How to get found on Google? This is easier than you think.

If somebody has a 100% guranteed way how to achieve this, I would be glad to learn about it.

As I know there is actually nobody which such an easy and effortless way to achieve this. Because nobody knows what Google is doing except Google self.

So you need to use other ways to get in front of your audience when they are researching on the web to get found!

When I talk to people and they comply to me that they have used the best keywords and done SEO all of the search stuff but did not achieved their goals and still suffer of a lack of traffic, I always ask which kind of keywords they used an I am able to discover quickly that they wasted their time simply on the wrong keywords and the wrong doing!

It is no rocket science to pick the right keywords. Simply go to the Google Keywords tool and use your website link to generate a list of possible keywords. Now look which have about 500-1000 searches per month and the lowest competition. Of course they should fit into your business. Take care to pick long tail keywords (2-3 words) and build remarkable content around them.

Keep in mind with your keywords picking: Focus on getting found by customers when they research online for products and services your business also has to offer. Choose keywords your target audience research online in the search engines.

One great strategy to get found on Google is blogging!

Blogging increases your chances with every SEO optimized blog post to get found on Google. Blogging is a great way to build trust and credibility with your audience.

Companies who blog get:

  • Up to 55% more Traffic.
  • Up to 97% more Inbound Links.
  • Up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines.


Studies show that the critical number to increase the traffic and leads of a company are about 300+ blog posts. The more blog post you write the more traffic you will get.

Include in each blog post a call to action which leads your buyer persona to a landing page to capture them as a leads to follow up with them and to convert them to a paying customer.

Promote your blog posts in social media. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are also indexed from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The more you communicate in social media the more you increase your chances to pop up in the search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing as well.

This is a number game where you also need to have the quality facto, because nobody is interested to share crap.

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get found and get leadsDo you get found and get leads the smart way?

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STOP your sales pitches through email NOW

When you are blogging and are engaged in doing social media and some more remarkable activities on the internet to build awareness with your target audience than you are on a great way to success.

But when you fail in the last and most important part of your marketing, the lead generation than you your work, time and money are wasted!

I often hear and read, to be successful you need to blog, you need to do social media, and you need to write an eBook or whitepaper. You need to do this and you need to do that.

Ok, you have done all of this, but you still do not get the amount of leads, or any lead you need to make sales and revenue. What’s’ wrong?

Until the point of content creation and content distribution everything went fine in your work. But you forgot some important thing at the end!

You should lead your target audience to a dedicated landing page where they can register. To a landing page which is not made for “all of your customers” but for this one special buyer personas.

And I hope you have indentified your target audience, the different persons who buy from you, your buyer personas?!

Now they hopefully register for your valuable eBook, whitepaper or newsletter, and what’s next?

Yeah, you send them sales pitches, discount coupons, and so on! WRONG!

If you want to convert your leads to paying customers, you should strictly avoid pitching them through email! Otherwise your unsubscribe ratio could climb dramatically.

Don’t bother your leads with this kind of stuff? Change it NOW!

Improve your lead generation and lead nurturing process, to switch from “buy now and save 50%” to some kind of more valuable and share worthy content. Use the same kind of content, interesting, helpful, and remarkable and share worth information which you have produced to attract your buyer personas to your website and blog and encouraged them to register as leads!

I am sure this could increase your conversion rates massively.

How do you handle your leads to increase your revenue. I am looking forward to your comments in the comments section below.

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get found and get leadsDo you get found and get leads the smart way?

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3 Things To Consider Before You Blog.

Blogging is very interesting activities. Blogging is an art and blogging can make some one to become famous and even get richer than before. Before start your blogging activities or start your blog there are few things to consider to help you become a successful blogger.


Every bloggers need to divine where he or she want to go. He/she should clearly set what he/she wants with his/her blog. Like if you want to go somewhere, you need to choose your destination. Successful blogger always know his/her destination. Successful blogger s always knows what he/she wants and work hard to achieve the goal.

Setting up your goal is very important before you start to create your blog and work hard to make your blog to become a successful blog. If you know where you destination is, you should know what you need to get there 😉


Blogging means you need to spend your time with your blog and other stuffs every day. Better you start asking your self before you start you blogging journey. Do I have time to blog? This is important because I’ve seen few blogger can’t manage their blog anymore because they are don’t have time anymore. They are busy with other activities, like school, works or anything else.

