28% of Businesses Have NO Social Media Strategy

In recent years there has been a predominant increase in business online due to globalization.
Now there is severe competition in every business niche and strategic inbound marketing solutions are available for businesses to generate massive amount of leads.
For any business to build an optimized web presence in web, there needs to be some social media marketing strategies that are to be planned that generate massive amount of leads.
28% of Businesses Have NO Social Media Strategy This article describes some stunning facts which brings into picture that 28% of businesses online doesn’t have a social media strategy.
Internet business is all about survival of the fittest. There are many marketing strategies such as social media marketing tactics, inbound marketing solutions that needs to be followed to sustain and generate good amount of profits online.

A recent survey was conducted with around 450 marketing and strategic consultants from various companies around the world about their approach to social media.
With the information gathered about how important is social media to their business and marketing online, it is found that around 28% of marketing consultants are not even concentrating on social media marketing.
This means high amount of market is up for grabs for other marketing consultants.

Among the internet marketing consultants who have replied that they are using social media marketing strategy for their business, here are some brief points which state the importance of social media marketing for business.

Key Points in success of Social Media marketing for business

  • Main thing about social media marketing tactics is constant update of original and quality content.
  • Sharing is very much necessary in social media marketing and giving response to your users is very much important.
  • Many are planning to increase their social media marketing budgets as they are now coming to know the advantages of social media marketing and its success in generating massive amount of leads.
  • Some companies which are using social media marketing internally are now planning to use these to expand their business through social media platforms.
Do you have any tips about Social Media Marketing? What are they and how do Social Media Marketing for your business?


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  1. So true.
    And if you have a web site, please consider not putting country flags on it as a way to show that you are GLOBAL. The translations provided are terrible and will NOT bring you any international business!

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