowing only 140 characters for your tweet if other social communities give complete pages to display what is in the users mind.

Inspite of this we find twitter as most successful social community when compared to other social communities. The only answer for this is the quality of material that is provided by twitter users in the tweets. One can only be productive if they provide quality tweets and get good number of followers.

Tips for Productive and Quality Tweeting

The best way to organize and improve twitter followers for your business is to manage your tweets. While tweeting you should be in an idea about who are your targeted customers for your business and tweets.

When your company offers a b2b services, then real focus of your tweets should be on buyer or person who might be interested in your product or service. Tweets also should be mainly concentrating on these customers and how to bring more customers in to your business. Best way is to advertise your lead capture pages and attract more customers for your products. Don’t waste your valuable tweet space as it is precious in Twitter.

Doing this you will get quality tweeting for your b2b services.

When you sell b2c services, then there is wide list available for you and you are in position to invite any body for your business. There are chances to enhance your list and use the power of social media networking to bring more customers to your business. B2c services can be implemented more easily than b2b services which concentrate on particular group of people or community.

The other aspect what is to be taken care while tweeting is to identify the geographical location for your tweets. When you are planning to improve and sell in local market, you should be quite focussed in promoting your products. When you think in a global aspect, you can invite all your followers from social communities who can reach you globally. This gives more possibility for increasing sales and staying ahead of your competitors.

This is what is expected to high quality tweeting and boosting your sales from twitter.

For more information regarding quality focus on twitter and productive tweeting, visit the links given below

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No Fan Page? Your Competitor Appreciate This

Some month ago there has been information that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will ad search results from social media.

If you are actually engaged in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and News Websites you have increased your chances to get found through the search engines and suddenly appear in front of your potential customer.

Google launched their real time search in December 2009 and is providing real time information from Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Blogs, News Websites, and further important and trending sources. Google also added MySpace Updates and Facebook and Facebook Pages. Google rival Bing includes public Facebook profiles, which Google does not actually.

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Facebook Fan Page, blogging, facebook social media, Fan Page, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing

Conclusion: If you are in social media, you can be directly in front of your potential customer. If not, a competitor will appreciate your hesitation.

Watch the video how to set up a Facebook Fan Page.

Do you have a Facebook Account? Than go for it and register one, now! And if you have no Fan Page actually than set up one.

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3 Social Media Advantages For Your Business

facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, linkedin, social media marketing, twitter for marketingSocial media networking sites are active websites which has millions of users all over the world. It is acting as a platform to build relationships with people all around the world. Hence business enterprises started making use of this social media networking sites as one of their strategy of marketing their products with an objective to turn down the users as customers for their products .

What do you get from social media?

You generally get more number of links, traffic to your website and hence there is a chance of visitors converting to your customers. By the number of quality links you develop in your site, you get a chance of improving the search rankings of your site as well.

Likely, the 3 main advantages of social media for your Business are:

1. Rapid growth of using Social media networks by the users now made available in mobiles also:
Because of the rapid growth of the social media networks all over the world and with the increase of millions of users every day now the business organization observed the need to attract their customers. They made it as feature of mobile in order to attract the customer’s thus increasing number of users for their networks.

1.1. Now the companies are allowing social media networking sites as refreshment session for their employees:
In earlier days, most of the organizations used to block the social media networking sites because they thought that it might divert the minds of their employees. But now they are allowing them as a part of refreshment session for their employees.

2. Business Networks Surge as Economic Crisis Continues

As the social media networks comprises of millions of users working in different areas and usually the unemployed people make use of these networking sites in getting a job or work by building a good relationship with the people of these sites. Business organizations make use of these sites by announcing discounts, free gifts for the users of the social media as a part of their advertising and marketing campaigns.

3. People are making use of social media while purchasing products to know the opinion

Now public are also making use of this social media to collect the information regarding the products and services of the organization when they are about to make any purchases. Hence now the organizations are also listening and observing the people and reacting quickly to their queries and problems in order to maintain good image in the global market and also to bring new customers for their products.

