Businesses are lagging behind their Customers in the Digital Age

marketing budgets on social media,benefits of facebook for business,how to generate business,Content marketing,Recent stats show that those marketers spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on social media which includes the outreach to target audience on social sites, advertising and maintaining a social media presence.

Most marketers have or plan to increase their budgets for social media marketing by up to 25% in 2012.

Content marketing has established as a powerful way to engage customers in social media. An increasing number of B2C and B2B marketer are faced with the challenge to produce and publish buyer persona oriented interesting and remarkable content to attract customers on the web and in social media to their products and services.

The most popular channel to share content is social media. About 76% of marketers say they used a social network as the main channel for content distribution.

Successful companies use every possible communication channel to get in touch with their target audience. They are interested in what their recent and future customers are thinking and communicating about them.

This communication ability helps them to better understand and to serve their audience, which sets them apart from their competition and gives them wide advantages in their business field.

Businesses which are willing to communicate with their audience in blogs and social media show that they care about the people who spend their money with them.

Businesses which avoid an open and authentic communication in blogs and social media show exactly the opposite. Why should the customer than care about to make any further business with them?

Successful businesses in B2C and B2B have embraced the wide opportunities which blogs and social media offers to them to spread the word and to reach their audience where there are around.

Infographic: How Brands Listen in the Digital Age

marketing budgets on social media,benefits of facebook for business,how to generate business,Content marketing,


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video, video conferencing, webinars, video meeting, web meetings, virtual meetings, web event, This technology can change the world !

Facts :

· Google loves Video !

· Cisco predict there will be a 10 fold increase in the use of Video Conferencing/Webinars over the next 5 years

· Internet Video traffic is now 40% of consumer internet

· People retain 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see

· Video is the single, most effective form of communication

· Companies continue to look for additional creative marketing platforms

· ‘Old school’ marketing is no longer effective

What is a Video Conference / Webinar ?

Called by many names a Video Conference, a Video Meeting or a Webinar – all meaning the same thing. It is an highly effective, browser based, simple to use virtual Video Meeting Room, where, at the click of a button with a link, you are able to host large or small online meetings with people locally or globally, to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Access to online meetings is now available on most ‘smart phones’.

Some are saying it is the ‘new’ business card.

Many have not yet fully embraced or grasped the power of this technology, perhaps for fear of losing ‘the personal’ touch or the ‘face to face’ meeting scenario. However, we cannot stop progress and this is where things are headed if you want to see it.

‘Going green’ is what the world is advocating and what better way to save on time, energy, airfares, hotel accommodation, increase productivity and ultimately save money, than by hosting meetings, trainings, launches etc online.

This could be perceived as an adjunct marketing platform, or an additional marketing tool to what you already have in place.

The marketplace has become global and this technology enables you to go global with ease.

General features –

· Attract and drive more people to your business

· Share Powerpoint presentations

· Share ideas

· Share Videos

· Show websites

· Share photos

· Review contracts or documents in a safe and secure environment

· Share your desktop

· Use the white boarding feature, with interactive tools, like drawing and highlighting, to make it simpler for your attendees to collaborate with you.

Creative Uses :


Develop a series of Webinars over a number of weeks, with content relevant to your clients or prospects. In this space, you can educate and demonstrate the value of your products or services. Guest specialist speakers always add value.


Invite your media contacts, industry analysts, clients and prospects. Elevate the level of conversation by inviting specialists in your audience to answer questions and provide input.


People perceive you differently when they know where you are coming from – eg, reducing your carbon footprint. Attract people ‘through the back door’ by hosting a Video Conference, selecting a relevant and current ’green’ subject matter, with the added attraction of a guest speaker, who should be a well-known expert or specialist in that particular field. Your guest speaker will, in their own right, easily attract a large audience – Everyone benefits.


A book tour can be very costly. Authors can save a fortune by hosting a virtual book tour. This can be co-marketed with e-commerce book companies, online communities and off-line bookstores, that want to drive traffic to their stores and sites.

· The ARTS

For Movie/TV/Radio/Theatre/Music/Dance Promotions, use Webinars to reach large groups of people to interview actors, singers, dancers, poets, playwrights, producers, choreographers, directors etc. These web events can be conducted with the media, through relevant websites, e-commerce sites, TV, newspaper or magazine, radio web sites.


Artists across all art form mediums, can use Video Conferencing to go global, communicate and show their art to the world. They could even stream a pre-recorded video on a virtual tour of their art from their own studio or gallery. Inviting a well known art expert as a guest speaker, who in their own rights, will attract numbers to the web event, would be an added bonus.


To better assist journalists with their stories, invite reporters or editors to an online web interview to discuss issues, show products, present information and data.


Focus groups can view and research products through audio, chat or text-based questions. Polls and online surveys are also a popular feature in these focus groups and are available features with this technology.


