5 Things you must know before Buying a Web Content Management System

web cms, WCM, WCM solution, content management system, open source cmsBefore talking about how to buy a web content management system, let’s take a quick look at two important questions.

First question:

What is a WCM solution and how does it differ from a CMS? A WCM is a solution that makes it easy for your employees to make changes to your website, while offering templates and other features to maintain consistency.



There are fine points of difference between a WCM and CMS, but most solution providers offer a combination of both: every CMS has most of the features that you’d find in any WCM product.

Another important question: do you really need a WCM? Let’s take a quick look at the features and facilities offered by most WCM solutions to try and answer this question.

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Authoring templates
  • Collaboration capability
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Security and workflow controls
  • Site navigation and URL customization
  • Previewing and pre-rendering
  • Staging for separating content locally
  • Access control and permission for different users


Digital marketing and web analytics features

web cms, WCM, WCM solution, content management system, open source cmsIf you feel that these features will help you better manage your ecommerce store or business website, you need a WCM solution. The core function of a web CMS is to enable users with little technical knowledge to administer websites. Most WCM products have templates that simplify this task.


For example, Microsoft’s Sitecore or Sitefinity CMS come equipped with all the features that you’d find in a WCM solutions and a CMS.

Now, let’s take a look at what points you must consider while shopping for a WCMS (web content management system).

# 1. Central Features and Functionality

Let the choice of the WCMS be dictated by your wants. For instance, if you have a nice ecommerce website selling only a dozen types of products, you may not require too much customization with text or images. In such a case, a simple WordPress solution may be more than enough for your needs.

On the other hand, if you are managing a website with thousands of service or product pages – where you have different structure for different kinds of pages – you may have to invest in a high-end WCMS that offers more features. Other features like digital marketing, versioning, multi-website support and support for different languages also come into play in case of complex websites.

# 2. Communication and Collaboration

For large business organizations that have a large number of stakeholders, the following questions are significant:

  • Will your employees use the WCMS to collaborate and create documents?
  • Do you need a feature that enables a number of people to work on a document at the same time or at different times?
  • Do your sales people need a feature that allows them to communicate with different departments, employees and customers?
  • Will you be using it for email marketing? Do you need a feature that allows you to segment recoupments?

If you need all these facilities, you will have to shop for a system that provides modules for in-depth collaboration and communication.

# 3. Asset Management

While most web CMSes will have fantastic features of editing information, many of them do not offer enough facility for managing assets. If you are running a website that has a large number of images and other files, you need powerful asset management features. If the system is not designed to handle large quantity of web assets, it can lead to a lot of time waste and heartburn. Check what features a web CMS has for managing and displaying PDFs, images and other kinds of files.

#4. Access Control, Roles and Permissions

For smaller business, where just a couple of people are in charge of implementing web changes, there is no need for access control, but if dozens of people contribute to the website and make changes, you need to set up clear roles and permissions. So, it becomes imperative to choose a web content management system that simplifies the process of assigning roles and permissions to different sets of users.

#5. What kind of web content management system do I need?

The answer to this question will be clear after you have found an answer to the above questions. The most popular open-source systems –WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – pack a lot of punch, and these are good enough for most small business. However, if you are running a large ecommerce website, or require an enterprise-level solution, you may need to give it a little more thought.

You have two broad options 1) customize an open-source software and make sure that it is capable of fulfilling all your needs, or 2) Choose a propriety solutions that is most suitable to your existing website and your specific requirements (you may need customization here too). For instance, if you have an ASP.NET website and most of your employees are conversant only with MS tools and technologies, you might choose to go for Sitecore or Sitefinity CMS that offer a gentler learning curve.

Bottom Line

As you can see by looking at the above points, your choice of web CMS will be dictated by what your website and your employees need. If you are unsure of what is the right choice, it may be a good idea to consult your IT manager, or take advice from a friend whose business is already using a WCMS. After you have all the information in hand, it will be easier for your decide whether you want a simple a proprietary off-the-shelf web CMS, an open-source solution or a customized solution.


About the author:

928ecdb4d6de8d7d04a40d0a4bce19baKinjal is working as a digital marketer and blogger with 5 years of experience. She is full time employee with Cygnet Infotech expert in delivering complete ecommerce solution. She is always happy to share her passion for ecommerce and mobile technologies. Follow Kinjal on Twitter @adeshara_kinjal or connect with her on Google+, Facebook or Linkedin

inbound marketing assessment us SEO in 2050: The Future is...