Hence, there are many advantages for business organizations from the social media networking sites and it is also low investment promotional strategy for their products. These social media sites allow business to be exposed to millions of users all over the world and a business organizations can be successful in its this marketing strategy when it utilizes these sites up to optimum level.

You can find more advantages of social media from the below links:
Seattle  Business Journal
Social Media Marketing As Advantage For Your Business

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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6 Tips for Social Media Marketing And Time Management

web site re design, social media science, internet marketing site, internet marketing leads, top 10 seo companies, lead tracking, attract more customers, lead generation social mediaTime management:
Everybody knows how time plays a vital role in day to day life for each and every living being in this beautiful and busy world. Time cannot be set back at any cost and hence time, needs to be managed well. Hence the word time management is becoming Buzz word for human beings.

Human beings can be successful in their life when they schedule their tasks in a proper manner by planning their time according to the tasks. Hence planning of time paves the way for success in achieving the goals or tasks.

Social Media Marketing and Time management:
Now days, Social Media Marketing has become one of the prominent marketing strategy and is being applied by most of the organizations in order to attract customers and increase their profits and business.

Planning becomes successful when they know why they are using it:
Businesses are of various types. There may be different reasons in opting social media marketing because some business organizations will be concentrating on brand value, increasing sales, providing online discounts and attracting customers, media of world, for feedback etc. Hence there may be various reasons for opting social media marketing and hence there should be clarity while making use of social media marketing which makes scheduling of tasks in time.

Here are the 6 Tips for Social Media Marketing And Time Management

1. Know what you want from social media and plan according to it:
You have to concentrate on writing your blog or website with good content and keywords. If your objective is sales /marketing of your products, you can make use of social media networking sites like facebook, linkedin, twitter for finding customers of your products as it consists of millions of active users from all over the world. Hence identifying what you need from social media is very important.

2. Make use of tools:
Managing tools in a proper manner will help in completing the tasks on time. For example if you are unable to remain updated every day, then you can make use of tools which can be able to save posts as drafts and can be scheduled to publish this posts on the prescribed dates and it will publish on that particular dates. In this way you can even remain updated everyday by making use of these tools.

3. Always search for the hot topics that create interest in readers:
Attracting and building relationship with the readers is the main objective behind social media marketing. For building good number of followers, you should make use of various RSS feeds for identifying good topics to discuss and by following this, you can hold good number of followers for your page.

4. Upload videos and audios of your products and listen to them carefully:
By uploading videos and audios in the process of explaining the working of your products and describing their features and services helps in increasing number of customers for your product in a very short period of time. Spare some time for your customers by understanding what they are expecting from your organization so that this works like a feedback.

5. Make social media as a platform to build relationship rather than expecting guaranteed customers:
As social media is a platform for millions of users, organizations can be introduced which helps in increasing brand image of the organization and ultimately it gives rise to new customers. Hence building relationship through social media should be in a friendly manner rather than commercial and can be treated as future investment.

6. Never forget social media is not free for business organizations:
As the business organizations invest various resources like finance, human, marketing and valuable time, try to make decisions basing on what you really need from the social media which is also termed as return on investment (ROI). Accordingly you have to categorize your time to these type of activities.

To conclude social media activities can be managed by implying strategic planning and by exactly knowing what you are expecting from the social media. This helps in proper implementation and integration of social media for your business needs.

Some other good articles related to social media are given below

  1. Social Media and Time Management
  2. Social Media and Time Management
  3. Social media and time management

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ComScore: Social Media to Displace Traditional Media acts as a mediator for transferring information or messages provided by the various organizations or government etc to the public.

As media plays a vital role in transferring these messages, many business organizations make use of it because most of the public follow it.

Likely there are two types of media that are playing in prominent role in market. They are traditional media which is nothing but print and electronic media and other is social media which comes under various activities taking place on the internet.

Major differences between the social media and traditional media

Freedom of expressing the views by the public on both media:
Social media is the media where public have full freedom to express their views, opinions, ideas regarding products of any particular company where as in the case of traditional media; there is no such position for the public to express their opinions.