Create a virtual show in a Video Meeting Room, where different companies can participate in interactive sessions, with people interested in learning more about your company’s products and services. Due to budget and time constraints, people cannot always travel far distances to attend an event. CUSTOMER SERVICE

Give E-Commerce customers live assistance when choosing products. Invite them to a product knowledge session. The Video Meeting Room can feature a live individual or be a pre-recorded session.


Give E-Commerce customers live assistance when choosing products. Invite them to a product knowledge session. The Video Meeting Room can feature a live individual or be a pre-recorded session.


Web conferencing is a great way to demonstrate the uses of products.

· EDITING on the fly

Edit on the fly in a safe and secure environment, with people from different geographic regions. Everyone can view the same document simultaneously, so edits can be made quickly and efficiently, without costly delays.

· Editing WEB SITES

This is a highly efficient way to review web pages with a group of people.


Webinars are becoming increasingly popular and convenient as a training tool.


Companies can easily go global and hire the best from anywhere in the world, using Video Conferencing as an interviewing tool, inviting prospective employees to interact and collaborate. Here they can upload their resumes and review same with them, together with others, who are part of the hiring process, but are located in other regions.


Video Meeting Rooms can be used as a ‘Contact Us’ feature. People can request an instant meeting to talk with you and learn more about what you do.


Invite analysts, media and shareholders to a Web Conference for quarterly reviews, announcements and appointments.


A great tool for Community forums and groups to connect, collaborate and communicate on :

o Community issues, problems

o Neighbourhood watches can have a better handle on crime and policing


More and more businesses are seeing the value of using this technology to communicate and collaborate with employees and management nationally or globally on a more regular basis, saving time, energy, travel, communication bills, accommodation bills, etc, increasing productivity and ultimately saving money.


More and more institutions are embracing this technology for :

o Distance learning

o Extra mural classes moderated by Teachers

o Students can ‘study together’ without ‘being together’

o School board meetings

o Teacher training

o Academic contests e.g. debates, with other institutions

· CHURCHES, NGO’s (Charities), CLUBS

Institutions using Webinars can :

o Interact with members and constituents

o Conduct remote study with exchange groups

o Conduct Church meetings

o Conduct Board or Committee meetings

o Host Fundraising campaigns

o Host Planning sessions

o Host Remote counselling


Infographic: Video Conferencing

video, video conferencing, webinars, video meeting, web meetings, virtual meetings, web event,

Heather de Wit considers herself to be an ‘out of the box’ thinker and is happy to share her knowledge on the merits of utilising Video Email and Conferencing/Webinars. Her experience as a sole Entrepreneur for over 20 years spans marketing, advertising and PR.  She enjoys creative writing, singing at functions and is a self-taught artist.


Get in touch with heather :


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Customers Demand Brands to Prove Themselves Trustworthy

brand advocates, content creation service, Smart Inbound Marketing, social media lead generation, Win Customer LoyaltyTrust is a major factor when it comes to get new customers acquired.

Companies need to understand that they need be there before they ask for a sale. They need to establish themselves as an authority and trusted source in their industry. conducted a survey where they find out that 84% of said that brands must prove themselves trustworthy before they buy or interact in any other way!

how to overcome competitors in business,customer loyalty,benefits of facebook for businessReviews (customer generated content) are a way how brands can gain trust with future customers said 41% of the surveyed people.

This brings us to the most effective way how to gain customer trust before you ask for the sale.

Content marketing is a proven way to engage customers.

A seriously executed content marketing strategy can be responsible for 25x times more business leads and boosts your revenue by up to 40%!

One of the most popular channels to share content is social media. About 76% of marketers use a social network as the main channel for content distribution.

To share content in social media is not enough. Content creation and content marketing must be executed as a holistic strategy and have to be performed on regular basis to gain profitable results on the long term.

Companies utilizing content marketing strategy report an up to 2,000% lift in blog traffic and 40% boost in revenue.

How to start content marketing?

The best way to start content marketing for business is to start a corporate blog. Recent and future customers can interact this way with your business. You show expertise and offer valuable information to solve your audience’s problems. This gains trust.

Blogging has great advantages and here are the most important:

  • 1. Blogging companies get up to 55% more Traffic
  • 2. Blogging companies get up to 97% more Inbound Links
  • 3. Blogging companies get up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines
  • 4. Blogging companies get up to 25x times more business leads


All of this above builds trust and increases brand visibility. As a result this brings more interested people to the offers and can increase revenue in the long term.

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Is there NO Difference between B2B and B2C Communication?

b2b viral marketing,marketing tips for new business,small business b2b marketingOften I get asked how to communicate with B2B or B2C and where the differences are by attracting the right people.

