Leverage your employees to quadruple your business leads

To get attention in social media it is necessary to be visible where your audience is on the web. The more your business is visible the more potential customers will become aware of your business.

Marketing on the web is a numbers game. The more you put in the more comes out. 😉

To get the most out of your internet marketing, you should involve your employees in your lead generation activities!

For example: On Zappos the shou company, every employee is tweeting. Zappos has hundreds of employees.

Imagine the buzz for your business through this massive tweeting!

Encourage all of your employees to share company content in their social media channels and to write for your corporate blog about things they are interested in. Tell them to share company related special news or job vacancies.

By involving your employees in your social media marketing you leverage your chances to get seen online and to attract the right people to your business. This means that your chances increase massively to generate more leads and more revenue.

7 tipps how to proceed now:

1. Establish a social media policy. So you clearly define which kind of information can be published and which not.
2. Register a corporate Twitter account and for each employee a separate one, for example: “Frank-yourbusiness”. Follow each other twitter account.
3. Setup a network of blogs for your business. Give every employee an access to write blog posts which decides to do so.
4. Connect the employee blog with their corp. twitter and private account and their private facebook profiles and your corporate facebook fan page.
5. Choose two people for your Facebook corporate fan page as administrators.
6. Publish only interesting information. You should avoid talking about yourself, means your business only. Instead of publish helpful information and share those online and encourage your employees to do the same.
7. Establish effective landing pages with a compelling call to action you can offer free information like whitepapers, eBooks, how-to’s and training videos to encourage your visitors to register. So you generate leads through your activities. Promote that free information in you network of blogs, on facebook, twitter and on any other place where your target audience is around!

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