Steak holder value and Inbound Marketing a huge revenue potential

If you are a company who is thinking about to do Inbound Marketing than you can become outstanding attractive with the effective use of social media, blogging, publishing and lead generation.

But wait! How about your steak holder value?

If you do not take care about your steak holders, your employees than your success is in danger! have satisfied customer’s satisfied employees is a must.

Hire and fire companies do not have satisfied employees, moreover they have scared employees and as a result the customer satisfaction declines.

Declining customer satisfaction results in decreasing revenue and profits. And also results in more pressure on the employees to squeeze out more revenue of the existing customer base, which also results in decreasing customer satisfaction, and so on!

Also some results can be a negative image transfer. Employees could discuss negative corporate behaviour in social media. This could impact human resources and recruiting. Means high potentials will stay far away from this kind of company.

People are connected with each other worldwide and they talk!
Companies which have a negative corporate behaviour “Hire and fire guys” could face lost revenue when other businesses learn about their attitude and simply avoid them as business partners.

Think about it, inbound marketing makes you outstanding, in which direction that’s your choice!

Some facts for your business:


  • Nothing can be hidden today anymore.
  • If you want to get seen in social media and recognized as a trusted source, than be responsible.
  • Negative behaviour will come back to you like a boomerang and hit you straight in your face.
  • Show responsible behaviour like your mother is watching you, probably she is…
  • Be helpful.
  • Be human an authentic.
  • …and some more…

Don’t do inbound marketing if you can’t agree with the above points. Other wise the above mentioned boomerang will find you.


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GROUPON your Revenue

GROUPON is a deal of the day website that is localized to major markets worldwide.

GROUPON negotiates huge discounts up to 90% off with popular, large and small businesses worldwide. They send the deals to thousands of subscribers in their daily email, and send the businesses a lot of new customers.

business leads,how to get traffic,small business help, small business ideas, small business marketing, small business owners, small business resources, social media, social media marketing agencyUnlike other advertising models like classified, it doesn’t cost the merchant anything to participate.

GROUPON uses social marketing sites like Twitter and Facebook to further promote the offer.

First advantage for you as a merchant: A sucessfull deal on GROUPON for your business could temporarily end with a ton of customers. One coffee shop in Portland was swamped with a stampede of over 1000 customers on the first day.

Second advantage for you as a merchant: On GROUPON you will only find high quality deals therefore not every deal is accepted. You need to be very creative to get GROUPON interested.

Third advantage for you as a merchant: Consumers buy more when they have coupons to use, means more business for you.

Fourth advantage for you as a merchant: You can generate a ton of leads and nurture them for up selling and cross selling deals. So you can leverage your GROUPON marketing campaign to the next level.

In Inbound Marketing the highest goal is to get found only by your buyer persona, subscribe them as leads and convert them in to revenue!

GROUPON offers any business the right and laser targeted platform to reach the right buyer persona. They distribute your coupon also to Twitter and Facebook, more than 750 million potential buyers worldwide.

The only thing you need is creativity to make GROUPON accepting your offer.

Marketing takeaway: Register with GROUPON to learn how it works. Study the deals you get, learn what makes a deal outstanding, study the deal criteria and create your own outstanding deal, include lead capture and lead nurturing process within your campaign. Register as a merchant with GROUPON and submit your deal. Be prepared for a ton of new customers!

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5 Things you should do in 2011 to generate more business

Business will not come to you until you are visible and in communication with your target audience!

We have put together 5 things you should do to make use of the steady growing and global internet market.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic,business blog,search engine submission1. Use Video to address your message
Show dont tell! The more you are able to show your products, services and references from satisfied customers them more trust you can earn!

You can show how the product works. This is more powerful than to offer a simple and boring online brochure to read. You make your products and serives a real thing and you can encourage your target audience to buy!

It’s not necessary to make them like Hollywood clips.

Just do video with the cam you have and upload them to YouTube and other video channels. The more visiblity the better.

Also include a breef description and TAGs in your video to make it better visible for search engines.

Last but not least, include the video in your website.