There is a simple answer: There is no difference in communication.

But you should understand your audience and communicate in that way that your communication is worth for them to get noticed.

You should know who you want to attract to your offers. And when you know who your audience, your buyer personas are than you can create interesting and remarkable information for those people.

How to know what your “buyer personas” are interested in? Just ask them what they are interested in. You can do this in social media on Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also take a closer look to your email archive and the requests there. You should be able to put together an interesting catalogue of topics your “buyer personas” are interested in.

Now you are able to give valuable answers to these questions. An effective way to get the attention of your audience is to write this down as blog articles and to publish this content on the web and in social media. This should attract the right buyer personas to these articles and in the next steps lead them to dedicated landing pages and to your products and services.


Infographic: The Inbound Marketing Multiplier



As you can see there is no difference in the doings to attract the right buyer personas. If you offer something of value you will attract a steady stream of fresh leads. You decide which they should be, B2B or B2C.


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Why marketers Increase their Social Media Marketing Budgets?

Social media is a great communication channel there is no question. Smart marketers use social media to offer great support, increase brand reach and to generate business leads, only to name some of the great opportunities which the social web offers.

Recent stats show that those marketers spend less than 20% of their marketing budgets on social media which includes the outreach to target audience on social sites, advertising and maintaining a social media presence.

No matter of the popularity this described budget size seems to be small compared with the power of the social web for businesses. Most marketers have or plan to increase their budgets for social media marketing by up to 25% in 2012.

The most known challenge is to measure social media ROI. For example marketers measure their social media success with click through rates and likes (Facebook).

A great way to measure the ROI of social media marketing is to drive interested audience to dedicated landing pages where they can request more information. This way is the most successful one to measure social media ROI in the long term.

Social Media Infographic

Social Media Marketing Budgets,generate business leads,ROI of social media marketing,

You can achieve a better social media ROI when you follow these four easy steps:

  • 1. Create remarkable content and publish it on the web and in social media
  • 2. Encourage the readers of your content with a call to action included in the footer of your content to request more information from you. For example a personal consultation, whitepaper or eBook
  • 3. Drive them to dedicated landing pages which give you the opportunity to cature those prospects as leads
  • 4. Nurture your leads and analyze time to deal, deal size and channel where your business is coming from


The more landing pages with different offers you publish the better. Your funnel becomes wider and wider which ensures you a steady growing stream of fresh and hot business leads.

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How to Track and Follow Up on Social Brand Mentions

Social Media brand messageThe value o social media marketing has been discussed and questioned often in the past. This is mostly because to measure social media marketing results have been a though thing.

Customers are discussing companies and even criticizing brands online, whether or not these brands are active in the social space. TNS found in 2011, that 64% of consumers worldwide wrote about brands online and 52% said they did so to criticize a brand.

Still companies lag behind when it comes to track what customers are saying in social media about their brands and following up on that feedback.

In January 2012, a survey made from customer experience management software company Satmetrix where they survey over 1,000 B2B found out that only 27% of B2B companies that both tracked mentions and followed up on them. Compared to B2C companies (53%) both tracked mentions and followed up on them.

Social Brand Mentions, Track Brand Mentions,

Companies should track what are being said and following up on comments when it is appropriate.

Satmetrix found that the most popular process companies used was having a dedicated team that monitored and responded to customer feedback.

Tracking social media mentions is easy and there are a lot of free and paid tools to do so.


Infographic: Brand Story Telling



First you should register with more than one tool. Configure the tool with the necessary keywords, means your brand name, your and the names of your staff, product and services names, your competitor brands, names, products and so on.

As the second step you should take care of not oversee to the messages and alerts which come in. Monitor those alerts and take action if appropriate.

Time after time you will discover which of those tools you are using are the most useful for you and you will focus on them and leave the others behind you.

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5 Ways How To Gain A Huge Profit From Facebook Sponsored Stories

facebook marketingWe all heard about facebook ads. Rumors out there stated that paid ads in facebook do not work. And also there have been rumors that Facebook ad revenue decreases.

Ok, rumors are one thing and facts are another!

Marin Software an advertising management company proved that Facebook ads work. Especially Facebook’s new ad units, Sponsored Stories which work in a social context are doing very well for social media marketing.

The simple reason why firms are not successful with their Facebook marketing is they do not understand that people go online to research and not to buy thing. In the case of Facebook marketing the people go to Facebook to connect, exchange ideas and to communicate. They go to Facebook to discover new things (research).

Companies which do Facebook marketing do some major mistakes when performing paid campaigns.

One major mistake is they attract the Facebook user to click on their Facebook ad and lead him or her away from Facebook. This is a bad idea as the people on Facebook want to communicate and learn about new things on Facebook and they do not want to be led away.