5 Important Things For Your Business Website

If you decide to build your website to promote your business online. There are few things to consider. Since your website will be your business representative in front of your costumers and prospect.

business website, business lead generation1. Domain. You need to find your domain name. Find the best domain for your business website.

Try to get the short one, simple and easy to remember. That is the good domain name for your business. If you want, you can put your product name within your domain name. Avoid long domain name, that is bad for your website. Search engine love short domain.

2. Web Hosting. Web Hosting is the next step, you need a web hosting service to run your website or business blog.

Good hosting company will support your business well, they will make sure people can connect with your any time, no down time. Try to make sure your hosting company will support your business. Hosting company usually have packages for any kind of businesses.

3. Webmaster. You will need webmaster to manage your website or business blog to make sure your website will run well.

Webmaster will design your website and help you to promote it so people will find your website. Webmaster will create your logo and may be your slogan. Good logo always help people to remember your brand.

4. Writers. Search Engine always love blog, blog always have fresh content. You should find writers that can help you with your business blog’s contents. You need to find writers that have SEO or online promotion experience, if you can find the expert that is better for your business.

5. Inbound Marketing Expert. Inbound Marketing expert will help your business to get found in the internet. This is the key of your success. There are few company or persons that provide inbound marketing services.

Remember to tell to all your people at the company to help with all the promotion as they can. Words of mouth from your employer to their family, friends and colleague to talk about your business blog will help a lots.

About the author:

latief pakpahan 3 Things To Consider Before You Blog.Latief is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. He is the owner of the simple blogging-tips blog ever and Build Business Blog for SME’S in his country and help them grow their business. Please add Latief as your friend @ Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or visit his Facebook-FanPage.

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Is your website a liability or a real estate

Today still most websites receive less or even no traffic. Those websites are not marketing optimized and offer no user experience!

More fatal they don’t offer any kind of valuable and remarkable content. They have no lead generation process implemented.

Content is the key to attract target audience, to generate lead and to convert those lead into revenue!

First thing which you should consider when you plan to setup a marketing optimized website, is not to ask a web designer!

You should talk to a pro, to internet marketing specialists which are qualified to help you.

Internet marketing specialists are able to help you plan your marketing optimized website in a more specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A marketing optimized website, done through internet marketing specialists can become a true magnet for customers and sales.


They help you to establish the whole platform as a smart marketing hub for your business.

Some benefits which a marketing optimized website should offer to you:

  • Should make your Marketing quick!
  • Empowers you to to update your pages as you need.
  • It is made with average, less technical folks in mind and for you simple to use
  • Empowers you to make website changes all by yourself, whenever you need to!
  • Allows you to optimize for search engines, like URL structure, page titles, and headers.
  • It allows you to easily add your own Meta description and Meta tags which increase the likelihood that a page is noticed in search engine results by a human eye and clicked.
  • Is build with a marketing strategy in mind and allows you to do a website redesign or changing your website’s structure yourself.
  • Empowers you to make a new site yourself with a specific marketing strategy in mind that best converts visitors into leads and leads into customers.

A marketing optimized website solution should give you the best tools available to get found and generate leads, to achieve your revenue goals the smart an easy way!

And this is definitely some sizes to big for a simple web designer!


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Why to have a great Business Blog design for your Corporate Blog

Why to have a great Business Blog design for your Corporate BlogCorporate blog is essential for your website if you want to get fast online exposure.
It is therefore essential for you to design your corporate blog well so as to attract most customers and business clients.
Having a great business blog design that looks professional is must for you to go professional.
One of the most advantageous parts of using great business blog design for your corporate blog is it attracts more traffic.
You should therefore try to make your blog look casual and at the same time professional because you want your business to get more and more exposure as a professional and not as a beginner.
You should focus on creating a great business blog so that you look as a well established and reputed online corporate blog.
People need to look through very neat and clean picture of a business blog when they are finding some useful stuff on internet. You should therefore focus on designing your business blog so that it looks neat and professional. It should have the ability to serve what your visitors are finding. 
People today like to deal with real people who can effectively help them in growing their business needs and interest, thus your blog design for your corporate blog matters much when you are designing a blog for your business.
Casual and professional looking blog design can also help you in acquiring great relationships with your clients and potential customers. This also helps you in attracting your customers’ attention that result in providing you high revenues.
Your blog design should be such that your customers feel welcomed at your blogs. A compelling and smart web design for your blog develops ongoing relations with your customers which also helps you in communicating with your customers.
One of the most important things you should consider while designing your blog is your target market. You should keep a focus on who are your visitors and what they want. You should properly define their needs and try to serve them better.
As it is now clear that your blog design matters a lot, you should make sure that the person you are working with for your blog design should be a professional and knows all the strategies of making your blog successful.