2. Mobile Marketing
If you are in B2C business a mobile marketing strategy would be a great idea. Produce a mobile app which offers great value to your target audience and stay in touch with them through important and valuable information. So you will attract them to your products the smart way.

Promote your mobile app on your website, blog and in social media!

3. Monitor Social Media to learn what customers say about you
Start monitor Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and industry related blogs and forums.

Respond the same way you have been mentioned. If you have been mentione in a blog, simply comment back.

If there is a video made about you, simply respond with a video by your self and comment on this video in the comnment section.

If there is a Twitter discussion about you, simply respond on Twitter.

Allways respond professionally. Every discussion, positive or negative about you and your brand is great.

It is your big chance for you to explain your point of view and show how professional and trustworthy you are!

I think you got the picture!

4. Leverage your Marketing through Affiliates
Let others help you to make more revenue. Affiliate programs are a great way for a company to expand their marketing reach with zero budget risk!

You can do a program which pays affiliates per sale so you are on the secure side.

Companies like Amazon do about 30% of their business through affiliates.

Lookout for affiliate networks to help you and start your program!

5. Sell there where your customers are
You should do smart offers on facebook for example and offer your audience to directly buy from your fan page on facebook.

Offer special and exclusive deals and coupons for your facebook friends.

Marketing takeaway: Start with a blog. Next Start with social media like Facebook (Fan Page), Twitter, Linkedin and other industry related forums! You need to build your network very quick. Show your expertise and start the conversation with your target audience!


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Before you start your marketing you should think!

Marketing is a necessary thing for any company if you want to stand out of competition and if you want to grow your business.

We all know there are many different ways to reach our buyer persona with our marketing message.

But wait, are you sure you know your buyer persona?

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic,business blog,search engine submissionDo you have more than one, and if yes are you sure you know their needs?

Question: Do you know your buyer persona/s?


If you say yes, thats great. And I have a further question: When was the last time you analyzed you buyer persona/s?

Are you still sure you know your buyer persona/s?

If you dont know the exact needs and the goals of your target market – your buyer persona/s than you should not think a second to start any marketing yet!

Because any activity would be a waste of time money and your other resources.

You will not achieve your goal to get more clients and revenue. Instead of this you will loose a lot of money!

This exactly is the major reason why businesses fail. They don’t know their direction.

If you dont know where to travel you can never reach your goals!


When you have identify your buyer persona, than you can go to the next step:


As soon you have established your own corporate blog with a minimum of five articles you should expand and start to promote your content in social media.


Now measure your activities, refine them, repeat and so on!

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Do you know the marketing effectiveness of your website?
How many sales leads does your website generate?
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10 Business tools for Small Business

If you are looking for a small business and then you need to grow you business very well.

You need to know how to expand a small business as you should know about business tools that are very important in making your small business successful.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,business leads,small business ideas,small business marketing,small business resources,small business owners,small business help,corporate blogThere are a plethora of business tools to grow our small business, but here are 10 important business tools that we are going to describe and these followings tools are worth a closer look.

Notixtech : Nowadays, everyone is on mobile and they do mobile texting, checking mail, and checking other things like score of the game.

Now, they are also looking for business online to get information. So, with the help of this tool, they can easily get more information about our business.

Idesignyourlogo : The thing that makes an impression immediately on people that is logo and for this purpose, this is the best tool to create a logo for our business as it charge less as compared to others.

And it put the creative and innovative ideas in creating logo for a small company.

EmailMeForm : It is such a great tool for growing our small business as it helps us in creating forms in html and php on our business website, which is very easy with the help of it because of its user friendly nature.

Moo : For a small business, there is essential way to promote our business through making our business cards, and it is the tool that makes tiny business cards in a best way that getting these cards, everyone feels like important people.

Wazala : If you seek to start selling out your physical or digital products through your website and blog, it is the best tools that makes doing things easy and fast for your business. In other words, you can create online store by using this tool.

Flowtown : For growing our small business, there must be a place where our customer can interact with us, and this is the best tool where we can get to know who is using our brand and service.