To avoid this mistake companies which perform Facebook paid ad campaigns should be creative and lead these ad attracted visitors to their Facebook page, for example with an exclusive offer. This would for sure improve the marketing results.

Another major mistake when businesses do Facebook social media marketing is, they do not take the opportunity to communicate with those ads attracted new visitors of their Facebook pages. Social media is about communication and connection with people. It’s not about selling and sales pitches.

Businesses should take the time to communicate with their network and carefully listen to them. This can result in a massive revenue growth when done right.

Also a major mistake is to think, to be on Facebook as a brand is enough and the audience will follow. Why should they follow your business page on Facebook? Do you have something remarkable, valuable and interesting to share with your audience? Did you take this chance to build trust and position you as a professional resource there?

A great way how you can position your business and your brand in social media sites like Facebook is to publish and share remarkable, valuable and interesting content!

You can expand your brand reach very easy and quick by expanding the reach of your content through “Facebook Sponsored Stories”. So your content reaches wide more people and the best thing is it reaches the right people. The way of social targeting helps to reach the right persons and attract those future customers to a business page.

This way you build trust and brand awareness the smart way.

The success of “Sponsored Stories” is huge. An increasing number of advertisers are using this smart marketing way to expand the reach of their custom created content.

Infographic: A Brief Insight Into Facebook Marketing

Facebook Sponsored Stories, Facebook marketing, Facebook social media marketing

Here are five ways how you can make Facebook Sponsored Stories work for you:

1. Start a corporate blog and create and share content in social media like Facebook in which your audience is interested in

2. Create eBooks, whitepapers, how-to’s, etc. and offer a free download in exchange of the visitors contact information on a landing page. This way you generate targeted leads

3. Set this landing pages under Facebook apps, so the user never need to leave Facebook

4. Start “Facebook Sponsored Stories” and direct the ad link to one of your Facebook landing pages

5. Encourage your audience to give you feedback regarding your content. This way you start the conversation


How about you, did you use “Sponsored Stories” yet and how is your opinion?

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How Content Marketing Helps Demonstrate Thought Leadership and Boosts SEO

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketingContent marketing has established as a powerful way to engage customers. An increasing number of B2C and B2B marketer are faced with the challenge to produce and publish buyer persona oriented interesting and remarkable content to attract customers to their products and services.

A seriously executed content marketing strategy can be responsible for 25x times more business leads and boosts your revenue by up to 40%!

In a March 2012 poll of more than 400 US marketers and agencies content curation services provider Curata found that 95% had curated content in some way over the past six months by sharing a link, blog post or other content type with their target audience.

Curata results also showed that 85% of those marketers focus their main objective of content creation to establishing a thought leadership, 80% of those marketer see also brand building and buzz as a goal of their content creation strategy.

Content marketing social media copywriting,content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketing

Main content marketing objectives of marketers are:


One of the most difficulties when doing content creation is the time investment. About 70% of marketers say they did not have enough time to devote to the process of content creation and content marketing. Also the marketers stated that is difficult for them to create original content to share with their audience.

Main content marketing challenges of marketers are:

  • Creating original content
  • • Having the time to do it
  • • Finding high quality content
  • • Allocate staff to do it
  • • Difficulty to measuring results
  • • Securing senior level buy-in
  • • Understanding how it fits in overall marketing strategy


The most popular channel to share content is social media. About 76% of marketers say they used a social network as the main channel for content distribution.

To share published content in social media is not enough. Content creation and content marketing as a holistic strategy must be performed on regular basis to gain measurable and profitable results on the long term.

Only those activities performed on a regular basis pave the way to get found online by an increasing number of future customers and keeping them coming back to company offers and information.

Infographic: The Rise of Content Marketing

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketing

Companies utilizing content marketing strategy report an up to 2,000% lift in blog traffic and 40% boost in revenue.

How to jumpstart your content marketing?

The easiest way to jumpstart your content marketing is to start a corporate blog. Blogging has great advantages and here are the most important:

  • 1. Blogging companies get up to 55% more Traffic
  • 2. Blogging companies get up to 97% more Inbound Links
  • 3. Blogging companies get up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines
  • 4. Blogging companies get up to 25x times more business leads


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How to grow your revenue through Social Customer Support

social customer serviceA recent survey from Oracle found out that a growing number of customers are reaching out to companies for support through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp and thought their corporate blog.

Those users expect companies to response quickly, in less than a day, to their requests. The quick response and serious reaction to requests or events which happen is an essential part to profit from the communication which breaks out. To wait hours to give comments or answers could cost the essential market and marketing advantage.

But customers do not only contact brands for support requests they also often reach out to them to learn more about new products and services. If a brand is able to publish important product and services related news exclusively to their network first this would help to improve loyalty with their network. This can also result in an improvement of revenue in the long term.

social media support

About one third of surveyed customers expect to reach a customer service representative or product expert when they reach out to a brand.