Finding customers for their products from all over the world is easy through social media than traditional media:
As social media is the platform for millions of users from all over the world, business organizations can find their customers easily through the social networking sites rather than traditional media which only have the chance to approach to particular part of customers.

Investment made on social media is less compared to traditional media:
Investment made on social media like making a website or blog and regular posting on it can be made available for the customer whenever he needs it whereas in traditional media there will be no such chance and investment requirements are also high.

Social media networking sites are globalized tools:
Internet is becoming the globalized tool for business organizations all over the world. Social media networking sites gained more importance in gathering users from all over the world. Hence business organizations paved their way to these sites in order to attract more customers and increase their sales aswell as brand value of the organization.

Though social media is more attracted by the business organizations and by the customers and public, traditional media has its own importance in approaching public as both are given equal importance by the public.

In previous days Traditional media used to reach customers first. But with upcoming of  the latest social media developments, public wants and can easily find the latest information on social media by them self. They are not willing or dependent to give their attention to  disturbing advertising strategies anymore!

For more articles related to social media displacing traditional media, visit the links given below
Will Social editing displace traditional media?
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Top Trends in 2010 for Strategic Social Network use

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How Twitter Is Helpful As Free Traffic Source?

social media marketing, social media strategy, social networks, Twitter Followers, twitter for marketing, twitter tipsTwitter is a social networking site which has become a platform for online business.

Twitter is the place where the people of different countries share their opinions, ideas, beliefs, information and make new friends by participating in various activities of twitter like responding to the tweets, become followers of other sites etc.

Hence Twitter has become one of the best networking sites among all the social networking sites and it has millions of users all around the world.

There are hundreds of twitter tools available in market which gives an idea of its publicity in market.

social media marketing, social media strategy, social networks, traffic, twitter, Twitter Followers, twitter for marketing, twitter tips

How it has become the platform for making business?

Business needs customers and Customers need best quality product according to their expectations, desires and needs. Now world has been Globalized and Global market has open doors for the business organizations to make customers all around the world.

The main motto of the global market is to reach every customer in the world with the same price and quality of the product without any mediators so that it will be helpful to expand their business all around the world and improve brand image among the people. Hence Internet marketing has become the source for business organizations to find and make new customers all around the world.

Twitter As Your FREE Traffic Source

Twitter is a social networking site which has millions of users and hence many business organizations are trying to find and make new customers through twitter. There are many options in twitter to provide efficient information about products by companies for their customers. Tweeting is one of the most familiar and most used parts of twitter.

In twitter, business organizations are making use of millions of users of twitter by productive tweeting and optimal usage of twitter tools. Simple way to improve customers is to develop network of followers and then share important updates about their companies business and products. This also helps for finding new customers for their products by exposing their business to millions of users on this networking site and hence it makes good profit for the business organizations.

Latest tools in Twitter are user friendly and hence by regular tweeting and a good tweet brings huge traffic to their websites. Twitter is now powerful traffic source for some major companies which mostly rely in social media networking sites for attracting new customers. Hence twitter helps business organizations to decrease their marketing budgets and increase their ROI through social media marketing and twitter marketing.

For more information on twitter as your traffic source visit the links given below
Get free traffic from twitter
Free Twitter traffic tips

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4 Reasons Why Blocking Social Media Can Take Your Business Down!

inbound marketing, internet marketing consultants, search engine marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comSocial media has become a networking place for business as well as making friends. Some companies believe that allowing the access of social networking sites in their companies may divert the minds of employees which may lead to the wastage of valuable working hours of their companies.

Hence most of the organizations try to keep away their employees from these sites and block social media networking sites.

They also fear of losing the reputation of their company if their employees misguide the world about the working environment of their organization which can impact on the brand of the organization. But they don’t know that blocking social media in their company can take their business down.