Do you have any tips about Corporate Blogging? What are they and how do you use Corporate Blogging for your business?

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How Corporate Blogging can help Small Business owners

How Corporate Blogging can help Small Business ownersToday most of the reputable and bigger online business websites rely on corporate blogging to deal with their online customers and clients.
Blogging is not only a great way to market your services and business it is also a great way to expand your business by effectively dealing with your business clients and potential customers.


It is therefore become essential for you to start up a corporate blog for your site if you don’t have yet.

Corporate blogging also allows you to target your audience and helps you increasing your sales by knowing your customers and their needs well. As you can deal with your customers, can interact with them and can effectively communicate with them, you have better opportunities that help you to know what your customers want.

This enables you to serve them better and results in higher sales for your business.

One of the biggest advantages of corporate blogging for small business is that, they can increase their online presence and reputation from it. As blogs index faster in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, than any website you get higher chances to grow fast through the corporate blogging.

Corporate Blogging is especially designed to attract the customers to the main websites where companies sell their products and services. It is a brilliant way to advertise and market their online business.

The most compelling and mind blowing content is effective enough to attract more and more customers and is helpful in getting better rankings in search engines.

Corporate blogging is a fresh idea and unfortunately not many of the businesses are into it. But if you are dealing in some new online business it is a best opportunity for you to start with.

Corporate blogging is in all serves as a great marketing tool for creating perfect online reputation for your business and also helps greatly in customer interactivity.

Today there you find tons of business blogs and to run yours successfully it needs much efforts and patience. Of course you need better content and reputation for your online corporate blogging that is most useful to gain success in your small businesses.

It’s not too late for you. So just start your corporate blogging and see your business growing fast.

Do you have any tips about Corporate Blogging? What are they and how do you use Corporate Blogging for your business?

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How to Do Effective Social Media Campaigns #IMU

How to Do Effective Social Media Campaigns #IMU

Social Media campaigns are great way to increase the profits of the online businesses in today’s world of internet. But keep in mind that running out a successful and good social media campaign can be difficult and challenging. Social media marketing needs other approach as compared to other ways of marketing present online.
Social media are today creating effective web presence and are helping to build an optimized web presence for most of the businesses. If you are planning out for the new social media campaign for your business that can get you positive results and more profits, you should focus on certain points.
To have better results from the social media campaigns you should have a proper understanding of the Social Medias and how they are effectively used in targeting more and more potential customers and then converting them into leads.
dragan mestrovic, inblurbs, attract more customers, blog Content, blogging, blogging tips, business blogging, facebook, facebook social media, Get found in social media, Google analytics, inbound marketing, internet marketing, internet marketing leads, internet marketing site, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, lead tracking, linkedin, marketing consultants, online marketing, social media marketing, social media marketing strategies, social media science, social media strategy, social networks, traffic, Twitter Followers, twitter for marketing, Watch Your Competition, web site re design, website redesign
As you get more audience you will get better opportunity to convert them into leads.
You should have certain rules to follow while starting up a new social media campaign to get success. You should focus on submitting clean and useful content that are related to your services and products you sell online. You should also keep an eye on the images and videos that you are uploading on the various social media platforms.
You should then keep an eye at the ROI (Return on Investment) to get better results and to be successful in your new social media campaign. So before starting a new social media campaign it is very important to judge that whether it will have a positive ROI for you or not and whether these, payoff worth the effort.
You must also actively participate in the social media marketing campaigns. The very fundamental part of social media marketing is Active participation. You should also keep in mind that various different social media widgets provide different services where you can get different types of audiences and visitors.
Hence you should also have a proper idea on your market conditions. You should have an idea on, where your customers from are and what are their demands.