The possible benefits for companies who stick to serious social media communication can be huge. They can build a solid base  to build brand advocates who spread the word on their behalf.

One of the most successful ways to start the conversation is to publish interesting content on a blog and spread it to social networks where the target audience is around. Content marketing is the name of this strategy.

Companies which publish remarkable and buyer persona oriented content, means you should talk about topics your customer is interested in rather than abut topics you are interested in, show their expertise and build trust with their audience.

4 Reasons why companies should leverage social media:

  • • Increase brand awareness
  • • Humanize B2B companies
  • • Establish as thought leader
  • • Connecting with customers and prospects


Social Media has proven to be a great source of targeted high quality leads for B2C and B2B. An increasing number of marketers see lead generation as their greatest online marketing challenge.


Infographic: Social Customer Service

social media customer service

7 Steps how you can you profit from social media?

  • 1. Start a social media presence. Complete your profile there
  • 2. Research for industry related groups and people. Become a member and invite those people to your network
  • 3. Listen to their discussions. If you have something valuable to contribute than do it, otherwise go on listening
  • 4. Start a corporate blog. Write about topics your audience is interested in. Share your blog articles in social media and ask for feedback for your publication
  • 5. Build landing pages and offer exclusive and valuable content for download. So you generate laser target high quality industry related leads
  • 6. Measure your activities
  • 7. Improve your activities and repeat


Social customer support is your great chance to showcase the quality and dedication of your company. Use every request as an opportunity to make a WOW feeling with the person who reaches out to your company.

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B2B Marketing Social Networks for more Business Leads

b2b viral marketing,marketing tips for new business,small business b2b marketingSocial Media Marketing has been one of the successful marketing strategies for marketers and companies online in recent years.

There are some major social media communities and emerging social media communities that can help business to improve their marketing strategies online. These social media networks help in providing b2b marketing solutions and generate quality marketing tips for new business online.

This article discusses about using 6 top social media communities for b2b marketing best practices and an eye of b2b marketing data giving a glimpse of the power of these social media communities.

Top 6 social networks for B2B marketing solutions

Social Networks have changed the marketing strategies for businesses online with wide range of advantages and quality leads for their business. There are quite a few social networks that help in providing b2b marketing solutions. This article focuses on top 6 social networks that had a major impact on small business b2b marketing.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube


Infographic: Social Media B2B

b2b marketing automation,b2b marketing data,b2b marketing blog,best b2b marketing strategies

Given below are some of the key points on using these social networks for b2b sales strategies.

Using Facebook for b2b Viral Marketing

Social Media is viral and if your business is successfully promoted in social media, you are very much successful in generating quality leads for your business online.

One of the major social media networks that have a huge impact on b2b marketing solutions is facebook. Given below are some of the b2b marketing best practices with facebook

Build your brand presence in facebook

If your brand presence in facebook is successful, you are likely to generate quality leads through facebook. Some of the best ways to generate b2b marketing leads through facebook is by bringing more visibility for your facebook page and generate quality leads using latest facebook apps.

Use Latest features of facebook for optimized lead generation

With the new facebook timeline, you can now share the latest updates regarding your business thus bringing more engagement for your facebook fans. Use the latest features such as pins and stars to bring more visibility for your lead generation pages.

Use the popular features such as open graph to know your visitors approach which is one of the key points for your b2b sales strategies.

Build your business community

It is important to build your own business community to stay ahead of your competitors. For this it is very much necessary to brand your facebook page and update it with the latest happenings. Use your page to provide useful information for your community.

Using Google+ for B2B Lead generation

Google+ is one of the popular social communities which are just started receiving popularity with Google indexing and prioritizing it in search results. Millions of users have already started using Google+

There is huge potential for B2b marketers to generate leads through Google+. Some of the best ways to use Google+ for business are

  •  – Use the feature of Hangout to create live stream of your business hangout. The latest feature allows up to nine people to hangout using the video function of Google+
  •  – Use Circles to share your content. It is very important to generate business specific content that is interested by users in your Google+. The best information that can be shared through your circles are virtual conferences, events, interviews and webinars which are very much useful for B2b marketers
  •  – More is your content in Google+, more is the visibility of your content is search engines especially Google+.


Using twitter for B2b Marketing

Twitter is another top social media community that helps in B2b Viral marketing. Given below are some of the ways b2b marketers can use twitter

  • – Use B2b Marketing with your blogs and share your blog content in twitter. This increases visibility of your business in twitter.
  • – Increase reach of your business in twitter by increasing your followers. As your business reach increases, more people know about your business which is one of the key B2b viral marketing strategy.
  •  – Another way of increasing reach and visibility is by asking your employees to tweet your business content. Sharing buttons for your B2b Marketing blogs and allowing your employees to share your business content brings more visibility for your business.


