Social Media Marketing: Hurry, your competitor is one step ahead

More and more businesses use social media to attract new clients. Companies shift their marketing dollars into social media.

Mobile technology is evolving and the prices drop.

People are active in social media with mobile devices about three hours daily compared with one hour on their pc.

This turbo charges the social media use. and more companies who have blocked social media use, allow it and encourage their employees to participate.

If you are not in you are out!

What’s your social media marketing plan for this year?

Some suggestions:

A. Setup a corporate blog and start publish remarkable articles about your industry.
B. Start using video to showcase and to explain your products and services.
C. Setup a facebook fan page and a Twitter account and start social media conversation.
D. Improve your lead generation and lead nurturing process, or if you don’t have one than you should hurry.  

Some resource:

Free help:

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