Further important and related Articles:

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Three Reasons Why Page Speed Matters

Three Reasons Why Page Speed Matters

inblurbs,dragan mestrovic,social media marketing sites,social media marketing,strategies social media marketing system,social media marketing tactics,social media marketing tips,social media marketing tools,social media marketing training,top social media marketing,use social media,marketing,why social media marketing,social media marketing firms,social media marketing ideasSuccess of any business online depends mainly on the website design, good hosting and quality marketing strategies for your business products. To attract more leads and have quality leads of your lead generation campaigns, your website should support the latest SEO tools and load faster so that customers can get their information quickly. It is important to know how good speeds and better loading page can be achieved and how it can matter your website performances. This article discusses the reasons why page speed is necessary for your website and loading speed matters a lot for your business.

Tips for Loading your website faster

Some of the tips to achieve better speed and performance for you site can includes, using add-ons like Firefox or firebug which not only maintains the page performance but also gives you the instructions on improving them further.

Also using Word press as the base is a wise option for you. Besides being able to load faster, they can be easily optimized by search engines. They are user friendly, easy to user and update. Using small sized pictures for your page background is another useful tip. Also note that if you are using videos on your website, try to make them small. Not in length but in size. If your website loading speed is troubling you consistently, you might be required to contact a new hosting provider for your domain up gradation. These days most of the sites are getting slow due to buggy scripts, or inappropriate database that’s getting overflow of the capacity of the shared hosting plan.

Too many plug-ins and outdated software might also be messing up your work. Although speed also plays an important role in search engine rankings, the main emphasis is still to be made on relevance as the basis for Search engine rankings. Speeding up your website only adds some percentage of search queries performed.

Therefore, creating valuable content is still important

Also it is important to note that better speed can cost you some money but according to Google you should go for it and also use some of the above mentioned tips as it can bring you more new and potential customers through your website redesign for speeding up your site. This can also affect you greatly in your website promotion and internet marketing, and also in lead generation campaigns because most of these potential customers may not wait for your good site when it loads slowly. However here are also some of the reasons about ‘why page speed matters”.

Google’s word

According to Google, in the past, pages were ranked in accordance with how the text information was found to be relevant. But now they changed their view about it. They say that the load time of the page plays the equal role in page ranking. That’s obvious to think of practically why anyone would like to open a page that takes a lot of time to load. Even a wait for 10 seconds for a site to open seems to be forever. And then you end up refreshing up your page out of your frustration. Google has added site speed to its page ranking algorithm. A faster loaded page is likely to be ranked higher than a similar page that takes more time to load.

User Experience

Obviously, it is the fact that more the time a website takes to respond to user’s clicks, less is the time user will spend there. Thus site speed is a major factor in defining user’s experience and is major concern for website developers. Users not only want most relevant information of best quality but also they want them as quickly as possible.

Reduction in operating costs

Examples have shown that speeding up a website increases page views that directly or indirectly reduces hardware requirements also and increases revenue. On the other hand, slow websites usually have less searches and long term effects. People often remembers those frustrating slow loading websites and are reluctant to open them even if the load times are sped up.

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Why Use Marketing Optimized HTML

Why Use Marketing Optimized HTML

inblurbs,dragan mestrovic,b2b social media marketing,best social media marketing,define social media marketing,guide to social media marketing,inbound marketing,learn social media marketing,marketing on social networks,marketing through social media,secrets of social media marketing,social media advertising agency,social media as a marketing,social media as a marketing tool,social media marketing 101HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a programming language for the web designing. HTML tags can be thought of as bricks for building up a website. HTML plays an important role in website design of any website online and is important in bringing more customers for your business. It provides and formats your content on the webpage and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to supply style to them. The upcoming latest version of HTML is HTML 5.

All new HTML 5

Online videos and SEO are the two of the major reasons for marketers to worry about the emergence of HTML 5. Online video sharing and user generated videos has increased today and has become a very important tool for the marketers. HTML 5 allows the consumption and distribution of videos over internet without the need of any browser plug-ins.

Another interesting thing about videos on HTML 5 is that it offers a ‘poster’ attribute that allows you to show an image in place of the white/black blocks appearing while you need to wait for the video to load. Also, videos are specified with height and width same as images are, freeing the user from size limits. HTML 5 offers new ways to tell the search engines about your content.

Owners can explain the topics to search engines using a new ‘section’ tag. Nav tag is another new element of HTML 5 which can be used to designate navigation menus. A new ‘article’ tag helps both owners and search engines to distinguish the original data from the duplicates.