Using LinkedIn for B2b Marketing solutions

LinkedIn is one of the powerful social networks for b2b marketing solutions. As it is professional network, you have major chances for generating b2b marketing leads with LinkedIn.

Some of the best B2b marketing practices of using LinkedIn are

  •  – Index your B2b marketing blog in LinkedIn and share your latest contest in LinkedIn. This brings more approach for your business in LinkedIn.
  •  – Use Applications like Slideshare to share your business presentations in LinkedIn.
  •  – Create your own company page and share business updates through your status updates and group updates. You can also promote your business products through the products tab in LinkedIn. Show your creativity in generating impressive business promotion strategies through LinkedIn.
  •  – Another important feature of LinkedIn is email marketing, one of the important B2b Viral marketing strategies. Mail your LinkedIn members with email marketing feature of LinkedIn.


Using Pinterest for B2b marketing solutions

Pinterest is another powerful social network for generating B2b marketing leads for new business. Given below are some of the best ways to leverage your b2b marketing solution with Pinterest

  •  – One of the best ways to promote b2b marketing through Pinterest in developing quality boards and creating pins in suitable boards. This gives members flexibility to find useful information through boards.
  •  – New product offerings, services can be pinned through suitable boards which increase interest in readers to visit the boards and thereby generating leads.
  •  – Use Pin info graphics, data and charts to know more about your business reach and thereby optimizing your marketing strategies in Pinterest.
  •  – Share useful E-books and content information through your pins.


Using YouTube for B2b Marketing solutions

YouTube is one of the popular social media networks which can be used for quality B2b lead generation. Some of the ways of using YouTube for your b2b marketing are given below

  •  – Share your top level management and interviews in YouTube.
  •  – Share informative videos related to your business products, new launches and reviews of your business products in Youtube.
  •  – How to videos, product tours and optimized YouTube search are some of the ways to generate b2b marketing leads with YouTube.

These are some of the best examples of using social networks for b2b lead generation. Consult the inbound marketing experts in optimizing marketing strategies in these social networks thereby increasing profits.

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How Content Marketing Works For You Too To Get Business Leads? Give to Get

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketingThe tremendous success of content marketing is the result of giving away valuable information – remarkable content for free to attract people to your business like a magnet.

Companies utilizing content marketing strategy report an up to 2,000% lift in blog traffic and 40% boost in revenue.

This marketing system works 100% for any business!



Video: What you can learn for your Marketing from the Greatful Dead


Infographic: Content Marketing

content marketing, corporate blogging, whitepaper creation, ebook creation, social media content marketing

Here is how content marketing can work for you to attract new customers to your business like a magnet. To empower your content marketing you should start with a corporate blog.

Some facts about the power of blogging: Blogging companies get…

1. …up to 55% more Traffic
2. …up to 97% more Inbound Links
3. …up to 434% more indexed pages in search engines
4. …up to 25x times more business leads


The next steps you should do are to craft further buyer persona oriented content like:

– Press releases
– Pictures
– Whitepapers
– HowTos
– EBooks
– Video

Take care to include a call to action in each of your content pieces. This ensures that the user exactly will discover what to do next.

Each of this these pieces of content are outposts of your business which increase your visibility, brand reach and can direct more future customers to your business.

You should also distribute these pieces of content to social media and sites like y,,, and to increase the reach of your message.


Buyer Persona Sheet:


To get the most out of your content creation and marketing efforts you should think of a strategic way to measure and improve your efforts. Inbound marketing is the way to get the most out in business leads and revenue for your business.


Presentation: Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing assessment us

9 Easy Steps How to Generate Business Leads on Google+

google girlThere’s major buzz in the marketing space regarding Google’s addition to the social media madness, “Google Plus (+)”.

“If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+” – Olaf Wempe

Some believe Google Plus will quickly replace Twitter, as it provides an easier way to manage and communicate with friends.

Others believe that Google Plus will be a valuable addition to their personal connections, and for marketers, it offers a whole new way of reaching out and networking with other entrepreneurs in your niche market.

In just a few weeks of beta launch, Google+ has amassed more than 12 million users, with over a billion pieces of content being posted throughout Google+ every single day.

While Google+ has rolled out its services to focus on the average user and individual, they have created extensions within Google+ primarily for businesses.

Still, thousands of Internet Marketers and entrepreneurs have already started using Google+ to further their outreach, connect with their target audience and develop relationships with new partners and networking opportunities.

Since November 2011 brands are able to create company pages on Google+.

Recent numbers show that brand engagement on Google+ is increasing but is still far away behind players like Facebook and Twitter.

A recent report from Simply Measured which was released on May and shows results of Top 100 companies of which 64 of them have verified Google+ pages.