Some of the reasons which might lead to this situation are given below:

1. Companies are avoiding the refreshment time of the employee:
Everyone likes to take a break from their work for a period of few minutes even the companies’ tries to create good working environment for their employees in order to make up their minds and work efficiently and effectively. Now a day’s social media networking sites has been a refreshment area, where employees can take a break from their work by tweeting and connecting to their friends. But blocking social media networking sites may disturb the employees this shows an negative impact on the productivity of the organization.

2. Responsible employee knows his duties and responsibilities of his job:
Organizations believe that allowing social media networking sites may waste the time of working hours of their employees in chatting or tweeting with people on those sites. But a responsible employee knows his responsibilities towards the job and never tries to avoid the work and but a irresponsible person who wastes the time always tries to avoid his work some or the other way and access of social media networking sites may not be the proper reason.

3. If you do not allow you are losing brand image of your company before the world:
As the social networking site connects throughout the world, having an access may help in developing new bsuiness and brand image of the organization. By allowing the employees accessing the sites they can explain the working environment condition of their organization and also can be able to describe about the products of the organization.

4. Some technical problems in the work place can be solved by connecting to the networking sites:
As the networking sites connects with the people and hence if any employee wants to find out a solution to a problem then he can simply connect to those sites and hence can easily sort out the problem which helps in reaching the objectives of the organization.

Hence, companies should avoid blocking these social networking sites in the organization. They can avoid and block the adult sites and sites which generally spam so that management can gain trust of the employees towards the organization and also helps in building a good relationship between the employees as well as management.

This also motivates employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

For more information related to social media blocking in companies and its disadvantages visit the links given below

Why companies shouldn’t block social media in work place
Social Networking advantages and risks

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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6 Points To Measure Social Media ROI

facebook social media, Flickr, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, linkedin, ROI, social media marketing, social media strategy, social networks, twitter for marketingBusiness organizations invest their resources in social media networking sites for attracting new customers towards their products.

They use different methods for attracting customers from social media networking sites like announcing various discounts, gifts etc, which works as an efficient strategy in social media networking. So it is necessary for organization to measure ROI from social media.

Necessary to find out Return on Investment:

Business organizations should remember to calculate the ROI which is nothing but return on investment while in the process of following some marketing strategies to analyze whether it is bringing profit or loss for their organizations.

Hence, even though social media networking is free and gaining popularity, it also includes involvement of resources of the organizations which include time, human, financial, marketing etc in to it. Hence it is necessary to measure the return on investment while investing the most important resources like time and finance.

6 Points to Measure Social Media ROI:

1. Investment bringing Profit or loss:
Though social media networking is free and easy, it costs for the organization as it involves time, money, men, machine etc. Hence one should analyze the return on investment for their organizations. Here is the simple way to calculate the return on investment.

Return on investment = Total profit – Investment
____________________ = Number of times on your investment

Total investment

2. Making list of customers:
It is necessary to make a list of customers to find out which marketing campaign attracted that customer towards their products. In short, what made the customer to purchase their products is the main concern here.

3. Make sure which marketing campaigns are bringing profit:
Inbound and Outbound marketing are the two sources for marketing any product. Online activities come under inbound marketing whereas outbound marketing relates to advertising through print and electronic media etc. Hence it is essential to make sure that which is making more profit for their organizations.

4. Track the list of new customers by preparing lists:
Preparing a list of new customers for the products purchased through these social networking campaigns will show results whether they are bringing new customers to their products so that it can be analyzed to maintain their online activities more efficiently.

5. Exposure to new products and expand business:
If the social media networking brings profits you can make a list of customers of your products, to analyze which type of products are attracting more customers , which age group are purchasing etc. This data will be helpful in introducing products with better quality and more features and also introducing new products.

6. Social media networking as a future investment:
Social media networking helps in building relationship with customers and increasing the brand value of the company by exposing to millions of users on the site. Hence one can term social media networking as one of the powerful tools and also acts an future investment by attracting more and more customers for their business.

For more information on social media roi visit the links given below

Social Media roi
Social media roi
Social Media Roi from Dell

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Where Is The ROI From Social Media?

