No Fan Page? Your Competitor Appreciate This

Some month ago there has been information that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will ad search results from social media.

If you are actually engaged in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and News Websites you have increased your chances to get found through the search engines and suddenly appear in front of your potential customer.

Google launched their real time search in December 2009 and is providing real time information from Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Blogs, News Websites, and further important and trending sources. Google also added MySpace Updates and Facebook and Facebook Pages. Google rival Bing includes public Facebook profiles, which Google does not actually.

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Conclusion: If you are in social media, you can be directly in front of your potential customer. If not, a competitor will appreciate your hesitation.

Watch the video how to set up a Facebook Fan Page.

Do you have a Facebook Account? Than go for it and register one, now! And if you have no Fan Page actually than set up one.

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