Content Creation Strategy

How Content Marketing Helps Demonstrate Thought Leadership and Boosts SEO

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Content marketing has established as a powerful way to engage customers. An increasing number of B2C and B2B marketer are faced with the challenge to produce and publish buyer persona oriented interesting and remarkable content to attract customers to their products and services. A seriously executed content marketing strategy can be responsible for 25x times […]

Content Marketing

B2B Marketing Social Networks for more Business Leads

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Social Media Marketing has been one of the successful marketing strategies for marketers and companies online in recent years. There are some major social media communities and emerging social media communities that can help business to improve their marketing strategies online. These social media networks help in providing b2b marketing solutions and generate quality marketing […]

inbound marketing

9 Easy Steps How to Generate Business Leads on Google+

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There’s major buzz in the marketing space regarding Google’s addition to the social media madness, “Google Plus (+)”. “If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+” – Olaf Wempe Some believe Google Plus will quickly replace Twitter, as it provides an easier way to manage and communicate with friends. Others believe that […]

Closed-Loop Marketing

4 Steps How Closed-Loop Marketing Can Help you Grow your Revenue

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Online Business has developed tremendously in recent years. To promote business online, there are many important marketing strategies adopted by companies to generate revenue for their business. Closed loop marketing is one efficient marketing strategy that is key point in generating quality business leads and revenue for organizations. About Closed Loop marketing A successful company […]

Get Found Online

Who get you more business leads Google+ or Pinterest?

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Social Media marketing has influenced the marketing strategies of business organizations online in recent years. Almost all of the niches are now using social media marketing for their business promotion online. There is heavy competition in these social media sites as well on grabbing advertisers to market through these sites. Newly emerged social media sites […]

Online Reputation

How B2B Marketers can connect to Small Business Owners

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In March 2012, marketing agency Cargo and Inc. Magazine found the majority (52%) of US small-business owners felt companies did not market to them effectively. Moreover 43% – 45% of the small business owners said companies made little effort to understand their individual needs and their business. Most of the small business owners do the […]