Inbound Marketing and what else?

Marketing is an essential part of any business. There are many different ways on how to attract customers to your products.

In the past years social media has emerged and inbound marketing as an effective marketing strategy to attract customers to your business has grown to a great popularity.

Inbound marketing has proven that it is up to 60% cheaper than traditional marketing activities and also the business leads generated through inbound marketing have an up to 55% higher conversion ratio than business leads from traditional media.

But wait! If you think inbound marketing is your only solution than you might be on the wrong way.

To generate leads you have to be visible where your target audience is hanging around.
No question, more and more people B2B and B2C are going online to find products and services they need.

But there are still industries where you have to be featured in print media or on TV and radio to gain interest from your target audience.

Moreover you need good sales skills to convert all these business leads to paying customers.

Therefore you will often need to pick up the phone and call your lead to get in touch. You need to discuss your possible solution to build a personal relationship, to increase your chances to convert your hard earned leads, no matter from which channel, to paying customers.

No matter where you market your products and services, you need wide sales skills to convert your leads to real revenue.

Like all other existing media, inbound marketing is an additional powerful strategy in your toolset to attract new leads.

Like any other marketing strategy, inbound marketing has to be done seriously to produce results. Results will not appear by them self. The more you put in, the more you get out!

Connect offline and online activities the smart way! Get seen in any marketing channel where you can reach your target audience. Lead your audience to your marketing optimized landing pages online to register as leads.

So you get the opportunity to measure your offline activities as well. During the time you gain valuable date and the assurance which of your channels brings in a positive ROI.

Marketing takeaway tip: There are no bad leads. There are only bad sales skills. The lead count does not matter, the conversion rate matters! To increase your conversion rate the smart way, get professional help from inbound marketing professionals who eat there own cookies.

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