You will need to spend more time with your blog to promote and share your articles, answer all the comments you receive, reply all the emails, engage with you readers, etc. So it is important to to decide if you want to become a full blogger or just a part time blogger.


At the first time, we all are newbie. No body born as an expert. So with your blog, do you have any experience to share? Are you the expert? People always love to read articles from the expert. You need to share your experience as an expert to you audience. Your article must be an article that people waiting for because you are the man in your field.

But we are not always nee to be an expert. If you like to learn and sharing your experience with your articles; people will come to your blog and mention your name at the blogosphere. The important thing is your articles always have value added whether you are and expert or just a newbie that really want to share a story at the blogosphere.

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About the author:

latief-pakpahan Another blogger



Latief is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional. He is the owner of the simple blogging tips blog ever and Build Business Blog for SME’S in his country and help them grow their business. Please add Latief as your friend @ Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or visit his Facebook Fan Page.


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Four steps how to avoid work overload with your Inbound Marketing

When you are doing internet marketing through corporate blogging, pay per click marketing and social media marketing to attract your target audience to your business, than it can become overwhelming to do all of the information and tasks necessary to stay on track.

Like any other business person you have to focus on your daily business tasks, simply to do business and revenue!

To get seen from your buyer personas it is important to be where they are and to get in touch and to interact with them.

The process of identifying your buyer persona is critical for your business. Moreover a good fundamental analysis of your buyer personas will save you a lot of time and money in the future and increase your revenue!

How to get more clients and sales with social media marketing

First step

Focus on find out what your buyer personas are. Find out what your customers have in common, how they found your offer on the internet and why they buy your products and services. Digg deeper and try to find out what kind of interest they have next to your products and services. For example find out what kind of hobby they have and on which social networks, groups and forums they are mostly around on the internet.

Draw a buyer persona sheet for every buyer persona you discover and complete and update the sheet constantly. So you always are on track with your potential customers.

Second step

Visit the social networks, groups and forums and listen first and contribute second there. Be helpful with your comments and ask educated questions to drive attention to you. Publish helpful articles there to drive more attention to you. Invite those members who interact with you and invite their friends from the social networks, groups and forums as well. So you will grow your network step by step.

Third step

Produce remarkable and helpful content. Test the content to see which topics work and focus on them. Produce and offer special content to be downloaded from your website only. Set landing pages and generate leads. As you generate leads you should produce further content to include this into your email messages for lead nurturing. Keep in mind to not to do sales pitches in your content and lead nurturing as well. Be informative and helpful. This will increase your reputation and trust.

Fourth step

Measure which articles and topics bring you the most response in traffic, leads and revenue and focus on them. So you make your doings much smarter and you save a lot of time.

You should take one hour each day for each task. This offers you the opportunity to do five tasks a week and plan your time much better.


Focus on blogging. Companies that blog get up 57% more traffic to their website than companies which do not blog. Therefore I suggest that you save three hours per week for content creation. Remain two hours you can use to spread your content in your communication channels like social networks, groups and forums and to do conversation with your network.

How do you organize your inbound marketing and what are your results? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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How to Get Over “Bloggers’ Block”

Rather than being an unfortunate illness that befalls those who share their thoughts online, “Bloggers Block” is the blogging version of writer’s block, and it happens to us all.

Whether you write a blog for a business, a hobby or just for recreation, chances are that you will have had that moment when you pull up the chair to the computer and end up just staring at a blank screen for hours on end.

When you’re paid to blog for a business and the traffic your blog brings is vital for bringing in leads, blaming writer’s block may not be met with a great deal of enthusiasm from those above, so what should you do if you find yourself struck with a writer’s worst nightmare?

Calm Down!

One of the worst things you can do when you are struggling for inspiration is get yourself worked up. It can be immensely frustrating when you are struggling for words and it is only made worse when you can feel the boss’s eyes burrowing in to the back of your head.

If at the start of the day the words just aren’t flowing, take a walk around the office, go on a coffee run or just go for some air for five minutes. You will often find that your inspiration is more likely to come when you aren’t trying to force it.