Optimizing HTML

Here are a few tips to optimize your HTML pages. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) reduces a lot of formatting tags from your HTML source code. More the unneeded tags on your code, more is the difficult for search engines to figure out your topics. CSS maintains the look and feel of your web page and also optimizes your source code for the search engines. For any website to be easily found on internet, it should be SEO optimized. One of the main presumptions of success of any new or old website is SEO.

SEO optimized websites increases the total number of visitors. It increases the marketing effect and enhances the quality of website. It also makes your website easily found on search engines. It also increases the Return on Investment index.

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How Can Website Re-design Affect Your Profits

How Can Website Re-design Affect Your Profits

If you haven't redesigned your website, it’s better to re-design it now according to your business and lead generation campaign and analytics needs. To redesign your website and status you should know well that why you want it and how can this affect you (whether positively or negatively).

The tips here will help out to redesign your site and have a full knowledge about the important points to be remembered while doing it. When it comes to re-design, there should be clear idea about why it should be and how it should be handled. Most designers would jump at the chance to revisit their work but what is the right motivation for a site redesign and how should the process actually work?

website redisign, attract more customers, Get found in social media, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, lead tracking, social media marketing, website redesign

Achieve Ultimate success

For an ultimate success in your online business you should have a very brilliant well designed and good looking website that can hold the attraction of the visitors before they proceed. A poorly designed site that makes use of tables, deprecated HTML, broken links, etc. will surely be at break in between unless they redesign and build a strong makeover.

“Good designers redesign, great designers re-align,” says the respected new media designer Cameron Moll.

Research and do home work

When you renovate your house you don’t do it without researching the city thinking about the needs of your family, and the things that suite most to them. You do the research, do search magazines, search for better and cheaper designers. Similar is the case here. Do your home work and find the better sources and resources. So, do your homework well before jumping into a web redesign project.

Find out as much as possible about the current state of your website by analyzing web traffic data and feedback from users. Also take the time to learn more about your target audiences needs and expectations by setting up online surveys, focus groups, face-to-face interviews, or usability tests.

Design your resources and budget

Website redesign is a project which can be a small scale and a big scale also depending upon the budget, scope and resources you have. You have to use the defined set of resources keeping your budget. Set up a realistic schedule and manage expectations. Aggressive timelines will force you to cut corners or bypass necessary consultation. Keeping this in mind will not let you in trouble after wards and you go on smoothly.

Keep up with your good content

A website redesign is also can be considered as a best time to get your content re-designed and optimized. Once you know more about your user expectations and need’s, start to review and reorganize your website content also. This will save your time to just make changes in the content in future and you can make changes according to your demand of the customer’s simultaneously. This will attract more customers for your lead generation campaigns.

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How to Choose a Marketing Ready Domain Name

How to Choose a Marketing Ready Domain Name

First and the last impression which any website can get from its visitors is its Domain Name. A good Domain with a sensible meaning can get whole lot of work for a website alone.

The good and the marketing ready Domain name is imperative to the success of one’s website. You need a domain name to bring about an online entity and to direct all the potential customers who can build you a  good business and strong internet marketing helps it a lot.

For customers to come to the site a good and marketing ready domain name is a must which will create a positive first impression.

attract more customers, Domain Name, facebook social media, inbound marketing, internet marketing, landing pages, Lead Capture Pages, lead generation social media, Marketing Ready Domain NameBenefits of having your own Domain name

As discovered widely, there are lots of benefits of having your own domain name. Domain name builds up your own unique identity in your internet business. This will be with you as long as you will use it and want to use it. The greatest and most important benefit of having your own domain name is that you can always change the hosts as often you like and people will still be able to find you by simply browsing you with your own domain name.

As the free hosts and free sites offer long domain name, your own domain name will be comparatively short and people can find your site more easily.

You can get more traffic from your own domain name because more people can remember them and return to them often when they want. Also many of the search directories such as Yahoo only index websites with their own domain name. And if you have a good Marketing Ready Domain Name you are on the right track on growing your businesses.

Tips to choose a good Domain name

As Domain names are comparatively cheaper now days than before you should not have any excuses for buying one and just complete the first step in your web site campaign and promotion. You should choose a good one and to help it here are some tips, the smaller the better. Short domains are harder to find but if you can manage to get it, it is much easier to gain more traffic to your domain name as it is very easy to remember and harder to misspell.

