Make your campaign personal and increase your revenue

Studies show that personalized campaigns bring better results. This is not new but most companies still ignore this fact.

Sure it is more effective to speak to a buyer persona more personally than to fire a “one size fits all marketing message” in the hope one bullet will hit the target.

When you talk to your leads than you have to talk to them personally if you want to make a deal, right? You do your conversation in a friendly personal way. So why not start with this kind of friendly and personal way when doing your lead generation campaigns?

EMarketer and EPISERVER studies shows that campaigns done personal have the best results.

Also this Studie show that most of the asked marketers are planning to increase their campaign personalization efforts to increase their visitor to lead and the lead to customer ratio.

Some great ways to personalize your marketing efforts are the use of personalization features in your email management system. Also you can include in your set of share buttons on your blog an option to ‘email this article’, only to name some of them.

As those studies also show what marketer are already doing and what they plan to do in the future, you should also set your plan for campaign personalization to increase your lead generation and conversion quote.

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