No joy? Then try…

Reading the News

News is everywhere. It is available 24 hours a day and you can find out what’s going on in every corner of the planet. If your brain isn’t giving you the answers you are looking for then the news websites might!

Somewhere, something will being going on that you can relate back to your business or interest. Whether it’s economic news, industry gossip or just something that you can draw parallels to in your arena, it is all fair game for blogging on.

By flicking through some of my own old blogs you will see posts that centre around football, the economy and any number of seemingly unrelated news stories that my inspiration starved brain has managed to make relevant, so if you’re still finding things tough, hit the various news websites and try your luck there. Make it good enough and you can even reshape it into a press release, giving your blog/company’s view on the news stories of the day. It might just give you some visibility and a few extra juicy links.

Ok Alan, it’s now half past 12, I’ve been staring at the screen for 3 and a half hours and my boss’s looks are turning into glares! The walk didn’t help and I spent an hour reading about celebrities on the news websites, now what?!

If all else fails, you can always try….

Write About Your Writer’s Block!

I know, it sounds a bit lame but it can really help to get the juices flowing. If all that is going through your mind is how you can’t think of anything to write, then write about it! It might turn into something that you can host on your blog or it could start the processes working in your mind so that you can come up with something better. Either way, it is a great way of jump starting your brain, and more importantly letting your boss see that you are doing some work!

So what can you take away from this blog? Well the key things to remember are;

Don’t PanicPressure is the writer’s worst enemy so if you feel yourself getting tense, do something to relieve the tension.

Seek Inspiration Elsewhere You are only an internet connection away from a whole world of inspiration, just make sure it doesn’t turn in to another distraction!

Write About Your Writer’s Block – It’s happening, it’s all you can think about and it is taking over your day, so just write about the thoughts that are going through your head! It might not be something you can end up using but it could be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing. Do it well enough and you could even end up using it as a guest blog….

There’s plenty you can do to break the curse of bloggers block, so don’t let it ruin your day and see how many different ways there are to find a little creative inspiration.

How do you get over boggers’ block? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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About the author:

 How Can the Social Revolution Help the B2B Search Marketer?Alan Grainger is an in-house B2B web marketer and manages the SEO for The Corporate Gifts Company, a leading UK specialist in the business gifts sector. He writes articles exploring the issues faced by the B2B web marketer, giving an “in the trenches” view from an in-house SEO department.



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How to combine SEO and social media to generate web leads

When businesses research for research for lead generation opportunities then they are often directed to social media.

Social media is often sold as the only way to sustain and to generate business leads.

But nobody tell those businesses that social media is only one piece of the puzzle.

To attract future customers to a business it needs a little bit more than a facebook page or a Twitter account.

It needs interesting, helpful, remarkable and share worthy content. To get this kind of content businesses need to understand their audience in full.

This is best achieved by taking the effort to research the different buyer personas which are interested in the products and services of a company.

Such a research shows that those future customers are, where they are around on the internet, which kind of solutions they are looking to solve their specific problems and some more.

When a business has done this kind of buyer persona analysis, then they know how and where to approach the right future customer.

With this buyer persona analysis businesses become able to produce SEO ready content which attracts their buyer personas and publish and distribute this content on social media as well.

Search engines do index social media content, and when a business is distributing their content in social media, the chances are good that there content appears in the next search results on Google on the first page. Social media is also called the NEW SEO!

To gain profit from content creation and distribution there should be effective lead capture – landing pages with compelling offers and clear call to action be in place to convert those prospects to leads.

Now when they are leads they should be nurtured to make paying customers out of them during the time.

It is clear that social media is an important part of the puzzle, but only one part. To get the right picture on the end of the day businesses need to use the whole above mentioned tools. This ensures a social media profit on the end of the day.

The best strategy to get all of this done with a positive result is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has proven that it offers an up 62% lower cost per lead than traditional advertising.

How do you manage your content creation  to increase your lead rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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Triple leads, double conversions with revamped web content

To get found and to get leads you need to have a website and structure made this way that your website becomes a “magnet like marketing hub” which pulls your visitors in and acts like a funnel for leads.

The most effective way to attract interested visitors is to publish interesting content through a corporate blog, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The more interesting and remarkable your published content is, the more it will be viewed and shared, which also increases your visibility. Also you need to do SEO for your content and include long tail keywords to take advantage of these niche keywords.