By using this tool, we can really interact with our customers and get their feedback

Zferral : It easily helps in setting up our affiliate marketing campaigns on our website, and apart from it, it also manages our affiliates , track conversations and view our statistics.

Websticker : This is one of the best tool as it helps in creating sticker of brands of our small business, and this is the best way to grow our business because it is the effective way to promote our company’ brands

Shipwire : It is another best tool for a small business as it is easier to have an e-commerce site where we can store products and on purchasing brands, it helps in pack up that brand.

In other words, we don’t need to get big office for our small business as it is very helpful tool.

Squadhelp : It is a tool that lets you pull the crowd by running viral video creation and viral marketing contests that help in generating traffic to your business website.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Business online is full of competition. Using the latest business tools and marketing strategies helps businesses to increase profits and stay ahead of their competitors.


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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6 smart steps to start up your Inbound Marketing in 2011

With inbound marketing you can gain a competitive advantage against others, the smart way!

Some advantages of inbound marketing for your business:

A. Save up to 60% of their marketing budgets.
B. Stand out of their competition.
C. Generate a massive amount of leads.
D. Get up to 55% higher lead conversion rates.
E. Increase investor rates the smart way.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic,business blog,search engine submission1. Identify your buyer persona to reach them laser targeted

To know who your buyer persona is gives you the opportunity to learn where they are on the web, so you can reach them laser target.

The more you know about your potential customers, the more positive results you will gain through your activities.

This saves you time and money and leads your to your positive inbound marketing ROI the smart way.

2. Start a corporate blog and produce remarcable content
Blogging is the most effective way to attract visitors to your business website.

Blogging shows your buyer persona your expertise and builds trust with your potential customers.

Companies who blog get up to 55% more target traffic than companies which do not blog.

Furthermore is every blog article an additional chance to get found from customers online when they are researching for products and services in your industry.

The more blog articles you have published the better.

3. Setup your social media profiles and build followers, friends and your network
Register your brand name in social media and complete your profiles.

Visit the profiles of your competitors and invite their friends and followers to your social networks.

Start communicate with them, ask them for their opinion and for ideas and suggestions!

Connect your blog and you social profiles to distribute your content the smart way in front of your target audience.

4. Create reports, ebooks and whitpapers to attract leads
A great way to attract leads ist to offer something of value in exchange for their data on the registration form.

Reports, ebooks and whitpapers are great tools to give in exchange for prospects data.

Produce reports, ebooks and whitpapers with valuable and helpful information for your buyer persona.

Solve their problems and answer their industry specific questions.

Include viral tools into your reports, eBooks and white papers, like a tweet this button.

Upload a summary of your digital info product to websites like Slideshare, Issue and Docstoc to tease your target audience to your landing page where they can download the full and free version of your reports, eBooks and white papers.

5. Setup landing pages to capture leads
Setup landing pages to capture leads for your business.

Design your landing pages in a clear and easy way. Include five good reasons why to register. Include social share buttons and offer a valuable and useful report, eBook or white paper in exchange for their registration.

Setup your lead nurturing process to convert your leads to paying customers.

6. Promote your blog articles, reports, eBooks and white papers in social media to attract leads

Connect your blog with all your social media networks to distribute your content the smart way.

Build relationships with industry related blogger in your social media network and also with influential friends their.

As soon you have published an article ask them to tweet, Facebook share, recommend to their friends and comment your article.

Always return their favour. Social Media is a give and take game.

Do these steps and you are on your smart road to more leads, revenue and profits.


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Get mobile with your Inbound Marketing

More and more people out there use mobile devices to do their online communication, like to stay in touch with their network on Facebook and Twitter and to inform their friend’s contacts and followers about news and events.

Studies show that people are online about four hours from mobile devices compared with one hour on their PC.

mobile inbound marketing,inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic, increase web traffic, business leads, small business marketing, small business resources,small business ownersThe mobile use of social networks is a quick, convenient and flexible way to stay in touch. Also to stay in touch with customers and prospects answer questions and give support.

