7 Steps to Get Into Business Adding Social Media Features

7 Steps to Get Into Business Adding Social Media Features

Today business all over the world is getting wide and internet has become the main source of spreading their wings worldwide and gaining profits.

Social Media features have also played a great role in the same for gathering leads and attracting more customers.

facebook social media, Get found in social media, inbound marketing, linkedin, social media marketing, Social Media Policy, social media strategy, twitter for marketingBut it is also worth to be noted that it needs much planning and concentration to enter into social media and if you enter into social media without a plan you will definitely fail. All the hours you spent and all the hard work you have done will be wasted.

As one should not jump into a raging river without knowing how to swim, it is also worthless to join a Twitter or a Stumble account without knowing how to make use of it effectively. You will receive no traffic bumps, no one will care about what you are doing there and there will be no engagement at all if you are not planned. So just check out the 7 steps to get into business by adding social media features and use them affectively.

As you know that social media are free to enter this does not mean that they do not have their limitations. If you cross their limits you will most probably thrown away from them.

1. Measure your success

Once you enter the social media you should figure out yourself on how you will be going to judge and measure your success. You should know your goals and challenges in front of it. You should have a clear idea about what you are expecting and how to gain leads for your lead generation campaigns. They can be blog commenting, twittering, link buildings, or brand recognition.

If you can’t measure whether or not you’re meeting your goals, then you’re going to fail before you even start. It will limit your results and you will fail to achieve what you are expecting.

2. Know who you are and select an identity

This is a first step when you enter into the social media and will help you out till long time. The first step of a successful (and long term) social media plan is to grab your brand everywhere you can, regardless of whether or not you plan to use it. It’s important to create your identity all over the web and have a name.

Having a unified social media username is very important in establishing trust with other members (and potential press contacts) that may belong to multiple communities with you. This way the persons will know you are the same person which they have met before.

3. Set Your Goals and Metrics

Do not enter the social media unless you know your goals and the “place” where you want to be. Set your time limit in this and judge yourself after each interval.

If you don’t know what “success” is for you, then you’re not ready to start yet. Know what you actually want. Is it more traffic, more money, more subscribers, your brand power, knowledge about a particular product, etc.?

Whatever it is, this also means that you must have some knowledge to enter into and need some more home work before you do it.

4. Tell your stories and positive points

When you use social media features for your business this is a must to tell your stories and tell your positive points about your company, products, services, etc.

Try to figure out why people should use them and what you have in extra which your competitors don’t have. Most of the strong businesses tend to believe that marketing is storytelling and they do it this way and succeed. People are interested in knowing who you are and by giving them that you will pick up the interest of your customer’s and make them interested in who you are.

The most successful companies always tell the stories about them selves and keep their customers attracted towards them. As we always wanted to be associated with them.

5. Tell the truth

Engaging strongly into the social media features and using them freely do not give you permissions that you should give fake knowledge about yourself.

If however you will give it, it is more probable that you will be going to fail in the near future. Only figure out your story in the market that is true as the false and fakes are not long lasting and you will surely collapse down if you use them.

Be sure to tell the truth about what does your company believe in? What are you known for and what are the positive points about your company?

What are your future goals and what make you serve better? That knowledge will also be crucial in determining how you’ll talk to people, what your tone will be, how far you’ll go, and what you are (or are not) comfortable doing and sharing.

6. Deal with your customers

If you have a fair idea about your customers and the communities with which you are dealing with, you can surely work better and serve better for them.

You should plan your social media strategy according to your customers and also knowing that how powerful and concentrated it can be. You should not waste time in the communities where there are no one interested in you and your kind. You should understand the taste of your customers. Understand better what they want and who are they and in what they are interested in? Also know where they are present in bulk.

7. Find the communities

Once you know what your customers are, you also want to know where they are present in bulk and then you should get in touch with them wisely. If you don’t naturally know where people are hanging out, don’t panic. It just means you’ll need to do some research to start. Head to Twitter or Facebook and search for your brand name, your competitors’ names, your keywords, industry, etc.

If there aren’t, are there a lot of people who list it as an interest and who may be interested in joining a community on your topic? Go to Yahoo Answers and see if people are asking or answering questions.

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