Studies show that companies who blog and publish their content through social media, get up to 55% more website traffic.

There is a strict correlation between published blog articles, Backlinks and traffic. Businesses which have 500+ blog articles published have a massive increase in traffic and Backlinks.

Also the published content can be reworked and re-published in document sharing sites like Here you can reach additional audience and attract them to your website or blog.

The more you publish the more people you will reach. Be creative by finding new ways to publish your content. Build as many outposts online as you can. Each article, blog comment and guest post is an additional chance to get found and to get leads!

Here are some potential outposts for you:

Your corporate blog

To get further creative ways to publish content online, just look what and how other industries do content publishing.

Your content is a trust builder and shows your competencies and build credibility with your audience. So your web content becomes your most valuable asset to triple leads and double conversions.

How do you pln to revamp your web content  to increase your lead rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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Consumer behavior has changed. How about YOUR marketing?

How you market your products and services needs to change.

The interruption marketing from yesterday is not working anymore. More than 200 million Americans are on do not call lists and one third researches their products and services online before they purchase them.

What do they find about you when they research for products and services you also have to offer? Will they find you, or will they find your competition?

Make a test and go to Google search and type in your industry keywords, hit the search button and see what comes up.

Is your company on the first page of Google? If not than you have problem.

But don’t worry; you still can change the game for your advantage. You simply need to get found!

This is easy. Start doing inbound marketing. Publish share worthy content on your own corporate blog and in social media.

Engage with your audience and you are on your way to transform your marketing to the inbound marketing – GET FOUND and GET LEADS WAY.

Some facts:

The Inbound Average Response Rate is 20-50%

Inbound marketing leads have a conversion rate of up to 55%

Inbound marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional outbound marketing.

You can increase your revenue by up to 13%

How do you mange your marketing  to increase lead to customer rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
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What’s the best way to sell with social media?

It’s very simple: The best way to sell with social media is NOT to sell! Think different!

Why does a customer buy? A customer buys when he trusts you and your business and when he is sure you understand his needs.

There we are. You only can sell to somebody who trusts you.

How to gain trust? Not through sales pitches in social media that’s for sure!

You can gain the trust and credibility of your audience when you are a helpful source and they get the feeling you want to educate them and to solve their problems.

You can gain trust and credibility when you engage with your audience by publishing helpful and share worthy content online.

To better understand this process you should also read Chris Brogans’ and Julian Smiths’ book “Trust Agents”. They describe how and why it is important to earn the trust of your audience before you make an offer.

In simple words: Be there before the sale!

The best way to move from content publishing in social media to real revenue is to convert interested visitors to leads and to paying customers by a lead nurturing process which also consist of the distribution of valuable content and NOT sales pitches!

When you engage in social media and your only goal is to sell as quickly as you can, than you miss some important and more powerful benefits which social media has offer to your business.

With the help of social media you can build brand awareness and loyalty. Brand awareness and loyalty lasts longer than dump sales pitches! Think about it!

To get people engaged you need to educate and to entertain them. The more you are able to engage your audience, the more attractive you will become and the more leads and business you will get out of social media.

Your social media profit depends mostly of your creativity, communication skills and the ability to try out new ways.

How do you do yoursociel media marketing? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
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6 Reasons for a corporate blog to get business leads

Corporate blogs are now of the prominent inbound marketing strategies to gain targeted web traffic.

Almost all the major businesses online have a corporate blog where they share their latest product information, latest product news, information about new launches etc. In other ways, it is one of the effective efficient inbound marketing strategies to improve search engine rankings.

This article provides advantages of corporate blog and how it helps in driving targeted web traffic to your business website.


1. Advantages of having Corporate Blog

Corporate blogs are gold mines for business online. Corporate blog is recommended by top marketing consultants in Internet today. The major reasons for going for a business blog for your business online are

2. Blogs are search engine friendly

Search engines like the latest content and always look for fresh content. Adding an important update in your corporate blog or about a product launch etc. will help in getting recognized online by search engines. This is best possible through business blog.

3. Show your expertise and Authority

If you are looking to get recognized online, then one of the best way to show your expertise in your niche through corporate blog. All the major companies have corporate blogs or even whole corporate blog networks which are managed by top layer of the companies. Blogs are one of the best ways to show your authority online.