Also try to get a name which is easy to remember and related to the products in your web site.

The keywords which are related to your site will have good indexing in the search engines and will help your search engine rankings. It is also better to get a similar name as of your actual business and company name. This will help more people to find out using your company and business name.

There are many extensions available online for your domain name but .com is best as compared to others. Try to get .com first or try some other similar keywords for .com.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing a Domain name

As it is clear that a good domain can bring your internet marketing business to touch the skies and a bad domain can get fall your same marketing business to the floors, it is also recommended to have good knowledge about what are the common mistakes people make while choosing a domain name.

If one choose a URL which does not make any sense or which do not relate to the site or is harder to remember, one should make it hard time to grow their business and find hard to get their potential customers online.

Many of the small businesses make the same and repetitive mistakes when it comes to choosing a domain name.

First and the most important is choosing the same business name. Many of them get the same business name without troubling to get a shorter one if it is really long to remember. Sometimes the names of the company are too long and are not easy to remember and their customers can have a hard time to remember it. Not keeping the best url available is also a big mistake that many faces while getting a domain name.

Many domain names that have been registered for years come back on the market after their owners fail to renew them. So it is not impossible that you can’t get the best domain for you.

Not using the available keywords which best describe your business is also one of the biggest factor which can affect the success of your online marketing, domains and business. Google and other search engines can find it more easily if the relevant keywords are present in the Domain names.

Not making your name simple and easy which is easy to spell and understand is also a big mistake some of the small online business marketing sites face. So try to use words that are easy to spell and are spelled consistently, as much as possible.

It is also a big deal for big businesses to register more than one domain that are similar and more frequently used to find your company and business. Although this increases some cost but can give more and more traffic from the customers which uses the alternate and similar names of your business.

For more on Marketing Ready Domain Name, visit the links given below:

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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4 Reasons Why To Build A Face Book Fan Page For Your Business

4 Reasons Why To Build A Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

Facebook Fan pages are one of the successful social media marketing strategies which provided success for major companies online for their business. Creating a face book fan page is simple, free of cost and provides good revenue for your business.

Creating a facebook fan page for your business gives an opportunity for your customers to get in touch with your products very easily and reach to your customers easily especially for customers who are using social communities such as facebook.

Creating a facebook fan page

Having a Fan page is very easy and free of cost which is completed within a matter of few minutes. If you have business online, make sure that your facebook fan page is developed and enhanced nicely so that it helps to generate more leads for your business. A simple facebook fan page has some information regarding your products, your company logo and URL of your website. Once you are done with it, you have created a facebook fan page and now it is open for your customers to become your business fans.

attract more customers, facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, landing pages, lead generation social media, social media marketing

4 reasons why to build a Facebook Fan page for your business

Four important reasons your company should have a facebook fan page are given below

1. You can easily find by your customers

Facebook is the networking site which gained more importance among the people. So by creating a fan page and updating it will make your customers find about your new products, services and offers that you provide. Hence by this you can gain publicity and also new customers for your products.

2. It will Increase brand image of your company

This can help in increasing brand value of your organization by making many people know what services are provided by your business. This helps in expanding your business to larger communities. Facebook fan page shares your company details and products with people which will increase the brand image of your company.

3. It will make you to build a community and share your social community links

Facebook fan pages will help you to reach your target customers and build a community of your products. Users can easily subscribe your page and get their latest information about your products. Also there is possibility for you to be more visible in other social communities.

4. Information is shared fast

With facebook fan page, you can reach market faster for your products. These facebook fan pages act as good viral marketing tools for promoting new products and providing information related to latest offers for your products.

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Website re-design makes your website complaint with the latest technologies and make it more productive from Internet. With a good website re-design, you can achieve good results in email marketing campaigns and can result in more Internet marketing leads from your lead generation campaigns.

In the first part of website re-design you had an idea of how to track, organize and analyze your website leads. And you might have taken steps to re-design your website to track and organize your leads. In this second phase of this website re-design, you get an idea of defining your strategic goals, getting started with keywords for your business and products, developing good content for your website and organize your marketing campaigns.

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Organizing your Website Content

Now you have good lead tracking for your website as you have modified your design as per part one of website re-designs, you are ready to start with a good Internet Marketing strategy for your website and also start with lead generation campaigns.

