Lead Generation In Social Media

Lead Generation In Social Media

Inbound marketing is gaining more importance as the utilization of Internet all over the world has been increasing day by day.

By using internet you can make the world at one place. Hence it has given rise to the internet marketing with a motto of providing the product to the customer at any place with same price.

So here the benefit is for both the seller as well as buyer because buyer can find more customers and expand his business and customer can find his product according to his needs and taste so this is the reason why inbound marketing is gaining more importance.

Social Media is one of the successful tool for attracting new customers and generating new leads for your lead generation campaigns

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Social media for lead generation

Social media networks like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc are the sites which has millions of users. Hence you can create leads very easily by using these networks appropriately.

This can be done successfully by building relationship and later turning them as customers for your products.  Some simple steps to create leads using social media are

Following others and also making a pool of followers to your page

After registering your name in these sites, you have to develop a network of followers to your page. This can be done when you respond to messages of other people on these networks and showing your expertise in your field.

Lead generation through Facebook

Face book offers “self -serve” for advertising on their social media network. The leads in face book can be done when you use some creative advertisements to attract the customers. You can start your own facebook fan page for your company or products and start spreading your product information through these facebook fan pages. You can even develop your own face book plugin for your organization.

Lead generation through Twitter

Twitter is one another powerful social media network which brings huge number of leads for your lead generation campaigns. There are good tools available in market like socialoomph which provides automatic DM’s share your other social media network information with your followers. Use Twitter to gather more leads for your business.

Lead generation through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is professional network site where hundreds of professionals all over the world start discussions in this social media site. There are different ways to generate leads from LinkedIn. Start your own professional network in LinkedIn and start building leads from LinkedIn.

Leads generation through Squidoo

Create your own Lens in Squidoo and spread information related to your company through squidoo. There are thousands of squidoo users who are active and start discussing with squids in your relevant keyword niche and get huge followers for your products.

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