4. Share and Improve relations with your customers and clients

Corporate blogs helps in sharing insights and also improving customers for your blog. Blogs can be used to give pre-defined answers and queries which solve your clients questions. This helps in having more customer orientation and at the same time increasing trust in your clients.

5. Increase your brand Image

Business blogs helps in improving brand image and also helps in getting recognized by customers. Now every customers look for reviews of your website. It is through business blog your customers can know much about your business growth, launches, reviews thus helping to improve brand image for your organizations.

6. Decrease marketing budgets

Corporate blogs helps in driving targeted web traffic for your blog. As you get more traffic from search engines, you can get more leads for business lead generation campaigns. This helps in decreasing marketing budgets for driving new leads.

Start your business blog today and see the major advantages by adding latest blog tools.

Do you have a corporate blog in use and how are your experiences? Please leave your comment below!


More important resource about corporate blogging:

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Easy tips how to get content for your blog

This is the most asked question executives ask when corporate blogging is mentioned.

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to attract new customers towards a business website, products and services.

With blogging businesses can build trust and credibility with their audience. Studies show that businesses who blog get up to 55% more traffic to their website than businesses who don’t blog.

Each published blog entry is an outpost of a company and an additional chance to get found, seen and get leads online.

The more blog articles, remarkable content you publish, the more chances you have to get found from your audience online.

But how often should you blog and what topic should you blog about? How to get ideas for remarkable articles?

How often should you blog?

In the beginning of your blogging activities when you start with your corporate blog you could start with two blog articles per week.

The rule is, the more articles you publish, the higher are your chances to get found.

How to get ideas for remarkable articles?

As your business is full of information and know how you can squeeze out tons of content to write remarkable and helpful article to attract your audience.

To get ideas to write blog articles you could use some sources which are actually available for you like this below:

Email, in email you can find a lot of content potential. For example a customer request for support and your answer. I am sure you could make a 300 word article for a blog from out this email.

Industry related forum posts, Forums are a great source to learn about the issues and questions of your target audience. Read through forum posts and I am sure there will be questions and answers which you can compile to a helpful and remarkable article.

Event Video, when you have been on an event or trade show than you could use your impressions to write an article about news and trends of your industry.

Interviews, with customers can be great content resources as a customer reference is very trustworthy information which for sure will attract interested audience to your blog.

Company news, you could write about news, innovation and inventions of your company and how the benefit your target audience.

Your personal thought, could be very valuable for your customers. It shows you and your business as human and this gains you trust and credibility too.

I am sure when you go through these tips you will find more sources in your company to get content ideas for your corporate blog.



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Make your corporate blog more popular and credible

Make good relationships with your industry related bloggers.

To get visitors to your blog you need to get seen from your audience.

One of the best ways to get attention from you audience is to write a corporate blog. you should regular read and comment on industry related blogs and maintain friendly relationship to those bloggers. You can ask them to write guest posts for you and to do the same for them.

Here is a list of top bog directories where you can find your industry related bloggers, to build and maintain relationships with them to increase the trust and credibility in your target audience.

  1. Blog Catalogue
  2. Technorati Blogged
  3. Blog Top List
  4. Ice Rocket
  5. Top Blog Area
  6. Bloggapedia
  7. Top Blogging
  8. Blog Hub
  9. Blog Search Now
  10. Alltop

Go through this list and look out for industry related bloggers. You do not need to focus on the most popular. You should focus on the emerging bloggers and choose to grow your blogging career together with them.


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Inbound Links, the new currencies online

Inbound links are the new currency for websites online. Inbound links help you to rank better in the search engines and generate more referral traffic.

Also the count of your inbound links shows your potential clients the value you can offer.

The more inbound links, the more people think you are credible and have valuable content which is link worthy.

To get a massive amount of inbound links you need to produce remarkable and link worthy content and promote this content online and through social media.

When you are starting to get inbound links from other blogs and websites you should analyze it and see where they are coming from and to whom they are linked too and who is linking back to your link sources.

Checkout which of those linked sites has a good SEO authority, Page Rank and, Inbound links and Alexa Rank. Checkout how active there audience is on those websites. The more activity there is the better.

