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video email, video marketing, video communications,vmail, life coachesThere are millions of Healing Practitioners around the globe, with much to offer the world in terms of healing, training + moving forward, but many are struggling to put food on the table in these economic climes.

Most Medical Aid Funds do not support, nor include most of the Wellness industry in their Medical Aid Cover, so these costs need to be born directly by Patients / Clients / Students – Really tough for most in these tough economic climes !

They would do well to seek other marketing tools + platforms to get themselves into the world globally

So what should Practitioners consider in this economic climate ?

1. I believe it is to seek out alternative + additional marketing tools + platforms + really embrace the Internet + Online Technology + all it has to offer !

2. VIDEO + MOBILE is the future, which opens up huge possibilities for Healing Practitioners, to use these tools as an adjunct to their one on one healing sessions, face to face workshops + trainings/healings they facilitate

3. Embracing the future + what is, would be something to consider, to grow their business + go Global with ease ! Millions globally have access to the Internet + many have Mobile smartphones today

4. Many Practitioners in the Healing fraternity industry are still resisting Online technology as an adjunct vehicle, to do their work Online, as HEALERS / TRAINERS / MEDIUMS / DOCTORS, etc – aside from using their therapy rooms, clinics or outside venues

5. The big move into technology, the Internet + Mobile is hugely daunting

6. However, those willing to take the leap would be well advised to start with the energy of Desire

7. They should be open + receptive to change, followed by a Mindset shift + the ability + willingness to embrace the power of it all, a new language, new knowledge, do the work to achieve new learning – to really embrace the Internet + all it has to offer to assist them in marketing their Brand, their Products, Healing Modalities, Psychic Readings + Training modalities, etc

8. Now is the perfect time for folk to solicit the services of Wellness Practitioners, who have much to offer, but at the right price of course !

9. Having said that, Wellness Practioners need to take a long hard look at their marketing etc costs + how best to serve their target audience in the most cost effective way ?

Where are things headed ?

· VIDEO and
· Marketing on the Internet + Social Media sites

1. Practitioners are assured that, as long as eye to eye contact + voice resonance is achieved, Online meetings / healings / readings / trainings are totally feasible !

2. By moving away from hosting live ‘face to face’ Workshops/Training/Coaching at specific venues + hosting meetings online, Practitioners can, using this technology, save fortunes doing the ‘green thing’, reach a bigger audience, growing their business + consider passing on their savings to their Clients / Patients / Students

3. The ‘GOING GREEN’ here would be to consider integrating a Video Communications suite, into their marketing mix, such as –

· Video Email and
· Video Conferencing/Webinars

Using Video Conferencing / Webinars

· With the advent of web conferencing, coaching/teaching/readings etc can now be done 100% online from the ‘home office’ to easily reach a worldwide audience of potential + existing clients

· Going this route, they save on time, energy, airfares, venues, hotel accommodation – ultimately saving money themselves, which they can pass on to their clients

Using Vmail – the new Email

Practitioners would do well to market using Vmail – Extraordinary results can be achieved using this technology

· People spend 8 seconds reading a static text email, but retain 85% of what they see in a Video
· Static text emails are easy to ignore – and at their best – give a customer only the vaguest notion of what your business really values. People simply don’t have the time today to read screeds of text + barely get past the third line, before deleting, without ever grasping the gist of the message that is trying to be conveyed
· Video Email is simple to use, online, browser based technology, which enables you to create your own personal Vmails
· Most technology platforms allow 20 minutes of talk time, which is more than adequate to impart your message
· Additional videos may also be uploaded into the Vmail
· No software downloads are necessary
· Bandwidth is not compromised, as the VMail opens on the Internet, for folk with Internet + Bandwidth challenges
· Most Vmail purveyors allow full integration with your social networks to share on Youtube or Facebook, etc.

This is highly recommended + both Video Conferencing + VMail can be accessed on most Pads, Android + select Smartphones

More tips for Wellness Practitioners –

1. Consider coming into the future + really upping their game in terms of the marketing tools they use to attract, capture + maintain new Clients / Patients / Students etc
2. Have Hope for a successful Career + Business, to enable Thriving + Surviving in this global economy
3. Explore all other positive cost cutting possibilities for themselves + their Business + to pass this on to their Clients / Students etc
4. Get really Specific in their marketing approach
5. Think hard about speaking Generically to everyone, as trying to appeal to everyone doesn’t cut it anymore
6. Be highly Targeted in their marketing to people with problems

Facts to consider :

· Google loves Video !
· Cisco predict there will be a 10 fold increase in the use of Video over the next 5 years
· Internet Video traffic is now 40% of consumer internet
· People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see
· Video is the single, most effective form of communication
· Additional creative marketing platforms are constantly being sought
· ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective


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