Main Motto of social media
Main motto of Social media networking sites is to connect with people at different parts of the world by taking the advantage of Internet. Later as social media networking gained popularity, Business enterprises started making use of these social media networking sites as one of the online strategy for making business with their users.

facebook social media, Flickr, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, linkedin, ROI, social media marketing, social media strategy, social networks, twitter for marketingSocial Media as Platform for Business
Social media is not treated as free service by the business organizations:

Though social media is free service solely intended for developing social networking, business organizations never think it as free because they invest financial resources, technical as well as human resources in to this process for promoting their business products.

Some of the best ways are like giving discounts, gifts to the people who purchase through their site etc. Hence it is not free for organizations as it involves some resources and hence it expects some ROI.

What type of ROI can be expected by the business organization on social Media?
Some of the guaranteed return on investment (ROI) for the business organizations will be Brand image, can easily provide service to their customers, can collect valuable feedback from their customers, Increase of new customers for their business, Introduction of new products and services to their customers etc.

These benefits when put together make social media networking a crucial player in business networking.

Information Published on social media reaches the world in Minutes:
Business enterprises should not forget that the information through social media can reach the world easily than any other type of media. As now days due to the growing popularity of social media, mobile companies are also designing mobiles with an application of accessing social media on mobiles in order to attract customers. Hence there is huge growth of social media that can be expected in coming years.

What does business organization do for ROI on social media?
Some of the statistics that can help business organizations are:

1.How many visitors are turning into customers for their products.

2. Collecting the people information who visits their websites also called visitor analytics.

3. Analyzing the investment and changing the strategy to increase the Return on investment.

4. What strategy should be followed to attract new customers?

5. Finally able to decide for what purpose people are visiting their site either for information or purchasing or for services so that the organization can take a decision on further involvement towards their business on social media.

Hence, ROI for the business organizations can be in the form of Increase in Brand image among the world, Increase of customers and also it can be in the form of valuable feedback from customers.

For more on social media visit the links given below

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Social media roi

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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6 Ways To Get Found By Customers Online

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comInternet business online is full of competition and there is very much need for your website to get found by customers to get back your sales. One good way to get found by customers online is through social media marketing which is one of the predominant marketing strategies that are in market now days.

To get our website in top pages of major search engines needs good number of links for our website. This makes our websie to be in top pages of search engines which allows them to get our products very easily.

6 ways to get found by customer online

Some of the methods which help us finding very easily are

1 Upgrading content in our website

Our website should meet the expectations and standards of our customers. It should be user friendly and needs constant up gradation. Load time of our pages should be quick and down time should be negligible. Title of our website and keywords are to be appropriate and customers should easily find our website in search engines with their keywords. Content in our website should be appropriate as per our niche.

2 Know contact information of customers

By knowing the information of your customers, we can constantly update them about the latest offers and promotions. Contact information can be achieved by developing lead capture pages for your business which are mostly used to capture customer information.

3 Providing Online service

This is another service which we can be provided to customers to resolve their queries regarding products. If it is not possible to reply immediately we can give our information to send a mail and we have to respond promptly. Comments page should be maintained to be open for the comments from your customers and visitors for your website. This can make a difference with your competitors.

4 Reviews of your website and products

By considering the reviews of the products along with the customers as well as staff makes the product improve more and earn more customers.

5 Enrolling our website in major search engines and social communities

It is important to get our website recognized in major search engines and social communities like twitter, face book etc. customers should reach us by Google maps learn more information about our website through online.

6 Constant Monitoring of your business and customers

By considering the growing trends in the market that is nothing but change in the tastes, preferences of the customers and watching what the other competitors of your business doing what type of strategies they are making to get found by may also show impact on the way found by the customers.

Learn more about getting recognized by customers online through these articles
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Ways to get valuable feedback from your website visitors and customers
Six ways to become available online

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4 Easy Tips To Overcome Competition

inbound marketing agency, generate more leads, generate more revenue, inblurbs.comIn this competitive Internet world, for any business organization profit maximization and customer satisfaction are the main motto of their business.