When sites are linking back to you means they think your content is link worthy. So you should get in touch with them to build a relationship. Their target audience could become your paying customer.

Track your inbound links and measure your growth and sources.

Marketing Takeaway Tipp: The more valuable and remarkable content you produce, the more chances you build to get Inbound links.

More resources to this topic:

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7 Ways how to empower your social networking with blog commenting

When a social media marketing agency thinks of getting awareness through social media channels, it prefers to use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to reach the people.

But, leaving a comment on a blog is a very effective way to get traffic and you can say that it is very useful for an inbound marketing because a business leads quickly with the help of blog commenting.

Moreover, it tells us how to get customers involved in our business. Research the blogs that your customers are reading

The first way is to research of which business blog customers are reading.

Suppose you are businessman, you should look for business consulting blogs.

There are so many business blogs that are very famous, so you can comment on those so that you can get more traffic to your business blog as well as company website.

2. Be regular in reading and commenting
Another way is to be regular in reading business or corporate blogs as it is very useful.

We must spend at least one hour in leaving comments on corporate as well as business blogs.

3. Find Relevant bloggers by twitter
The best way to find bloggers is twitter as millions of people are on twtter, so we can get to know about more bloggers so that we can comment on their blogs.

4. Know mentality of the bloggers
As much as we read business or corporate blogs, you get to know the mentality of bloggers so that you can provide the comment according to their mentality.

It will make them paying more attention to our comments.

5. Provide insightful comments
Always leave an insightful comment on a company or business blog and the comment must be informative.

You must leave a comment after reading the post completely so that you can leave a comment on basis of content of a company or business blog and comment must be relevant.

6. Follow up with a question
Another important thing is that we must always ask question to a blogger at the end of comment so that he can pay attention to your comment and your company’s blog.

Follow up with a question means that you read a corporate blog carefully and it is great impression of you for the bloggers whom blogs your read.

7. Leave your url with comment
Whenever you comment on corporate blogs, you must be leave url of your company website or your company blog.

By doing this, you can get more traffic towards your company url that is very useful for your company’s website or blog.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Social networking and blogging goes hand in hand to improve your business online. It is very easy to empower your social networking with blog commenting.

Related Links:

Some resources to help you to become succesful in social media marketing:

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Setup a corporate blog to get traffic and sales

Setting up a corporate blog to get some traffic and sales can be a good idea to expand your online business.

Today at times when each and every single thing is marketed online and is available for you at online shops, it is very easy to expand your business and to get some sales and profits. But this can be achieved with effective marketing strategies and techniques.

corporate blog Setting up a corporate blog is one such marketing technique which brings you revenue and also generates new business leads.

Corporate blogging needs some tactics and lots of efforts to get started and to get traffic.

You need search engine submission to get some search engine traffic and business leads by which you can actually sustain competition in the market and business.

Traffic which is referred to as a fuel of the blog is necessary to run your blog and business smoothly. The better is your fuel, the better will be your business running online. Or you can say that more targeted you get the traffic, better will be your sales and business leads.

Internet marketing is today very easy and affordable with the help of tools and tactics that you can use free of cost. But what you pay is what you get, so you can get better businesses if you can invest some time and money into it.

Also it is important that you concentrate on some of the brilliant social networking and bookmarking sites that helps your corporate blog to get search engine traffic. These are one of the best ways to market your online business.

These are cost effective and very affordable techniques to drive more business leads for your corporate blog and thus increasing traffic and sales.

Here are some more tips by which you can setup your corporate blog and start getting some traffic and sales.


  • Post valuable content that is interesting and knowledgeable. This should satisfy the needs of people who are in search of answer to the particular query.
  • Be consistent and give time to your corporate blogging. Give your readers some valuable information regularly for which they will be returning back for latest updates and news.
  • Learn some SEO and do link building to promote your corporate blog in web. You can also hire inbound marketing experts for this job that can serve you best for increasing your traffic and sales.
  • Your blog should be designed in such a way that people can easily navigate through your corporate blog.

Marketing take away tip: Corporate blog helps in giving better information about your business latest updates to your network. As searching engines started indexing social media content, submitting your corporate blog to social media helps in driving new business leads and increasing sales.

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