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11 Ways how to lose in social media, guaranteed!

Did you every wondered why there are companies who have a high success in social media and others; maybe your company does not.

Here are eleven ways how you will lose in social media. 100% guaranteed!

1. Only talk about yourself and your products and pitch related blogger to do the same.

2. Let your legal, HR, the CFO, and compliance approve everything (every tweet, every comment and blog article) what you want to do in social media.

3. Become a social media expert within your first week and copy paste what others are doing.

4. Use gobbledygook in your content. Moreover make your whole content an avalanche of gobbledygook.

5. Be disappointed when you do not get the number one position in Google for your keywords within one week.

6. Try to push your brand where it does not fit.

7. Copy paste from others. Avoid using your own brain and blocking creativity.

8. Try to get all services which are necessary for your success for free.

9. Don’t have a plan, just do what you “feel” is right, maybe it works.

10. Be as imprecise as you can be, maybe your team can read your mind. Than I am sure you will succeed.

11. Don’t operate in real-time. Don’t care to respond to messages right away. To respond in one week is quick enough!

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Do you have any more ways on how to lose in social media for sure? I am looking forward to your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “11 Ways how to lose in social media, guaranteed!

  1. Great article! #1 is a hard selling point to many companies who want to toot their own horn or place daily, weekly sales deals on their sites.

    #9 is also a key topic. Without a plan, you are lost. Social media should not be your entire marketing plan, but what is being posted should be part of your brand strategy and the message that you are trying to get across.

    1. Hello Christopher, thanks for your brief comment.

      In deed these are major pain points for the most businesses.

      A new Studie from eMarketer also shows that companies increasingly are looking to hire social media marketing professionals for help.

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