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How to combine SEO and social media to generate web leads

When businesses research for research for lead generation opportunities then they are often directed to social media.

Social media is often sold as the only way to sustain and to generate business leads.

But nobody tell those businesses that social media is only one piece of the puzzle.

To attract future customers to a business it needs a little bit more than a facebook page or a Twitter account.

It needs interesting, helpful, remarkable and share worthy content. To get this kind of content businesses need to understand their audience in full.

This is best achieved by taking the effort to research the different buyer personas which are interested in the products and services of a company.

Such a research shows that those future customers are, where they are around on the internet, which kind of solutions they are looking to solve their specific problems and some more.

When a business has done this kind of buyer persona analysis, then they know how and where to approach the right future customer.

With this buyer persona analysis businesses become able to produce SEO ready content which attracts their buyer personas and publish and distribute this content on social media as well.

Search engines do index social media content, and when a business is distributing their content in social media, the chances are good that there content appears in the next search results on Google on the first page. Social media is also called the NEW SEO!

To gain profit from content creation and distribution there should be effective lead capture – landing pages with compelling offers and clear call to action be in place to convert those prospects to leads.

Now when they are leads they should be nurtured to make paying customers out of them during the time.

It is clear that social media is an important part of the puzzle, but only one part. To get the right picture on the end of the day businesses need to use the whole above mentioned tools. This ensures a social media profit on the end of the day.

The best strategy to get all of this done with a positive result is inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has proven that it offers an up 62% lower cost per lead than traditional advertising.

How do you manage your content creation  to increase your lead rate? I am looking forward to your comments below!

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