Google Bing and Yahoo Are Indexing Your Social Media Content Now

Social Media is powerful way to generate traffic and leads for your website online. Many companies have already started using Social Media for promoting their business products. But they only used to get traffic and leads from these social communities. But in recent days, Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing started indexing this social content.

This gives a chance to improve your link popularity and also improve brand image of your organization. So how really active are you in social media now?

Google’s real time search features were launched in the month of December last year when social communities like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace were announced as partners. In later days Twitter integration was also been live and integration of fan pages in facebook are yet to be completed.

Adding Myspace, Facebook and Twitter updates gives users opportunities for their status updates, blog posts and other data live in search results of Google. This can increase the lead count thus by increasing traffic for your websites.

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Tips for Getting Recognition through Updates

Due to the latest changes from Google and Google real time updates, your status messages and blog posts are indexed very quickly in Google. This gives your product launches, offers to be reached to public more quickly.

Some of the tips for getting more recognition are:

Post Regularly
Post your blog posts every day and don’t forget to update in social media. Use tools like live wire for using its service to update in all social communities.

Produce High quality tweets
Produce Tweets which are having high quality and provide good number of referrals for your website. Use latest twitter tools like which spreads your face book and other social community information to your tweeters.

Constantly update your status and Latest Offers
If you are not using either of the above services, update constantly to gain more recognition and get high quality leads for your promotions and products.

For more information related to search engines indexing your social media updates, visit the links given below:
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