How To Attract Leads The Inbound Marketing Way With White Papers #IMU

How To Attract Leads The Inbound Marketing Way With White Papers #IMU

Inbound marketing is all about getting found by the customers and making new customers. You can be successful in inbound marketing and can create number of leads for your products when you successfully implement your plan of this online marketing strategy.

Your plan will be successful when this leads convert into customers so your sales team should manage the leads so there is no scope for negligence of the lead as it is the most important task of the inbound marketing.

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Make a list of people

The first thing you have to do is to make a list of people who visits your website by collecting their e-mail ids for contacting them further.

This can be done through installing some tools and this builds your targeted lead list you can be converted to your customers.

You can send the regular updates to these leads about your products, services etc and also make a list of follow up's of your leads this helps in reaching your targeted customers.

Let people know you in your Industry

If your main goal is to create leads then don't be silent. Let people know what you are doing, go to the people where they usually be like social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and some more.

Develop your own website business pages and publish your events, programs, products, videos, or develop and promote white papers and if your product have a group in these sites express your opinion to your fellow Twitters and this helps to attract leads.

Ask the people to clarify their doubt

You can ask people to post any questions to your email and assure them that you will always be free to answer their questions this builds a friendly relationship with the people and also helps in increasing leads.

Make use of your experience and brand in your Industry to gain trust from your customers

You should not make people to think that you are attracting them to create leads for your business but you should make them believe that you are making all these for helping and guiding them in providing some useful information about your industry.

You can give some special discounts for your products as a special offer to these users in these social networking sites etc and you can even provide free webinar and white papers or ebooks.

Writing and Promoting White Papers


Lastly manage your leads and sales team:

Creating leads through bonus products like white papers and ebooks is not enough you should be able to convert them to your customers so first you should better manage your sales team in converting leads to customers. Lead nurturing is the key! In making this communication with the leads plays an important role in making them satisfied and also increasing the brand loyalty.

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