1. Identifying Content

Content plays a huge role in the success of your website. Even you have good lead generation campaigns and implementing good Internet Marketing strategies, all these will in go in vain if you don’t have good content. Content should be in such a way that they provide relevant information related to your products and business. This attracts more customers thus increasing your lead generation ration from lead generation campaigns.

2. Identifying Meta Tags

Meta Tags play a major role in the identification of your website in search engines. Identify the best keywords, title and short description for your website. Placing the Meta tags correctly and checking them with blogging tools is important for identifying your website.

3. Identifying Keywords

Keywords play major role in the success of any website. Your website will be in top pages of search engines if you have good content related to your products with good keyword density. Keywords can be used but should not be overstuffed. One should identify short as well as long-tail keywords which play a vital role in search engine rankings. Start different Internet Marketing strategies such as keyword marketing, Email marketing and blog advertising based on your keywords and start these lead generation campaigns.

4. Identifying best Internet Marketing Strategy

Identifying the best Internet Marketing Strategy for your business is important to generate more leads from your lead generation campaigns. There are many Internet Marketing strategies available such as social media marketing, blog advertising, and email marketing which can be used for your lead generation campaigns. Get advice from the Search Engine Marketing experts to know the best Internet Marketing strategy that suits your business.

5. Offer and grab leads

To gain more customers for your business, give some goodies or offers for your customers which can attract more of your customers towards the products. Lead Generation campaigns should be accompanied with good lead capture pages and top landing pages which offer good number of leads for your business.

Once you implement these, you are ready to earn potential customers for your business online. For more information related to website redesign, visit the links given below.

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Success of any business online mainly depends on marketing strategies, lead generation campaigns and proper designing of your website. If you don’t have a proper website design, then all the efforts that you have placed in generating internet marketing leads and email marketing campaigns will go in vein.

A good website design with rich user interface helps you to attract more customers and also helps in your web site promotion. And this website design should be supported by well social media marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns. Then your website will be more popular in social media and your company will have a good brand image in social media.

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Redesigning your website helps you to improve profits in your business, learn more about the requirement of your users and thus knowing more about the success of your lead marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns. Some of the best steps are given below:

The first important thing to start improving your website is to track your leads. Success of your company business mainly depends on how efficiently lead tracking is performed by your company. Lead tracking helps you to enhance your lead generation campaigns by identifying the sources of leads and thereby planning your marketing campaigns in that direction.

Next step after tracking your leads is to organize your leads. You website should be redesigned in such a way that you can easily track the leads. Lead generation should be accompanied with proper organization of these leads. This helps in good communication with your customers.

Analyze through various website tools what your visitors are experiencing in your website, what they are getting from the outbound links where they go by clicking through the links and providing relevant information in your site

Think in the way your visitors think when they visit your website. What they are expecting form your website, are you’re providing their expected information and are your website capable of making them visits your website again. Once you get an idea of it, you are ready to re-design your website based on the needs

Main thing that should be taken care in your website is the design of your website. Your website theme should be attractive and relative to the products which you sell. This will encourage your visitors and improve quality leads for your website. If your website is not having a look and feel theme, then start developing a theme that fits for your products.

Once you get started with these, your first phase for re-building your website is complete. Look out for the next phase of re-designing your website.

For more information related to re-designing your website, visit the links given below

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

7 Reasons Why To Have A WP Blog As A Website

Construct your website in the context of an Internet marketing strategy.

Build your Marketing Optimized Web Presence with WordPress!

With WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), you got everything you will need to build a marketing optimized web presence.

1. When it comes to administration and customization WordPress offers a lot of flexibility.

2. With WordPress you can use Pages for your static content and Posts for your blog entries.

3. With Pages you can create subpages which allow you to create an optimized hierarchy of your content.

4. With WordPress, you are able to select a specific page to be your home page (index page). The included categories and tags make it easier for your visitors to switch through other pages of your web presence.

5. With WordPress you can choose to custom build your personal unique theme that displays your Posts and your Pages SEO and design optimized.

6. WordPress is a very SEO friendly CMS. With free available WP SEO Plugin you can enhance WP to help to get better found online.

7. Use WordPress Plugin for even more features. WP Plugin is free and you decide which one you need to use and which one not. To know which WP Plugin to use can make a difference if get found online, how fast and where or not!

With WordPress you can build an effective marketing optimized web presence which is usable for your visitors, includes navigation, a corporate design and is search engine friendly as well.

Watch this video to learn more!

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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