An increasing number of consumers are adding these companies to their Circles. At least 5,000 people had added 35% of these Top 100 brands to their Circles until May. This is a 21% increase from February. About 22% of brands Google+ pages had been added to Circles by more than 100,000 Google+ users. This is an increase from of 13% in February to May.

The 15 best performing industries on Google+ are:

1. Automotive
2. Electronics
3. Luxury
4. Internet Services
5. Beverages
6. Apparel
7. Restaurants
8. Sporting Goods
9. Business Services
10. Computer Software
11. Media
12. FMCG
13. Financial Services
14. Diversified
15. Transportation

Infographic: Who Is Usig Google+

Google+ Infographic, Google+ marketing, Google+ lead generation


How can you profit from Google+?

1. If do not have a Google account, go an register one
2. Go to Google+ and complete all necessary information for a personal profile
3. Create a Google+ Page and complete the businesses profile regarding your business, like a logo, address, phone number, address, link to your website and blog, etc.
4. Search for business partners on Google+ and add them to your circles for your Google+ Page
5. Link from your website to your Google+ Page
6. Start the interaction by +1 posts of your circles and by republishing your blog articles or other content on your Google+ Page
7. Listen and learn what your audience is interested in
8. Craft a how to on base of the information you have collected on Google+ and offer it for download on a landing page
9. Setup landing pages which specially are dedicated to Google+ so you will know for sure that these leads are from your Google+ Page


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4 Steps How Closed-Loop Marketing Can Help you Grow your Revenue

Closed Loop MarketingOnline Business has developed tremendously in recent years. To promote business online, there are many important marketing strategies adopted by companies to generate revenue for their business. Closed loop marketing is one efficient marketing strategy that is key point in generating quality business leads and revenue for organizations.

About Closed Loop marketing

A successful company online is the one which manages its Closed Loop Marketing effectively and strategically. For large companies, inbound marketing experts help to maintain stability over their Closed Loop Marketing strategies and thereby generating Quality Leads for business. But what is this Closed Loop Marketing which helps businesses to develop faster and securely? This article gives a glimpse of Closed Loop Marketing and advantages of using it with the help of marketing experts.

In every business there is competition and company’s invest huge money in generating quality leads. While generating leads is one part of the marketing strategy, the other part is to maintain the marketing budgets by using latest technology and marketing tools.

4 Phases of Closed Loop Marketing

Closed Loop marketing is one of the effective online marketing strategies that help companies to decrease marketing budgets by providing strategic lead generation reports and giving powerful tools for the sales team to increase their lead generation capacity.

One advantage of Closed Loop Marketing is that it increases the Sales of the company as well as giving more freedom for marketing team to generate Quality Leads through proven marketing tools.

There are 4 phases of Closed Loop marketing which in simple words are

  • 1. Managing your Visitors and track them
  • 2. Check visitor’s requirements and interests
  • 3. Generating visitors and leads database using powerful marketing software’s
  • 4. Converting leads into customers through a lead nurturing process using powerful Customer Relationship Management software.


Let’s briefly discuss about these four essential steps that helps in a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Step 1: Managing your Visitors

Every company online have lead capture pages and useful content that drives traffic to their website or business online. There are many marketing software’s and tools available online that help you to identify and track the visitors location, source of visitors and give information related to your visitor information.

Marketing experts advise using tracking URL’s for each of these sources so that it is easy to identify the main sources of traffic to your business. This is the first step of closed loop marketing that would be helpful in generating list of visitors who are interested in your business.

Step 2: Identifying visitor’s interests

One of the important parts of closed loop marketing is to identify the difference between the visitor and lead. Many visitors arrive through blogs, social media, pay per click campaigns and other ways of marketing as they are interested in your business.

Once they have a good impression and re-think of visiting your business, they provide their information either subscribing or giving information through lead capture forms.

Step 3: Generating visitors and leads database using powerful marketing software’s

These leads are potential for revenue growth of your business and for increasing customers for your company. By generating separate database for your leads and visitors through powerful marketing software’s, you can concentrate more on sources which have maximized your visitor to lead conversion.

Step 4: Call to action using powerful CRM software

Once you have your lead database, it is up to the CRM software’s and the sales team to put their efforts into action in the final step of Closed Loop Marketing.

Customer Relationship management software’s helps to do lead nurturing and in maintaining synchronization between the sales, marketing and customer support teams which are the critical part of customer’s interaction. There are many CRM software’s that are available in the markets that are recommended by inbound marketing experts according to the business niches.

Infographic: Social CRM Evolution

Infographic, social crm evolution

Start using closed loop marketing for your business by hiring inbound marketing experts who can help you in increasing business revenue and potential leads.