You should consider building your own app for your business. Value added apps are an easy way to stay in touch with your audience.

Optimize your website for mobile use. Simply make it easy for your audience to reach you and to stay in touch with you and to buy from you.

Apps for mobile devices are easy to develop and to use. When your customer downloads your app than this shows you, that he or she is interested in your message. So you get high qualified leads where you can spread your message.

Apps give you the opportunity to collect additional information like time and geo location. An ordinary Website cant collect

Some facts why you need a mobile app:

  • You offer value-added service for your customers which the get frequently. You can deliver Info about discounts, events, and your inventory and customer service, only to name a view.
  • You can make use of an interactive application that can attract more people to your brand. Studies show that about 60% of all app users like to play games. Studies also show that about 50% use news and weather applications to stay up to date. About 40% use social media.
  • You can build a business around your mobile app. You can make use of mobile apps as review service for restaurants, hotels and products and some more. The sky is the limit.

Here are further important resources about mobile marketing:


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Skype down: How does this affect your marketing?

In these days where the ability to communicate is important to stay in touch and to do business a total down of a service can mean the difference between success and failure.

Kommunicaton is an important part of the business building process. Especially if you have something to sell what is much more expensive you need to open all possible channels to stay in touch with your target client and deal partners.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency,web marketing,internet advertising,targeted web traffic,business blog,search engine submission,business consulting, online blogTo loose the ability to communicate means 100% failure, no matter in which businesses you are.

Skype has 500+ million users globally.

As Skype has a major malfunction I can show you other services you can use to stay in touch witch your family and friends.

It is vey useful to have a backup system for cases like this!

Here are several services:


Jajah lets you call contacts anywhere in the world, and even save up to 98% on your bill when you use your existing phone. The system works on any phone, including land lines and mobile, and doesn’t require download of additional software. Jajah provide white label and outsourced telephony services in more than 200 countries.
QuteCom, previously known as WengoPhone, provides voice and video over IP. It is an open source project, that requires some programming skill. Ideal for the tech savvy IT users.
ooVoo lets you video chat with up to six family members or friends at once – a service ideal for video conferencing for business purposes as well. There are many affordable plans to choose from, with features like file sharing, audio and video recording, text chat, priority customer service and more.
VoipBuster is a program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications. With VoipBuster you can call regular phones in various popular destinations for free or call at an incredible low rate to any other phone on the planet. You can also call all your online friends (pc-to-pc calls) as long as you like, for free.
SightSpeed is an award-winning provider of Internet video chat and voice calling for friends and family, and video conferencing solutions for businesses. The service also features video emailing, text chatting and more.
Vbuzzer offers everything from computer to phone calling, faxing and SMS, to web conferencing, video email and more.
Find here more information about Skype down:

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Improving your business in social media

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways of marketing and brings quality traffic for your lead generation campaigns.

This article provides important tips to use major social media marketing sites to generate traffic for your small business.

social media markting agency,inbound markting agencyUsing Facebook for your business

Facebook is one of the top social media marketing sites in Internet that is now having tremendous popularity online.

Millions of people all over the world visit facebook.

So increasing business visibility in facebook helps in gathering leads for your business online.

To increase your business visibility in facebook, these are the best option

  • Create your business facebook fan page and invite your friends and customers in facebook
  • Facebook ads are also powerful way of marketing in facebook
  • Join facebook groups that are relevant to your business

Using Twitter for your business

Twitter is another social media marketing site that has very good visibility for business online.

Your 140 word tweet can create wonders for your business through twitter.

To increase your business visibility in twitter, these are the best options

  • Create lists. Lists are best ways to attract search engines
  • Create public and private lists of your future prospects, friends and customers.
  • Creating a list can help you to contact your customers easily through twitter

Using LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn is another top social media community where people from different niches share latest updates about the industry.

If you are new to social media, you can get good knowledge about the news in your industry through LinkedIn.

