Inbound Marketing to gain the trust and respect of your buyer personas

Trust and respect are important in real life and much more important in today’s anonymous times of internet and internet business.

Trust and respect comes before the sale.

When people trust and respect you they are more willing to listen what you have to say. This makes it easier to publish remarkable content to them which leads them to optimized landing pages where they can register as a lead to later follow up and to business with them!

Remarkable, helpful, interesting and problem solving content is also the magnet to attract your buyer personas to achieve those above goals, trust and respect!

Here are some points you should take care and to cultivate and to improve to gain trust and respect from your audience:

Be communicative – Don’t pitch your audience and be more communicative. Be helpful and try to assist where ever you can.

This does not mean you should give away your services for free, but you could do a corporate blog where you can publish tips and tricks with helpful insights for your audience. Ask for comments and encourage your buyer personas to give you their honest opinion. So you start a two way conversation and you get the attention of the right prospects.

Respect your buyer personas – If your buyer personas do not know so much about the topics you cover, this does not mean they are dump!

More over it means you have the chance to educate them and to show the possible solutions for their problems. To get popularity as a problem solver is half the way to gain more business. So don’t be arrogant and push away people who might have silly questions. Because there are no silly questions at all, but there are dump answers. Take the chance to show you self fro you best side and be resource not a critic!

When you are open minded, helpful and show respect to your audience you will get this back from the people you deal with. You will gain a valuable position as a trustworthy and competent source within your industry.

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