With growing trends and advancements in the business, they follow different marketing strategies for promoting their products and reaching out for their customers. Likely, competition is also increasing among the organizations both domestically as well as globally.

Hence there should be a steady watch on our competitors for improving standards of our business and retaining our customers. Effective analytical tools, SEO optimized tools are to be updated so that our website can be more competitive and provide good services for our customers.

4 Tips To Overcome Competition

Some of the tips to provide efficient business online and retain our customers from heavy competition are given below

  1. Emerging trends in business due to globalization has made globalized business at one place and made complete world as there globalized customers for there products hence now the competition is not only from there own country but also from the other countries by keeping this in mind many organizations are changing promotion strategies of there products. They are preparing plans to promote there products to meet the international standards for this they are taking help social media marketing sites and industrial media which comes under print and electronic media.
  2. Making service as invisible tools to your competitors. Because of the customers all over the world for the organizations and by the heavy competition from the other organizations , providing service to the customers is becoming an invisible tool for the organizations to meet their competitors and also for the promoting their products. By providing these services, organizations are meeting their targets and earning profits.
  3. Latest technology to overcome global competition. Technology adopting by the organizations plays an important role in facing competitors. Because of the development of technology in today’s world customers are getting attracted to latest products. Get them updated with our latest products using latest marketing strategies like lead capture pages, email marketing.
  4. Using Latest Marketing Strategies and Blog Advertising. Stay updated about the latest marketing strategies like Email marketing, viral marketing and select which marketing best suits for your business. One solutions to get new customers is blog advertising which can bring you new customers in even during healthy competition.

busines lead generation infographic

Further important sources:

b2b marketing articles,b2b marketing solutions,b2b marketing plan template

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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The Importance For You To Get Found In Social Media?

inbound marketing, internet marketing, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, inblurbs.comWith the advent of Global Marketing, Internet marketing is emerging with new trends for business online and so there is very much necessity for your business to get found in social media. Most of the business organizations are making steps to develop business domestically and globally with the help of these Cheaper and Sophisticated Internet marketing strategies. Profit and Wealth maximization from your Internet business or website is only possible if you have sustained traffic to your blog. More over your website should also be user friendly and provides good user interface. Traffic to your business is essential even though you have provided quality products and top services for your customers. The best way to bring new visitors to your business is through Social Media Marketing.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Mixx, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Propeller and UTube are some of the examples of prominent social media marketing communities that provide huge traffic and targeted customers for your business. For your online business to sustain competition from your competitor business, it is very much necessary for your business to grab the latest social media marketing tools that provides you with a good recognition in social media.

Grab latest Social Media Marketing tools for your business

Social Media Marketing is one powerful way of communicating your business to surfers and targeted customers from Internet. A good website or a blog with appropriate keyword niche for your online business products grabs hundreds of customers daily through social media marketing. There are several ways to improve your business and new customers from Internet. Here are some of the tips which help you in improving your business from social media marketing.

  • Always fill your complete profile along with your business details when submitting for social communities. Good profile should always have photo, your business url (URL of your website). Add attention grabbers when filling these profile information.
  • Invite your friends to these social communities. This is important step in social media marketing as these social communities form a chain of friends which reciprocate in bringing new customers to your business. So new people get introduced to your online business.
  • Share the latest multimedia business tools and features by installing them in your business website or blog. This brings new customers to your website.
  • Always respond to queries from your customers or new members who join your social community. Good auto replies attracts customers and web surfers to visit your website more often which improves your chances for sale.
  • Learn twitting in twitter and start getting tweets back. This is an important thing which people generally ignore during long run.
  • Reply promptly to Direct Messages in Twitter, Facebook. These bring good traffic to your website.

Learn more about Social Media marketing and its advantages for your business from the links given below. Social Media Marketing tips Social Media Marketing Connects You Directly with Customers to Grow Your Business Social Media for Business – Who’s doing it Well & How

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