To increase your business visibility in LinkedIn, these are the best options

  • Create your own LinkedIn group and start sharing about your business updates in LinkedIn.
  • If you are an expert in your niche, it is easy to get found online by sharing your expert tips with people who have queries in LinkedIn.
  • Join in groups that are relevant to your business and share latest articles in these groups.
  • Actively participate in discussions and promptly reply comments.

These tips help you to definitely generate new leads for your business online.

Market Takeaway Tip: Social media marketing is low cost marketing. It is important that customers know about your social media marketing groups and lists in top social media sites.

Create buttons or links to your social media marketing groups from your website or business blog. This helps in increasing visibility in social media for your business online.

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Getting found online with social media SEO

Getting found online is now very easy with the help of social media SEO.

There are many websites that help you to get found online. And since search engines started indexing social media content, social media SEO helps you easily to get found online.

Getting found online Get found online with presentations:

It is easy to get found online by sharing your presentations in some top websites which are visited by customers.

By sharing your expertise, you get found online very easily.

Some of the top sites where you can share your presentations are


Getting found online through commenting:

Are you active in social media? Social media sites like facebook and LinkedIn are one of the best ways to share your content and get recognized online.

Actively participate in discussions related to your niche and solve people’s queries.

This helps you to get recognized among group of people and also get found online. Since social media content is indexed, social media SEO helps you in getting recognized very easily

Some of the best sites where you can actively participate in discussions are


Getting found online through Video Sharing:

How to videos are another way to get found online.
Share how to videos in sites like youtube and get found online easily through social media SEO.

As youtube is visited by millions of visitors every day, it is very easy to get found online.

Some of the best places to share your videos are


These are some tips to get found online.

Marketing take away Tip: Getting found online is possible only by sharing your expertise with your niche. Actively participate in social media and get found online easily through social media SEO.


Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Tips to get more Customers with custom landing pages

Landing pages are very important for generating new leads for business online.

Lead capture pages also known as landing pages are very important for businesses to gather customer information. This article provides 5 tips to get more customers with custom landing pages.

custom landing pagesCustom landing pages should focus on the customer’s interest

When creating a custom landing page for your business online, you need to focus on the customer’s interest in visiting those landing pages.

Custom landing pages should be designed in such a way that customers are attracted towards landing pages.

Custom landing pages should be short and attention grabbing
One of the best methods to create a custom landing page that converts well is to ensure that content is short, attention-grabbing to the customer and focus on point. This helps in generating more leads from the landing page.

Custom landing pages should point to the product which customers are looking for
Customers generally reach your landing pages searching for a particular product or search. Custom landing pages for your business should explain clearly about the product rather than confusing the readers.

Images in custom Landing pages attracts customers

Custom landing pages should be well designed and have good images to explain about the product. As images are more powerful than thousand words, you can get more customer attraction through images in custom landing pages.

Custom Landing pages should provide easy navigation for customers
Customers should easily find what they are searching for and should easily navigate to other resources pages in your website. It is important to get important product links configured properly providing easy navigation for customers.

Marketing Take away tip: Getting more customers is important so that you can get better profits and grow your business fast. But this needs lots of efforts, time, strategies and techniques.

Landing pages have always helped a lot in attracting more customers and to provide better business leads. If you have neat and clean landing pages that are rich in thorough knowledge about the subject and services, you can effectively grow your sales in no time.

For more on custom landing pages, visit the links given below:

How to get more sales with affiliate marketing landing pages
Landing pages and advantages for business online
Custom Website Design Advantages

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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How To Call to Action Increase Sales

Online business is full of competition.

When people visit your blog or website searching for products, they exactly wanted to know what exactly they wanted to do next.

Your call to action should provide your visitors with the next step for them to get their required information.

Call to ActionIt is important to have your call to action statements and call to action forms crystal clear so that you can drive more sales from your online business.

Developing Call to Action Statements
Effective call to action statements should be clear, obvious, and provide something that visitor is looking for. While having a Call to action statement button that says “Contact Us” is one option, it is also better to have a simple contact form that can grab the lead instantly.