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Who get you more business leads Google+ or Pinterest?

lead generation google plus, lead generation pinterestSocial Media marketing has influenced the marketing strategies of business organizations online in recent years.

Almost all of the niches are now using social media marketing for their business promotion online. There is heavy competition in these social media sites as well on grabbing advertisers to market through these sites.

Newly emerged social media sites Google+ and Pinterest have been the major social media sites to watch in recent days. Many say Google+ is ideal for business where as there are experts describing Pinterest as one of the major social media competitors for business online. This article gives a glimpse of using these two social media marketing sites for business.

Identifying the right Social Media Sites for business

Everyone in the marketing world online knows about the advantages of social media marketing and how it can cut your marketing budgets if identified correctly. Previously there were very few promising social media sites such as facebook and twitter which are used by businesses for social media promotion.

But as days went by, top Internet organizations such as Google came up with Google+ with wide range of features for business organizations. Companies are now trying to cap their market share from these fast emerging social media statistics. Inbound marketing experts are now planning to use these social media sites for business lead generation.

Not only recent statistics suggest that Pinterest has also been used largely by organizations for their business promotions. All these social media marketing promotions for lead generations are only started after indepth analysis by marketing experts online. But what are these analytics which led to these decisions? Well an overview of the next paragraph will let you know why Google+ and Pinterest are valuable for business online.

Generating business leads with Google+ and Pinterest

Google+ has brought interest of millions of people online with the type of launch that they have made. Google has taken some of the best steps to create interest in users while launching Google+. Likely within the first 3 weeks of the launch 20 million users started using Google+.

Moreover Google+ profiles and stats have been remarkable and Google started indexing Google+ content. Another interesting stat is that 63% of Google+ users are male and sites that use Google+ started getting 3.5 times more traffic than the sites that haven’t used Google+ for their sites.

Google+ has been prominently used by software developers and college students which brings into the fact that Google+ has a wide range of influence on students and working software professionals.

One important stat that is very much useful for businesses is that 40% of marketers suggest Google+ as prominent tool to promote their business as it is expected to reach 400 million users by the end of this year.

Another prominent social media site Pinterest also managed to gather 10.5 million users as on February 2012. This made businesses eye on Pinterest to promote their business.

Not only for the number of users, Pinterest has prominence for re-use as 80% of pins which are done in Pinterest are re-pins. This means if you are successful in bringing interest to a small group of people using Pinterest , your business many go viral.

Also Pinterest has the power of retaining users similar to facebook and twitter which can be observed from the stat that users have increased by 145% from the month of January.

Another stat that is surprising is that 80% of Pinterest users are female and this is one of the successful social media sites that have brought female interest. If your business is a trending topic, then your business is likely to generate quality leads.

Another important stat that will generate interest in advertisers for business lead generation is lead conversion rate. Lead generation conversation rate in Pinterest is 15% compared to 9% from Google+.

Infographic: Pinterest

pinterest for lead generation, b2b leads from pinterest,

Infographic: Google Plus

Google Plus for lead generation, b2b leads from Google Plus

So putting altogether you should be strategic and take expert opinion while promoting your business through Google+ and Pinterest. Take the expert opinion while make social media promotion through these social media sites. Generate quality business leads from these emerging social media sites and stay ahead of your competitors.

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How B2B Marketers can connect to Small Business Owners

In March 2012, marketing agency Cargo and Inc. Magazine found the majority (52%) of US small-business owners felt companies did not market to them effectively.

Moreover 43% – 45% of the small business owners said companies made little effort to understand their individual needs and their business.

Most of the small business owners do the business important tasks them self, as they do their financials, marketing, sales and services. Their time is full stuffed with work and they do not sit behind a computer a whole day long. As they are mostly working their job and are with their employees and customers they are perfect to be reached by mobile devices as laptops and smart phones.

When B2B marketers want to connect with them they need to be where those small business owners are around and there where they can be reach and where they can reach out to the marketer.

As an increasing number of small business owners places importance on wireless communications and smart phones for their business this is the way to get in touch with them.


Infographic: Local Mobile Search

Local Mobile Search, mobile marketing, mobile lead generation


So what marketers need to do to reach small business owners with their brand massage?

  • 1. Make your website mobile friendly. As small business owners love to use mobile devices like smart phones and tables, it makes sense to make it easier for them to consume your content
  • 2. Adjust your email marketing, so it becomes and your email massage can be read on the fly. The most email communication is read from mobile devices
  • 3. Become active in social media. As all known social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have mobile Apps; you can reach small business owners there through your communication and attract them to your offers
  • 4. Start to create and publish buyer persona “small business owners persona” oriented content on the web and in social media. This will increase your visibility and grow your trust
  • 5. Respond friendly and professionally to every request, no matter if it comes publicly through social media or by email or support ticket.


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