Top Call to Action Buttons that can increase your sales drastically
Some examples of calls to action buttons which can drive huge sales to your website are given below:

Sign Up for our Newsletter
Generally people are interested for getting latest news. Sign Up for Newsletter helps to gather more prospects which can convert into leads in future.

Buy Now buttons next to your products
It should be simple for visitors to purchase products that they like instantly rather than searching for buy page. Place simple buy now buttons next to your products that redirects to your check out page.

Follow Social Media Communities
Another interesting call to action button is to follow social media sites. In this way they stay updated about your business and visit your website when they found an interesting content related to your website or business.

Useful Videos about your website products
Some useful videos which are helpful to readers and visitors helps them to drive them back to your website when they need them. This helps them to convert them into leads with simple buttons next to your useful videos.

Other important call to action buttons such as request for a quote, free E-book give away helps your business to drive traffic.

Marketing takeaway tip: Having call-to-action buttons visible throughout your website helps your visitors attracted and making them specific to that page make them most compelling to visitors. If you don’t have clear call for action buttons for your website visitors, you may lose important sales leads for your business online.

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Identify your buyer persona first, and then start marketing

Business online is successful if you follow the basic techniques and use latest marketing strategies.

Basic techniques involve identifying your target market, where exactly you can generate more business leads, how to attract these visitors and generate business leads for your business.

Identify your buyer persona,buyer persona,inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agencyThis article describes a few tips of identifying buyer personal first and use marketing strategies to generate business leads.

The first step in promoting your business online is to identify the buyer personas.

Buyer personas are profiles on the distinct market segments (for example customers, prospects, mainstream media, bloggers) where you plan to reach and influence.

Identify your buyer persona
To have a successful marketing campaign, it’s important to understand the needs, goals, and preferences of each of your buyer personas and develop your content and messaging accordingly.

This helps in attracting your direct audience and makes them feel that your business is very much responsive to their interests.

Some of the ways to attract direct customers are answering their questions, addressing to their concerns and using their language. This helps your business to be more engaged with customers online.

Access primary data of your customers
Another way in identifying target market is to gather the primary data of the current customers. This helps in analyzing which group of people are actually interested in your business online.

This also provides some insights into the requirements of customers from your business thus helping to identify the target groups.

Use Analytical tools to know about your customers
Now there are very good business and analytical tools that help you in identifying the people who visit your website. These tools helps in identifying geographical targets for your business and also helps in developing marketing strategies that can target these geographical regions.

Marketing Takeaway Tip:
It is very much important to know about the buyer persona first for your business online. This helps in decreasing your marketing budgets, use your marketing strategies efficiently. It is advised to hire marketing professionals to help you identify buyer persona and decrease marketing budgets.

For more on identifying buyer persona first and then do marketing, visit the links given below
How to identify buyer persona discussion
Buyer personas key to sales marketing alignment

Let me know what you think and comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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How to get more Visitors to your website

Attracting more visitors to your website helps in increasing your website or blog traffic and also helps in generating quality leads for your internet marketing campaigns.

This article provides information of how to get more visitors to your website online.

inbound marketing agency,social media marketing agency
Getting started online

The first thing that is important in starting your online business is to have a well designed website.

A well developed website helps a lot in planning a efficient Internet marketing strategy online.

Given below are some of the important tips to improve more visitors for your website.

Website should attract visitors
Your business website appearance should be well developed so that visitors can easily navigate through your website pages.

Other advantage is this helps visitors to reach your website and search for related products very easily.

Develop good landing pages
Start a business blog and link to your website. Once you start a business blog, you have chance to write compelling content that can attract more visitors to your blog.

Use this content to attract visitors to your landing pages.

Use latest social media marketing strategies
Use latest social media marketing strategies that can bring huge visitors to your website.

Stay active in social media and update your business details in all these social media sites. This helps in driving more visitors to your website through social media.

Press Releases also helps
Latest marketing strategies such as press releases also helps in driving more traffic for your blog. These press releases keeps your business leads updated about latest developments in your business online.

Marketing takeaway Tip: Driving visitors to your website is easy when you have quality content and good website design. Once you have this first step done, you can drive quality traffic for your website.


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